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Be with a man who —

Wants nothing more than to come home to you after a long day.

You feel physically, emotionally, and spiritually safe with.

Wants to take care of you. Provide for you. And protect you in every way there is.

Is not selfish. He puts your feelings first and wants to make YOU happy.

Enjoys going out with you. Taking you to new places and exploring with you.

Wants to introduce you to everyone in his life and makes it known that he is proud to be with you.

Has empathy and is kind to children and animals.

Loves to celebrate you.

Do not settle for anything less!

Tanvir Sourov




We touch within each journey until we find our whole;
Each lifetime just a search of parts of us in one and all.
I see you here, I feel you there - I've held each part of you,
But haven't fully found the true and whole of you,

So I will keep on searching in each feeling that is found;
Finding parts of you and me in every soul around,
Till the day you're there, completely next to me -
No parts, but one with love for all eternity.

Heather Lea
Image: original source unknown

Erotic Creators

•.¸☆ ː̗̤̣̀̈̇ː̖́ ☆¸.•˚ how to plan your week according to the planets •.¸☆ ː̗̤̣̀̈̇ː̖́ ☆¸.•˚ 31/03/2024

How to plan your week according to the planets.💫☄️🪐

•.¸☆ ː̗̤̣̀̈̇ː̖́ ☆¸.•˚ how to plan your week according to the planets •.¸☆ ː̗̤̣̀̈̇ː̖́ ☆¸.•˚ Monday: Moon Day ☽ If you notice you tend to feel a moody energy at the start of your work weeks; you can blame our dear friend the Moon. Monday's are ruled by the Moon, which presides over our...

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Venus is in Pisces, we all have the capability to stream something we have no business knowing from The Most High during this transit. Try sitting in silence and see what comes to you! *An especially great transit for artists*



The Awakened Love

Love awakens our deepest senses, emotions and desires. This is a powerful force that can connect us with our partner in an intense and intimate way. When we give conscious and deliberate attention to our relationship, it can lead to even more fulfilling experiences, including in the s*xual realm.

Making love consciously is a transcendent experience, a journey deep into our being, where every physical encounter becomes a sacred dance between two souls. It is an act of creation and connection, where s*xual energy becomes the vehicle that transports us to higher levels of consciousness.

Awakened love is the fusion of love and consciousness. This is an approach that encourages us to be fully present in our love relationship and to connect on all levels: physical, emotional, and spiritual. Awakened love invites us to cultivate deep intimacy and explore our s*xuality in a conscious and respectful way.

Slow s*x can find its place in this practice of awake love. By slowing down, paying full attention to our partner's sensations, desires, and needs, we can create a more profound and meaningful s*xual experience. Slow s*x in the context of awakened love emphasizes emotional connection and presence in the present moment, fostering open communication and an exchange of love and pleasure between partners.

By practicing slow s*x in awakened love, we can discover new dimensions of our s*xual relationship. This can help us to let go of expectations and performance pressures, and recognize that every intimate moment is an opportunity to deeply connect with our partner and nurture our love.

The first essential point is to recognize that everything is energy. We are vibrational beings, constantly evolving, and our s*xual energy is one of the most powerful ever. It is a source of life, creativity, and it can be used to transcend the boundaries of the physical body. By making conscious love, we honor this energy and channel it into higher dimensions.

The second fundamental point is to abandon performance. Too often, we become obsessed with the result, with physical pleasure alone. But making love with a conscience means freeing yourself from all expectations and judgement. It's no longer about performances, but connecting with our partner in a sacred union, where satisfaction lies in the exchange and communion of souls.

The third essential aspect is to be present. Most of the time our thoughts wander, distracted by the worries of everyday life. But when we make love consciously, we are here and now, fully present to every sensation, every emotion that emerges. We focus on giving and receiving, not on the intensity of the present moment.

The fourth crucial point is to take your time. In our busy society, we often tend to want to go fast, to seek immediate satisfaction. But by making love with a conscience, we appreciate every moment, every gesture, every caress. We take the time to explore the depths of our being, to surrender ourselves to the ecstasy of the present moment.

Making love with a conscience is a spiritual act, imbued with wisdom and kindness. This is an invitation to transcend our ego, to rise beyond mere physical satisfaction. This is a sacred dance that connects us to our divine essence, our partner, and the universe. This act becomes a prayer in motion, an expression of our deep connection with each other and with ourselves.
When awakened love is incorporated into the practice of "slow s*x," it can transform our intimate experience into something more profound, meaningful, and rewarding. By paying conscious and deliberate attention to our sensations, emotional connection, and mutual needs, we can create unforgettable moments of intimacy.

Whether it's through awakened love or slow s*x, we open up to the possibility of nurturing our love relationship in a fulfilling and emotionally rich way. So, let's take the time to slow down, explore, and savor the beauty and intimacy of our intimate moments in Awakened Love.

- Marc Laoviah
Gratitude to unknown artist

Empower Wholeness Intimacy

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What’s your Ascendant or Rising sign?


Hey amazing souls! SA Smith here, basking in the cosmic energies swirling around our radiant Sun.

Get ready because today is all about embracing the inner fire that burns within us, just like our magnificent solar star!

Our Sun is sharing a vibrant dance of sunspots, those swirling regions of intense magnetic energy. This cosmic choreography reflects a strong duality within us all – the light and shadow, the calm and the chaos.

Don't shy away from your inner fire, but acknowledge it with grace. Channel that fiery passion into creative pursuits, courageous conversations, or simply the unwavering strength to be your authentic self.

Solar flares, those bursts of light erupting from the Sun, symbolize moments of awakening within us.

We saw a large M7 Solar Flare come in early EDT this morning. More are expected today. These Flares can bring unexpected insights, ignite dormant passions, or even push us out of our comfort zones. See these flares as opportunities to embrace your ever-evolving soul.

The Earth's magnetic field is humming with the whispers of the solar wind, a gentle reminder to align ourselves with the cosmic flow.

Remember, you are a microcosm of the macrocosm. As the Sun dances, so too do we. Embrace your inner spark as you awaken to new possibilities, and flow with the cosmic current.

Today is all about radiating your authentic light and aligning with the divine symphony of the universe.

Shine brightly and radiate out your unique essence. Everything is changing within you and around you; embrace that knowing!

Much love and light,

-SA Smith

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Report for April 2024

April 2024 report :

The first day of April sets off the official (Mercury Retrograde in Aries), until April 25th (27 degrees). However, we have been in the (pre-shadow phase) for a number of weeks. Mercury (the planet of communication), will back-track in team Aries causing us to—rethink, revise, repeat, review, restructure, retreat, and reflect. There can more people from your past returning to the present, especially if there is any unfinished business. Also, you may see increased repairs with your—computers, cars, phones, iPads, home appliances, electric vehicles, or other electronic devices. Not the best time to initiate or start new projects/endeavors if possible. You notice more cancellations, increased traffic, stalemates, an impasse, ​delays, that may cause some frustration. Gravity is working against time, with regards to deadlines. The key is to focus past efforts and complete them, this also applies to past-life patterns coming back to the surface. Even the planets have a sense of humor with (April's Fool Day). In this case, the joke is on the entire zodiac.

Venus the (planet of love, beauty, romance, and your money), will traverse between two different zodiac signs in April. First it will enter into "fiery" Aries on April 5th, then on April 29th, it will enter into "stable" Ta**us, (Venus is its natural ruler), which makes the combination exciting. The Sun will also be in Ta**us during this transit, for Ta**us is ruled by Venus & the 2nd House of—money, earnings, your assets, investments, possessions, ownership, your sense of value, this includes your self-worth, & self-esteem. You always want to be cognizant when a planet enters into its own zodiac sign. It enhances the influence and power. The (Bull), puts an emphasis on reciprocity, respect, being grounded, stability, and is considered the salt-of-the-earth, with immense determination. An excellent time to request for what you're worth. Are your material and financial needs being met? Good time to review these areas of your life-path, look to attract/magnetize some large gains that reflect the value you bring to the table.

On the very next day we feature Mars the (warrior planet) will enter (its own sign of Aries) on April 30th. The (Ram), will have all the power, endurance, strength, motivation, drive, to complete any mission they are directed in. There will be more aggressive, combative interactions with others, increased testosterone, adrenaline, including vascular activities. In the bedroom, your libido will be highly engaged with intensity that can take your experiences to the next level. If you channel this energy constructively, you can move mountains and be force to be reckoned with.

We do feature a powerful (Solar Eclipse & New Moon in "fiery" Aries (19 degrees), on April 8th, taking place at 1:21 PM, CST. Note, this Solar Eclipse is based on a New Moon effect, that can last up to six months. You want to set some powerful intentions with this specific combination in play. Aries is a pioneering (Fire sign), which will light up the sky with new developments, new opportunities, new paths, new beginnings, and new a new journey. Watch for changes coming down the pipeline. Especially with the recent (Lunar Eclipse & Full Moon in Libra we just had on March 25th). The ruling planet to Aries is Mars, which is currently touring (Pisces). This is going to play a major role in with this transit. With Mercury Retrograde in Aries, there may be some obstacles you may have to overcome; however, it will be worth it.

Of course, we have a Full Moon in "intense/mysterious" Scorpio (4 degrees) on April 23rd, at 6:49 PM, CST. This just happens to land on my (Solar Return/Birthday) this year. For those inquiring minds, having a Full Moon on your Solar Return denotes—luck, abundance, with intentions that you put forth over the last Solar Return cycle. There is a finality, or conclusions to these specific goals/ambitions. The Full Moon in "intense" Scorpio will oppose the Sun in "stable" Ta**us, while not an eclipse, this Full Moon in Scorpio will go deep into the underworld of your emotions. Team Scorpio, can be extremely vindictive if certain terms on not being met. Highly loyal, concrete, bold, they can be overly obsessive under a Full Moon effect. "Strong fences, make great neighbors" while establishing firm boundaries says Scorpio. Team Scorpio is ruled by Pluto & the 8th House of—transformation, shared resources, other people's money, loans, mortgages, a bonus, s*x, intimacy, taboo subjects, death, rebirth, dowries, debt, taxes, insurance money, an inheritance, unexpected money coming to you, and regeneration. Scorpio is a (Water sign), and is considered (Fixed in the modality).

Fixed signs include: Ta**us, Scorpio, Leo, & Aquarius.

Happy Birthday & Solar Return to all my Aries & Ta**us signs in April!

April 2024 transits include:

4/1—Mercury Station Retrograde in Aries (27 degrees), at 5:14 PM, CST.

4/1—Last ​Quarter Moon in "serious-minded" Capricorn (12 degrees).

4/3—Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces (28 degrees). Note, Venus is exalted in Pisces.

4/5—Venus enters "fiery" Aries. ​

4/6—Venus s*xtile Pluto.

4/8—New Moon & Total Solar Eclipse in Aries (19 degrees), at 1:21 PM, CST. ​

4/10—Mars conjunct Saturn in Pisces (14 degrees).

4/11—​Sun conjunct Mercury in Aries (22 degrees), forming a (Cazimi). ​

4/15—First Quarter Moon in "sensitive" Cancer (26 degrees).

4/19—The Sun enters "stable-reliable" Ta**us & Mercury conjunct Venus in "fiery" Aries (17 degrees).

4/19—Mars s*xtiles Jupiter & Mars s*xtiles Uranus. ​

4/20—Jupiter conjunct Uranus in "determined" Ta**us (21 degrees). ​

4/21—Juno Station Direct in Virgo (6 degrees), & Sun (Square) Pluto. ​

4/23—Full Moon in "intense" Scorpio (4 degrees), on Tuesday, at 6:49 PM, CST.

4/25—​Mercury Stations Direct in "combative" Aries (15 degrees). ​

4/29—Venus enters her own sign of Ta**us (its natural ruler). ​

4/29—Mars conjunct to Neptune in (Pisces 28 degrees). ​

4/30—Mars enters his own sign of Aries (its natural ruler).

Cosmic Tip:

During the month of April, I am offering different specials on readings, forecasts, Solar Return Charts, and other Astrology-related predictive practices. Feel free to inquire in a direct message, and I will go over all the pertinent information with you. April contains some interesting aspects, that are worth noting. The more you know, the more you grow! Each month there a multiple of changes within the planets, impacting your personal natal charts. Understanding the transits on the (Solar chart) keeps you three steps ahead from the rest of the pack. Advanced knowledge pays dividends on many levels.

One day to circle, is on April 20th, we have the largest planet (Jupiter) to conjunct (Uranus) the planet of the unexpected in Ta**us at (21 degrees). This is one hell of a transit, for it can produce massive gains in an unpredictable manner. There can be news that comes from out of the blue, that is highly beneficial. Jupiter is considered a (benefic planet/the greater benefic), which likes to provide good-luck, abundance, expansion, to the highest degree possible. Make sure to keep your radar on, for any incoming news. This impacts all the zodiac signs depending on the (astrological house placements).

Special note:

On April 11th, the Sun will conjunct Mercury in Aries (22 degrees), forming a (Cazimi) the center of the Sun. This is another positive aspect, that can produce news, information, articles, rumors, links to people on social media, write ups, newspapers, magazines, podcasts, or other forms of communications. You're motivated, driven to engage in direct discussions, conversions, in letters, emails, texts, with something to say that this is important or to reset an important discussion.

During the month of April, be aware of the Mercury Retrograde phase in team Aries, and make sure to be flexible as plans shift or change in a different direction. Go back in time, and find where you need to course correct with reoccurring themes.

Current Moon report:

The Moon has just moved into "intense" Scorpio early this morning at 4:05 AM, CST. We also feature a ( Fixed Trine) to Pluto in (Aquarius). Note, the ruling planet of Scorpio is Pluto & the 8th House of—transformation, shared resources, other people's money, s*x, intimacy, taboo subjects, death, rebirth, dowries, debt, inheritances, loans, mortgages, a bonus, unexpected money, taxes, insurance money, power, intensity, mystery, the deep underworld, and regeneration. Over the next (48 hours), you're going to be deep into your moods, emotions, and feelings. Watch for increased intimacy and keeping an eye on shared resources with others. For some, an obsessive crush can be in the making.

Enjoy the transition to April, fostering new developments, new opportunities, new beginnings while being inspired to act with the "pioneering" influence of Aries, and experience being grounded in "stable" Ta**us focusing on your financial and material needs.

Astrological House Astrology.



"The creation—and maintenance—of patriarchy is wholly responsible for the current state of the world. We cannot live with war, r**e, and genocide anymore. We must stop the desecration of Mother Earth and of each other. There is no other way forward but to come back to the Mother. Kali was the Primordial Mother. She IS the Primordial Mother. She cannot be contained within the confines of patriarchal thought or religion." Trista Hendren, "Kali Rising, Holy Rage"


The Nephilim Rising
Girl God Books
Goddess Circle


April’s Major Themes☄️✨

MAJOR THEMES FOR APRIL! April is bringing a lot to light. It’s intense energy & I am breaking it all down in my latest podcast episode!

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Your IC (Imum Coeli) in Astrological Chart and your Childhood Experiences

The IC is a Latin term that means “bottom of the sky”. It is the point in space where the ecliptic crosses the meridian I. The north, exactly opposite the Midheaven. It represents the cusp of the fourth house in your Natal Chart, which is one of the most important angles in astrology. It reflects many deep truths about one’s roots, family, home, and inner self.

I am Generation Equality: Lauralyn, Filipino advocate for preventing violence against women and girls 25/03/2024

I am Generation Equality: Lauralyn, Filipino advocate for preventing violence against women and girls I am Generation Equality: Lauralyn, Filipino advocate for preventing violence against women and girlsI am Generation Equality: Lauralyn, Filipino advocate for preventing violence against women and girls

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We have been experiencing high energies and bursts of power due to the solar flares..
Can you feel it within your auric body system?..
Feel through every emotion and release to let go of what no longer serves your highest good as of now in this eclipse season otherwise the Universe will show you what you need to let go of…🌬️

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Very inspirational


Transform from your greatest wound.
Come home to your self. Come home to your light.
Change of power.
A new foundation.
The collective will have to jump from one thing to another until it finds something that works: a way of living that works. Discovering a new way to coexist.
What is owned to you (good and bad) will be given to you at this time.
Love always,
Alyonna Angelica

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Lunar Eclipse in Libra 24/03/2024

Info on the Full Moon Penubral Eclipse 🌑in Libra ♎️

Lunar Eclipse in Libra As the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse radiates its ethereal glow in the harmonious sign of Libra, a profound psychological significance unfolds before us Just as the penumbral shadow casts upon the luminesce

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