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Timeless elegance that blooms eternally. Embrace the enchanting 2024 Met Gala theme of 'The Garden of Time' with our new Garden Walk collection, where every piece blooms with botanical grace and eternal charm.

Step inside the Layered, Vibrantly Patterned Homes of Pacific Northwest Design Star — and 1stDibs 50 Member — Heidi Caillier 09/04/2024

She's my favorite for a reason. Absolutely love this feature on Heidi Caillier Design from 1stDibs

Step inside the Layered, Vibrantly Patterned Homes of Pacific Northwest Design Star — and 1stDibs 50 Member — Heidi Caillier January 21, 2024In many ways, Heidi Caillier did not seem destined to become an interior designer.  She did not grow up in a home with inherited furniture and art — in fact, she lived in numerous houses in eight different states before finishing high school. Nor, as a kid, did she choose redecora...


Now accepting new clients! Summer is the (I'm biased) PERFECT time to start a new website or email marketing strategy so that you're completely ready to tackle the busy Holiday season in fall!

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Photos from Black Spruce's post 22/02/2024

I have a secret...

If you haven't met or worked with from , then you are SERIOUSLY missing out. I got referred to Zoe by one of my other amazing past clients and I could not be more thrilled to have worked with Zoe on her Shopify website for her newest business venture. From rants about A.I. to daydreaming about World Queso competitions - this has been by far one of the funnest projects to work on, both creatively and interpersonally with Zoe!


A home office in progress. At least I have a desk now so I can revisit old projects in liesure 😂


New favorite thrifting find: my little ceramic Tatonka 🦬


Sundays done right, by Nugget. I'm not the only one who loooves my pillows it looks like 😉


No filter needed


A little purrito 🌯


Finally a frosty winter moment ❄️


Cheers & chills to bring in the New Year! Thank you all for my most successful year yet, and here's to many more years of making the internet a beautiful place to exist. ❤️ Photo by one of my favorites:

Photos from Black Spruce's post 13/12/2023

Definitely one of my favorite email campaigns from this past holiday season! Working with Kelly at makes being a creative easy. ❤️

Email design by

Photos from Black Spruce's post 14/11/2023

Long time, no post so here’s some pupparazzi photos that were taken of Nugget by a photographer one weekend to confirm that we are indeed alive.


Just stumbled upon this gorgeous snippet from a Colorado Guest House by my favorite interior designer while sourcing out some Pinterest inspiration for my own little mountain home remodel and just had to reshare 🖤🌲


I just love October. Glad I decided to go on a long walk tonight or I would have missed this idyllic spooky season moment.


🌲 go outside


Loving this collage from the blog post we recently added on ❤️

Concept & Ex*****on :


Don't let the face fool you. He loves being swaddled like a little fat, orange baby.


Happy Monday! ❄️


Shopify Landing Page for the LOVELY by

Photoshop / Adobe XD / HTML / CSS / Javascript / JQuery / Liquid


Internet- I present the cutest dog selfie ever taken. I'm biased.

Photos from Black Spruce's post 11/03/2023

I wanted to publicly thank my mom on the only social media platform I use regularly because she has outdone herself today.

I've always been a very homesick person ever since I was little. My home is my safe space and even the slightest change in routine or surrounding can send me into a full blown panic of stress. I wasn't expecting it this time since I only moved 2 miles down the road, but I've been feeling the blues to put it mildly. On top of the "homesick" bug, I've managed to not only seriously injure my back lifting a couch, but also fell down and bruised up my knees. And once again this morning, I fell really hard on the ice and 90% sure fractured or at least severely hurt my elbow and scraped up my thigh.

So I called my mom crying as one does when bad things just keep happening one on top of the other and she surprised me today by driving all the way from Casper, Wyoming to help me get back on track, organizationally, and to clean my old apartment for me so I could finish unpacking and doing errands in my new place.

Even though I'm nearing 30, sometimes we all just need our mamas and I'm really blessed to have such supportive family on both sides no matter how much we banter and argue about group texts. ♥️ just wanted to thank her publicly since she deserves recognition for being a great mom.

Just framed my large photo I took on the Washington coast while hiking down to the ocean with the sun peaking through the trees. November 2021.


Finally settling down a bit and getting cozy ♥️


Exciting things are coming around the bend ;)


I appreciate a pretty, well-crafted bath way too much not to share this.




Photos from Black Spruce's post 05/09/2022

What a busy summer! I'm only now whipping up some portfolio pieces for this summer's projects that I've completed.
The website was built entirely custom by me using only the inspiration sources that Laurel, the most lovely person ever, provided - as well as an excellent brand structure. And like I always say - photography is key. You can't have a beautiful website without gorgeous photography to compliment.
Enjoy your new site Laurel!! :)

Elevating consumer experience through design.

I am a creative designer with 5 years of experience in the editorial and design industry. I am a HUGE fan of being outdoors, western movies, pottery, photography and shopping!!

Current cat mom and soon to be dog mom.


Black Hills State University B.S. Mass Communications May 2017

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