Rebecca Olivero- The Enchanted Traveler

Rebecca Olivero- The Enchanted Traveler

Helping people plan magical, stress-free vacations for everyone to enjoy! ✨


National Pretzel Day?! Say less 😉

Drop a 🥨 in the comments if your favorite pretzels come from Walt Disney World!


In honor of National DNA day, I should probably share that I think I must share DNA with Minnie Mouse because I am creative, loyal, and always am ready for a reason to dress up! 🩷

Which Disney character do you share DNA with?


In honor of National DNA day, I should probably share that I think I must share DNA with Minnie Mouse because I am creative, loyal, and always am ready for a reason to dress up!

Which Disney character do you share DNA with?

Photos from Disney Parks's post 25/04/2024

How exciting are these options for the Food & Wine festival in EPCOT this fall?! Drop the one you’re most excited for below! 👇🏻


Happy Passover to all of my friends, family, and followers who celebrate! ✡️


Dreaming of an unforgettable adventure? Picture this: sailing through pristine waters surrounded by breathtaking glaciers and towering mountains. Here are 5 reasons why a Disney cruise to Alaska is the ultimate family vacation:

Unparalleled Scenery: Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of Alaska like never before. From witnessing majestic glaciers calving into the sea to spotting majestic wildlife like whales, bald eagles, and bears, every moment onboard and onshore is a feast for the eyes.

Family-Friendly Excursions: Disney offers a wide range of excursions designed with families in mind. Whether you're dog sledding on a glacier, panning for gold in historic mining towns, or exploring the wilderness on a nature hike, there's an adventure for everyone to enjoy.

Immersive Disney Magic: From character meet-and-greets to Broadway-style shows and themed dining experiences, Disney brings its signature magic to the Last Frontier. Kids will delight in seeing their favorite characters come to life against the stunning backdrop of Alaska.

Luxurious Accommodations: Disney's cruise ships offer spacious and comfortable accommodations for families of all sizes. With deluxe staterooms and suites featuring ocean views and elegant amenities, you'll feel right at home as you sail through Alaska's majestic landscapes.

Exceptional Service: Experience Disney's legendary service and hospitality every step of the way. From the moment you step onboard to the last goodbye, Disney's attentive crew members go above and beyond to ensure your family's vacation is nothing short of extraordinary.

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime and create memories that will last a lifetime with a Disney cruise to Alaska. Contact me today to start planning your family's next great adventure!


Anyone else imagining themself here right now? 😍

Photos from Disney Parks's post 17/04/2024

How absolutely gorgeous are these suites at the Disneyland Hotel in Disneyland Paris?! 😍


Time flies, and before you know it, those precious summer breaks with your children become cherished memories.

Childhood is fleeting, and each summer holds the promise of new adventures. But as your children grow older, their summers may change.

Grab the opportunity to create magical moments with your family while you can! Whether it's a trip to Disney World, a beach getaway to Aulani, an exciting cruise on the high seas, or an adventure around the world, prioritize experiences that bring you closer as a family.

As your trusted Disney vacation specialist, I'm here to help you make the most of your summer breaks. Let's plan a magical getaway that your family will cherish for years to come. Don't let another summer slip away without making the most of every moment.

Contact me today to start planning your family's next adventure!

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Are you ready to experience May 4th at the Disney Parks? Drop your favorite Star Wars movie (or character) in the comments below! ⬇️


This view is just absolutely on another level 😍

Photos from Disney Parks's post 14/04/2024

Having visited Walt Disney Studios recently, I cannot wait to see what’s next for the Disney Adventure World! 😍


All I gotta say is if you want a true vacation to Disney World and not just a stressful trip, then you need to stop googling and start thinking about some expert assistance!

We tend to think of vacation planning as google and click and book, but when it comes to Disney Parks, that often leads to lots of stress and sometimes even disappointment.

So here’s what we’re going to do! One click to set up a free consultation call, and we're going to sort out the very best plans to make this a perfect vacation!

No more stressing, googling, walking in unprepared - just a memorable, magical Disney vacation with your family.

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Disney Visa Cardmembers: Get a FREE dining plan when you use your Disney Visa Card to purchase a nondiscounted 4-night, 4-day Walt Disney Travel Company package that includes a room at a select Disney Resort hotel and a theme park ticket with a Park Hopper option—for arrivals most nights from: July 1 to July 31, 2024; September 1 to September 7, 2024; and December 9 to December 21, 2024.

Message me for a free consultation to get started!


Royal Caribbean might not be saying it, but I will! 🛳️

A vacation is what you need right now and it will definitely solve so many problems just by giving you time to relax & recharge!

Comment your favorite emoji below 👇🏻 so we can schedule your free consultation call today!


It’s 12:30 🕧

How many rides do you think we’ve ridden this morning before we head to our hotel for a pool break?


I could really get used to this view…

Sometimes it’s just as important to have an off day from exploring the parks as it is to have a travel day!

Why? 🤔

Think of it like this:
If you’re running all day long and want to hit up the parks in the morning and stay late for the evening entertainment, when are you going to have time to rest?

Yes, midday breaks are FANTASTIC and a great way to enjoy the pool or take a quick nap, but with little ones sometimes you need more than just a couple of hours each day.

I love including a resort or Disney Springs day in the middle-ish part of the stay so that you can enjoy the maximum amount of fun at the resort as you are in the parks.

Want to know more about my travel planning services? Send me a message and let’s chat!


Cloudy weather? Woke up late?
Nothing a little resort day can’t fix! 😉


Sometimes…you just need to follow the crowd! 💖

Minnie and Mickey always dazzle at the end of the Festival of Fantasy Parade but there is something extra special (and sometimes a little crazy) about following the parade down Main Street!

My awesome husband got this picture of Minnie waving to the crowds today and it was pure magic. ✨


Good evening from Bay Lake Tower/Walt Disney World!


I’m out of office until April 8th as I spend Spring Break with my family in Walt Disney World! 🥰

I’ll be sharing pieces of my trip on my stories and on Instagram and Facebook. Be sure to be following me!



Happy Easter to all those who celebrate! 💛


Independent Consultant, The Enchanted Traveler


Tomorrow is just a dream away… 💖


How absolutely adorable is this?! 😍


If you could only choose one on your Disney trip, which would it be?

Check my answer in the comments below! 👇🏻

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Did you know that on a Disney Cruise, your kids can check into the most imaginative kids clubs?

If your kids love the idea of endless Disney activities and making new friends, you'll love that you can get a little adult time on your vacation! From storytime with characters to baking chocolate chip cookies, from Star Wars cargo bays to pajama parties with Pluto, there's something for every kiddo!

I'd love to share all of the best ways to experience Disney Cruise Line for all ages - grab a time on my calendar to chat about your best options!


3 Ways to Stay Cool at Walt Disney World this Summer:

1. Add in some time for the Disney water parks! Splash into some fun in the kind of water parks only Disney can imagine.
2. Put the resort pools to good use. Plan to be in the parks early and late in the day, with the afternoon spent cooling off in the pools.
3. Make use of the air conditioned shows and dining at the hottest parts of the day.

Want to know how to do all that AND still hit all of the attractions you are hoping for with shorter lines? My custom itineraries will help you do exactly that!

Photos from Rebecca Olivero- The Enchanted Traveler's post 25/03/2024

Life Hack: Love what you do. 💖

Nothing makes me do a happy dance quite like a client telling me my planning and custom itinerary helped them experience everything they'd hope to in the easiest way possible! These moments are why I do what I do!


If you could only visit one park in Walt Disney World, which would it be?
🏰 Magic Kingdom
🦁 Animal Kingdom
🎢 Hollywood Studios

The Magic in Your Life

Hello, I’m Rebecca! Growing up my world was filled with the Magic of Disney and as a young girl had dreams of growing up to be a Disney Princess just like Aurora and Belle. Even though we didn’t travel to the parks until I was a teenager, I was hooked the moment I stepped foot on Main Street, U.S.A. I knew that while I probably wouldn’t become a princess, I could help people feel the magic that I loved. Now as an adult I’ve made that dream into a reality! I was able to spread the Pixie Dust and share Walt Disney World with my husband and children, and saw their faces light up the same way that I know mine still does!

In this fast-paced world full of instant gratification I know how overwhelming the endless Google searches can be trying to figure out what is the right fit for you and your family. As your Disney Vacation Consultant, I can help you plan every minute of your trip so that you enjoy all of the magic without waiting in forever lines. I am always researching the newest attractions, dining experiences, and hotels to stay in so that you don’t have to. There is never a “bad” time to go, so contact me today so that we can start planning your Magical Vacation to Disney!

All of our vacation planning services begin with a FREE consultation. In this phone consultation, we’ll discuss your travel needs and desires, go over your travel preferences, travel history, I’ll learn about your family and what they like, budget ranges and more. Together we’ll discuss some options and general price ranges, and you can ask questions. If, based on our conversation, we are a good match to work together, the following services will be available to you, and the service fees listed will be charged to move forward with your custom vacation planning experience.

To see all of the services that I can offer for you, visit!

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