UWF Residence Hall Association

UWF Residence Hall Association

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is a student-run organization that serves the residential commun

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Come join us tonight (4/19) to meet the candidates for next years executive board!


Thank you to everyone who came out to the hazing event before spring break! We loved talking to all of you.


Day 5: story vlog on the way to conference

Make sure you’re checking the story so you can stay updated with our journey to Kentucky!

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Day 1:Guardians of the galaxy

Each Eboard member tells you who their hero is and why


Count down with us as we get ready to leave for RBC!!

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Daymen Tompkins: I am a Social work Major with a minor in Child welfare. I have a been a supporter of RHA for two years and I have been a member for one year, I am the NRHH-IT; I recently started working with the Community Garden and Argos Edible Campus, and I have been a resident Assistant on campus for two years. I want to improve RHA’s traction, positive impact, and participation and attendance within the campus community. I strive to help others, which is why I chose the slogan “We are the campus community!” RHA is the voice of our residents and I want to make sure each of you is heard.

Alby Clendennin: My name is Alby Clendennin and I’m a senior undergraduate student dual majoring in Political Science and International Studies from Crestview, Florida. I’m currently involved on campus as a Senior Social Media Ambassador, Village West Resident Assistant, President of the Residence Hall Association, President of the UWF College Democrats, and as a Cabbie for Campus Activity Board. I have has also previously served the campus community as a Senior Student Admissions Representative, Orientation Leader, Argo Hall Resident Assistant, Student Government Association Senator, SGA Student Affairs Committee Vice-Chair, Argo Arrival Team Leader, Village East Community Council President, and Presidents Hall Community Council President. Throughout my time at UWF, it’s been my passion to take on the seemingly impossible in true argo spirit and that’s exactly what I’ll be continuing to do through the future


rbc vibes

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rbc vibes


Join us at 8pm TONIGHT in the Presidents Hall Multipurpose Room for a night filled with karaoke about heartthrobs and heartbreaks! Whether you want to sing your heart out, make a craft, or compete in games, there is something for everyone!


Join RHA Tonight for New Year, New Me! After tonight’s General Body Meeting, we’ll be creating vision boards, writing letters to our future selves and more! You can join us for New Year, New Me by using the same Zoom Link in our bio for tonight’s General Body Meeting. We hope to see you there!

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Thanks to everyone who participated in Bingo Knight last Wednesday! & thank you to for partnering with us!Tonight, we’ll be back in Presidents Hall MPR at 9 PM!
‼️This is a meeting you do NOT want to miss! We will be voting in next semester’s new executive board members and it will be a live vote! Your vote matters and will count! Can’t wait to see you 🙂


We have been attending the conferences since yesterday! Happy day 2!


It’s the first day of Regional Leadership Conference in 🥳


Join RHA and CAB at the bingo knight event tonight at 6-8pm! There will be no RHA meeting due to this!


Make sure to join the NRHH garden day tomorrow at 9-11am!


Hello everyone! Just letting you know that there is not a meeting tonight for RHA! Enjoy the week off and we’ll see you next Wednesday!


We have a position open in RHA! Please take a look at our bio for more information!


We have the presidential position open for RHA and we need some candidates! Click the link in our bio for more info!

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We appreciate all of you who attended the Paint O’ Pumpkin event last week! We had a larger turnout than expected and appreciate all of you coming to connect with your fellow residents! Stay tuned for more events this fall!

Photos from UWF Residence Hall Association's post 11/10/2021

We had a great time seeing all of you at Paint O’ Pumpkin last week! We had a larger turnout than expected and appreciate all those who came out to connect with fellow residents! Stay tuned for more fun activities later this fall!


Don’t forget that tomorrow is the Paint O’ Pumpkin event at Presidents Hall MPR! It is at 7pm-9pm. There will be Halloween themed snacks and pumpkins to paint for all who participate. See you there!


This October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month! Until the 25th there will be bins in the halls sponsored by !


Hello! Don’t forget to join the NRHH Garden day tomorrow! It goes from 9-11:30! See you there!


Mark your calendars! This Saturday from 9-11:30 we’ll be at the Community Garden by the water tower volunteering! Come join us to gain some service hours!


Come get creative with RHA and paint a pumpkin to take home with you! What better way to make your room festive?!


Hello! All of you make sure to attend our next meeting and prepare to get your doors decorated by October 20th!


Hey Argos! Here is a late welcome to the new year. This is a reminder that it is always best to receive judgement on your own work and it is against the law to plagiarize.


Hey Argos!
A final goodbye for the semester and a final thank you. Thank you RAs for attending events and meetings. Thank you Hall Directors for serving as advisors. And a special thank you to NRHH for all that you do!
Have a great summer Argos!


Hey Argos!
It's that time of the semester. Finals Week. You're barely eating because you don't have time or you're stressed. Make sure to realize that the final is not just about a grade. It's a test to see if you are ready to move onto the next bigger and better thing. If you learn the course material to better yourself, the test is easy.
Good luck Argos!


Hey Argos!
Wrap-up Wednesday #2 is here! Congratulations to Lillie, Aaron, and the Pace Hall Community Council!
Make sure to prepare for finals Argos! Use your resources!
Go Argos!


Hey Argos!
We are approaching finals week of a very crazy semester. Finals are generally worth a large percentage of your grade, and they might be just the boost you need to get your grade where you want it. So, put in that extra effort now and study to get that grade. You're almost there, not much left now, you can do this!
Go Argos!


Hey Argos!
Time for Wrap-Up Wednesday to wrap up as the semester draws to a close.
Thank you to the active halls and thank you to everyone who participated in RHA meetings or events! We appreciate all of you!
Good luck in these final weeks!


Hey Argos!
Time for a switch-up. It's time for Monday Motivation! Remember that each day is a reset. You don't have to wait for the end of a week, month, or year to get started on change. Change happens everyday. Everyday is a blank slate for you to change who you are and how you act. Go into everyday without the worries of yesterday and remember that tomorrow's troubles are not yet upon you. Live your lives!
Go Argos!


Hey Argos!
Time for that Wednesday Motivation! There are likely opportunities that you missed out on because of the coronavirus, but there are opportunities even now. Opportunities that you wouldn't have had otherwise. Opportunities to grow and learn things about yourself. Opportunities to spend time with the people you are quarantined with. Don't waste those opportunities.
Stay strong Argos!


Hey Argos!
We are back with Wednesday Motivation! I know that things seem terrible and look like they might get worse. But take a look on the positive side. While this situation has taken a lot from all of us, think about the opportunities it has given you. And make sure to stay educated. Make sure your sources are credible. The more educated you are about this situation, the less needless worrying you will do. Use that time instead to grow.
Stay strong Argos!!


Hey Argos! Time for a new series called Meet Our Friends Friday! Today, we are showcasing Caitie Holmes!
Hello friends! My name is Caitie, and I’m the National Residence Hall Honorary President. Since NRHH and RHA are sister organizations, I attend all meetings and help promote RHA events. Aside from holding the president position, I also work as an RA in Argo Hall and a Diversity Peer Leader for the Office of Equity and Diversity. I am currently a junior majoring in environmental science with a minor in geographic information systems (GIS). I enjoy cooking and learning new recipes!


Hey Argos!! It is almost Spring Break! We're all ready for a break. So here is your Wednesday Motivation to get there.
A lot of times, you'll make a change, or do something really well, and people compliment you and praise you. Make sure to continue doing whatever it was that made them notice you, especially after they stop noticing it. You should use those compliments to know when you are doing something well. Don't let your work become reliant on their praise.


Hey Argos! Come out and support RHA and enjoy some delicious food at Jason's Deli on March 3rd from 5-10pm! Delicious hot soups and sandwiches, as well as baked potatoes and free soft-serve await you!


Hey Argos! Time for some Wednesday Motivation! I know that some of you have already had midterms and some of you still have to do them. Whether it's midterms or the rest of the year, remember to have confidence in yourself. Your perspective on things can influence your performance and your actions. So, do your best to stay optimistic. Do your best. If that isn't good enough, figure out why it wasn't enough. Use failure to your advantage. Success doesn't motivate you to improve, failure does.

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