Chani Greiner - Holistic Health Practitioner

Chani Greiner - Holistic Health Practitioner

Herbalist * Holistic Health Practitioner * Energy Healer Health Coaching, Reiki Energy Healing and Empowered Health Education


Goodmorning! Remember, those who matter don't mind!
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Patience, persistence & perseverance

Photos from Beep Boop Art's post 27/02/2023

So magicallllll


They didn’t get the same calling. They don’t see what you see. Their genius is not your genius.

Go, do, be the unique unicorn you came here to be. 🦄

Nobody needs to like it, approve of it or even understand it. 💛

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I've learned to be more quiet
About the dreams I'm letting die
I've learned to just be silent
About what's killing me inside
I've learned to fight my battles
Between the margins and the lines
A pentameter of painful truths
That want to break my mind.
~Mandy Kocsis©️2020~

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Hypocrisy is an ocean
She'll drown you in her depths
And you won't even notice
Till you can't save yourself
You can't hide from karma
She sees who you are
She knows every choice you make
That inflicts some battle scars
You might want to rethink
Hexing in her name
Because she knows just what you're up to
And she's creator of the game
Like a spider she lies weaving
Drawing you within
Before you can even take a breath
She'll kill you with your sins
So come at me with caution
For I'm a grey witch, too
Like karma I make balance
From hypocrites like you.
~Mandy Kocsis©2020~

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Photos from •Vox Kora•  Energy Channel & Medium's post 08/01/2023


Dear friends, as the energy of the first full moon of the year fades down, we are now entering into a new energetic territory: the opening of the 2023 timelines.

This recent full moon in Cancer has given us the opportunity to further release a few emotional residues that we were carrying from last year, allowing us to move forward a bit lighter and with a renewed sense of compromise. And with this renewed balance, we can now step forward into the world. If you experienced physical symptoms during this full moon, expect them to slowly dissipate in the next few days as we move into the week. The body is still adjusting to the new 2023 frequencies, try to rest as much as needed.

This week, or month, will be just the first step of this new adventure. And as such, it is important to take these first steps from a place of inner unity, with our soul, heart, and mind working as one. Earth is going through a new powerful transition in consciousness now, starting this year 2023 and lasting until 2033, a journey from polarity and fragmentation into unity and oneness. And this means that each of us is also going as through a process of healing the fragmentation within us. 2023 will be a year of profound transformation and integration for many of us. And this week the journey begins.

And even though the journey is individual, we can always choose our travel companions from this physical plane but also from higher planes of existence. Our spiritual guides are always there to assist us along our evolutionary journey.

If you want to connect deeper with the new energies of 2023, you can listen to the freely available “2023 Timeline” activation in the 3D to 5D Library during this whole week. The “Mind and Heart Alignment” activation in Level II of the library would also be a wonderful tool as we take the initial steps this week. And if you feel like taking a new step into the exploration of your sense of consciousness unity and alignment with the cosmos, you may want to visit Level III: Galactic Activations:

The energies this week will also be showing us how to travel lightly on the upcoming 2023 timelines. Are we still carrying things with us that do not support our higher timeline? From this inner space of unity and compassion, we may need to say good bye to other fellow travelers, situations, and objects that do not allow us to move forward. Keep what works, and let go of the rest. Doing what is essentially aligned with your soul, heart, and mind, and releasing everything else, is one of the fastest ways to align with the higher vibrations of the new year. Even a small amount of this clearing can make an immense difference on the journey we are starting this week.

Take time daily this week to find this inner sense of oneness and alignment, and from there begin to take the first steps. There’s no need to rush… be patient and kind to yourself as you take these baby steps with confidence into your new timeline. Have a wonderful week, and as always, I’ll be posting updates as the new energies roll in. Take a deep breath, and smile. All is well. Much love 💖

Diego E. Berman 2023 Ⓒ



^ The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho
The Voice of Knowledge - don Miguel Ruiz

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~Love Don't Run~💗©

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