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Rose Iris Boutique

Handmade Earrings | US based [email protected] -no exchanges or returns - items posted -co Hello and welcome to Rose Iris Boutique! Thank you! Rosanna

We are a mother and daughter team putting our handcrafting skills to work creating beautiful earrings. We hope to expand our products in the future per customer demand. Our goal is to provide a product with exceptional quality. Each bead, stone, or crystal is hand selected. We offer custom unique products too. I appreciate everyone who looks at my shop, purchases, or share's!


It's Halloween time! 🎃 These stone beauties are back just in time.💀 Buy a pair get a 2nd pair of any style earrings at half off 🙌


A jade bracelet for his gf Jade, as requested by my teenager. 💘 How are you celebrating w/ your loves? 😍👇🏽


Happy Valentine's Day greetings!


More styles coming your way.


Tradition passed on to my girls for sure. 😄


Slim drop white earrings


Yellow candy drops


Crystal clear, perfect for daily wear


These green crackle beads would look wonderful in the summer.


Yellow butterflies




Pink stars!


Happy Earth Day! 🌎 Reuse and Recycle 💚
$5+ Custom made soda pop tab bracelet. Send me length needed. Examples pictured, other colors available. Can make with leather for a unisex option. Price dependent on material cost.

10(d) Composition of Rocks 28/03/2018

Fun fact: The physical form of all silicate rocks (the largest group of minerals) is the tetrahedron.

10(d) Composition of Rocks A rock can be defined as a solid substance that occurs naturally because of the effects of three basic geological processes: magma solidification; sedimentation of weathered rock debris; and metamorphism. As a result of these processes, three main types of rock occur:

What Does Your Birthstone Really Mean Anyway? 21/03/2018

What's your birthstone? I'm lucky to get to choose between three.

What Does Your Birthstone Really Mean Anyway? Get to know the relevance of your birthstone.

Crystal Dictionary - Healing Properties of Crystals, Gems, Stones, and Minerals 15/03/2018

Some believe each crystal has its own healing properties. Which crystal do you need?

Crystal Dictionary - Healing Properties of Crystals, Gems, Stones, and Minerals Reference of Crystal, Mineral, and Stone healing properties. Hundreds of crystal meanings and color photos. Look up metaphysical uses, energy worker applications, zodiac associations, color and chakra correlations.

This Spring, This Accessory Trend Will Be Bigger Than the Basket Bag 09/03/2018

What do you think? Should I make some seashell items?

This Spring, This Accessory Trend Will Be Bigger Than the Basket Bag When we first saw seashell necklaces on the runway at Prada, we were dubious, but now they're set to be the biggest trend for spring.

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$8 each


Great for everyday $5.50


I love the crackle look of these earrings. $5

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$5 each

Timeline photos 26/10/2017

Rose beads coming soon...

A beautiful way to preserve your bouquet of roses that goes back to Victorian times. Comment below whether you have seen these beads before. 👇 💐 📿

Timeline photos 14/10/2017

Did you go to flea market? Comment below your favorite style from today's display.

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Almost done!

Timeline photos 14/10/2017

Nice overcast day at the flea market. Come see us!

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$4 - Keep it classy black drop single