Portraits by NC

Portraits by NC


Bridal Portraits painted from your photos. I change out backgrounds and combine different reference photos to create your custom oil portrait.

🌸Inspired to create beauty🌸 Custom Painted Pet and People Portraits and Custom Made Gifts


I finished and mailed off the oil portrait of this cute Havanese named Jelly Belly. Hopefully this painting will bring joy to the family.


Miniature Nativity Scene

I had a bit of time to share the little miniature nativity set I made. Enjoy :)


Today on the blog I am sharing some clever ways to use ornaments to decorate with. If you stop by the blog leave me a comment and let me know what other ways you have found to incorporate ornaments into your home decor.


This is what happens when I have to stay in bed and rest. I design stuff on my computer for my shop. Although I do wish I could go downstairs and work on some minis :)


The calm before the storm. Once November hits I get insanely busy with custom portrait orders and I am already painting away fur babies for clients. Since I don't have much time to post anything else right now, I am sharing "Zen be with you" a painting I did a while back that I love to look at when things just get a bit too hectic.


Maybe this year I can finally finish this little fall scenery.


I have sold out on all the 1/12 scale piglets and decided to make a few more. This time I used DAS air dry clay and hope that it won't take forever to dry.


Another mini bust has made it to the shop. This angel is pondering the fate of the world. I have them available as finished (painted) and unfinished (unpainted) pieces.
More at Miniatures-by-NC.com

Photos from Portraits by NC's post 05/11/2022

I have been working on these cute little vintage piglets and like to share a tutorial about how to make them, which you can read on my blog. They are made to look vintage. Each piglet is holding a piece of cake - now how cute is that?!


Good-bye Pugsy! My painting of Pugsy has found a new home. I painted Pugsy to have samples of my portrait work while I exhibited at galleries. His cute face has been a loyal companion for a long time and he has finally retired and travelled to a forever home. I will miss seeing your cute face Pugsy! :)

Photos from Portraits by NC's post 02/11/2022

The fabric that I printed and shared with you yesterday was for this Balloon chair. If you missed the post about how to print your own design on canvas check out the blog at Portraits-by-NC.com it is super easy to do and I have added a supply list as well.

This chair looks awesome in the chateau's library. A few more book shelves need to be added and then the library is finished as well.


I have upholstered a tiny balloon chair and wanted to show you how you can print any design on fabric using an Ink Jet printer . You can view the entire tutorial on my blog at Portraits-by-NC.com (https://bit.ly/3NqE0LV )

I will be posting the finished chair a bit later in the day.


I have upholstered a tiny balloon chair and wanted to show you how you can print any design on fabric using an Ink Jet printer . You can view the entire tutorial on my blog at Portraits-by-NC.com (https://bit.ly/3NqE0LV )

I will be posting the finished chair a bit later in the day.


Happy Halloween Everyone!


Making lots and lots of books for the chateau's library ~


The bedroom is finished. What do you think?

Photos from Portraits by NC's post 22/10/2022

Work continues on the chateau's bedroom. Today I added the accessories for the nightstands. The nightstands fit on a child's spoon that's how small everything is.


Portrait of three babies - Painting Progression 21/10/2022

Portrait of three babies - Painting Progression

Portrait of three babies - Painting Progression 🌸 Thank you for watching this video. My channel is dedicated to custom-painted portraits and miniature dioramas that I sell through my website at htts://por...

Photos from Portraits by NC's post 19/10/2022

Today on the blog at Portraits-by-NC.com "How to make a Miniature Carpet the easy way"


I love dried flowers for fall decor. These are in a basket I keep in my family room.

TikTok - Make Your Day 16/10/2022

TikTok - Make Your Day

TikTok - Make Your Day TikTok - trends start here. On a device or on the web, viewers can watch and discover millions of personalized short videos. Download the app to get started.


Miniature doll house painting at the Rijksmuseum. I loved seeing the dollhouses at the museum.


I am so proud of my daughter who is a true activist. She has purchased display time on billboards nationally to show support and create awareness about the plight of Iranian women.

was a young woman in her 20's who died in the custody of Iran's Morality police because she did not wear her headscarf the right way.

Just think about it - you, your daughter, your sister, your mom, your spouse - losing their life because of people in power just feel like they can do whatever they want.

I am so happy to see that nationally there is an uproar in Iran about this and that people are trying to overthrow that regime. I am showing my support and will continue to do so for women all around the world.

If you like to keep the billboards up and add your outrage about the mistreatment of women you can donate via Venmo to . Please do not mention Iran, since Venmo will flag it. In the event a phone number is requested add 3553.


I am so excited ~ this is my first Reutter Porcelain. I ordered it for the chateau kitchen and just love it!


Me want Cookies


I am working on another portrait commission of a Cocker Spaniel Named "Tw***ie" - Read more about the painting on my blog (link in bio)


I love Fall! Such fun to hear leaves crunch beneath your feet.

Photos from Portraits by NC's post 08/10/2022

My latest mini creation are some decorative candle sticks with handmade candles that actually burn when you light them up with a match. Slide to see each candle stick they are available on my website.


One of my favorite horse portraits that I painted for a client.


Tiny delights ~


Happy Fall ~


Beautiful design inspiration


Sometimes the best activity is doing nothing at all ~


Picked up this beauty from


Today's objective is shop until you drop ~


Picking the perfect one ~


Since I have baskets on my mind, I thought it would be fun to share these wonderful baskets I spotted.

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Miniature Birdcage with two tiny birds - dollhouse accessory
My latest creation….


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