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Strategic Moves Financial Solutions

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Yall still out here stealing social security numbers?

I'm just going to sit this here as a warning. You know, just you cant say that you didn’t know. It is illegal to use a CPN. Many CPNs are stolen social security numbers, including thoae of children! Misrepresenting your Social Security number on loan or credit applications is considered fraud and a federal crime. Using one can also implicate you in identity theft. Yall be safe out there. TIKTOK is going to lead yall straight to jail smh


Don't let this be you! Let's start our relationship now! Let me be your tax expert. 😍


It's not over until the government singssss! Tax returns are still being submitted. All taxpayers who applied for an extension, you have until October 16, 2023 to get it done!


There's enough of us that didn't get a good start on this adulting thing, why not give the next generation a fighting chance? It doesn't matter how much we seem to progress, credit will continue to be a powerful factor in the world of consumer finances. Pass on the knowledge of financial responsibility to the next generation.


Hear ye! Hear ye! You better NOT respond to this email IF you receive it. This is a TOTAL AND COMPLETE 🗣🗣SCAM!!!! The IRS will never email you about your personal business and definitely won't tell you that you left some money on the table 🫠🫠🫠


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I fix lives, not just credit
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Happy Juneteenth! If you can't have a good day, don't go messing up some one else's 🥰


Credit Builder Card is a secured card that does not require a credit check. This will be reported to your credit profile as a positive tradeline and will essentially boost your credit score!

✨Requires a minimum deposit of $200. Reports to all 3 credit bureaus.

✨Recommended for clients without any revolving credit, but it can also be applied for to improve the credit of clients with open revolving credit accounts.

✨Credit Cards are extremely beneficial to keep open for the rest of your life which will build your overall credit history.


Self Lender- It’s a CD account that allows you to build both credit history and savings. You will be able to choose between different payment and different term options. My clients have seen credit boosts ranging from 30-70 points once this account starts reporting!

✅Reports to all 3 credit bureaus.
✅Small upfront security deposit
✅No credit check
✅Savings accounts linked to payments.


Wellll I do socialize but I prefer to do business 🤣🤣

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