Napa Auto Parts Waycross

Napa Auto Parts Waycross

Waycross NAPA is now a Corporate owned store!


Have you noticed strange behavior with your fuel tank?

Whether it’s still showing empty after filling or other erratic behavior, there are a few steps we can help with in figuring out the issue.



What do you love most about your current vehicle?


Does anyone else do some of their best thinking on a creeper dolly?


What is the best advice for someone who is looking to begin a restoration project?

We have a few suggestions of our own. You can find them here -


All you need is lugs.


You’ve got blue skies and green lights ahead, what are you queuing up for your cruise down easy street?


This is one of the best car repair workouts you can get in fifteen minutes.


Help protect against engine wear and improve oil performance with STP Oil Treatment. Save 20% on the regular price and get a 15 oz. bottle for $4.39 through February.


Serious and casual car enthusiasts alike will tell you the right tools make all the difference.


When it comes to performance and reliability, nothing tops TRICO Silicone Ceramic Blades. They last longer and operate more effectively than the leading rubber and silicone blades.
Save $18 instantly when you purchase a pair of Trico Silicone Ceramic Wiper Blades.


Tire plugging is a useful skill to have when your spare is not a viable option. The process only takes a few minutes and requires a few simple tools that are very affordable. Learn the step-by-step process here:


Save $5 instantly when you purchase five quarts of Mobil 1™ Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil with a NAPA Gold Oil Filter together.


You're driving down the road and the low fuel warning light gives you this warning. There should be enough fuel to get to the nearest gas station, but it may be tight. What song are you queuing up to help you make it to the station?


Save $5 instantly when you purchase five quarts of Mobil 1™ Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil with a NAPA Gold Oil Filter together.


Get off to a great start this year with savings on NAPA Legend and AAA Batteries. Buy a NAPA Legend or Legend Premium AGM and get a $20 back or a AAA Premium battery to get $25 back by mail on a prepaid card.


Your oxygen (O2) sensors keep an eye on combustion waste gasses and tell the engine computer to adjust the fuel mixture. Over time, contaminants and age will inevitably foul your O2 sensors. Symptoms include rough idle, a misfire, and/or hesitation when accelerating. The process for changing them varies by vehicle with the job taking anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour.

Get all of the details to change your O2 Sensor in this helpful blog


Ring in the New Year with storewide savings on the products that will power you through 2024.



Chocolate? BBQ? Fried food? Are there any types of foods that are a no-no in your ride?


Now that we've started the New Year with a bang, we're wishing you a smooth, noise-free ride into 2024.



May the day be all that you wished for. Happy holidays from our crew to yours.


Make light work of whatever you're working on with the Milwaukee Rechargeable Magnetic Headlamp and Task Light. It's comfortable design and long-lasting charge will help keep your hands free to finish the job quicker.


To help you gear up for the holidays, NAPA has plenty of gift ideas under $20. From stuffing stockings to secret Santa, we have unique gift ideas that are right on budget.


Whether it's notes of filter numbers or a full-fledged journal of repairs, do you keep records on your vehicle?


The work doesn't stop when the temperatures drop. The Milwaukee Tool M18 20K-70K BTU Forced Air Propane Heater has a variable heat output control to deliver exceptional heating.


Don't overspend on the tools you need this holiday season. Get more for less when you shop select deals on MILWAUKEE®️ Tools this month at NAPA®️.


It's a great feeling when your work speaks for itself.


No shame here. Sometimes, you have to use the tools at your disposal.


Get ready for winter's worst with all of the cold-weather essentials. Save now and save yourself from headaches later.

NAPA Auto Parts Waycross

NAPA Auto Parts was founded in 1925 as a way to improve distribution of auto parts for people and business that needed a reliable source for parts. Vehicles and technology have advanced significantly since then, but NAPA’s commitment to service your automotive needs have not. If you need help with a part or tool or have a question, don’t hesitate to ask. We are here to help. It’s what we have done since 1925.

With over 58 distribution centers, 16,000 NAPA AutoCare Centers and more than 6,000 independently-owned and company owned stores in the US; NAPA Knows Auto Parts.

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Save $5 instantly when you purchase five quarts of Mobil 1™ Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil with a NAPA Gold Oil Filte...
Don't overspend on the tools you need this holiday season. Get more for less when you shop select deals on MILWAUKEE®️ T...
The price of NAPA Extended Life Cooling System Antifreeze + Coolant is dropping before the temperatures do. It's ready t...
Clean on the go with the Shop-Vac 20V Cordless Hand Vacuum set for $99.99. It includes several attachments to get into h...
When it comes to motor oil, it's what is on the inside that counts. Get your choice of Mobil 1 Advanced Full Synthetic M...
Wash, wax, protect, shine, and show off the beauty of your ride with savings on select Meguiar's®  Ultimate Products.#NA...
There is no season tougher on batteries than summer. To help ensure you don't get beat by the heat, we're offering $20 b...
Have to work in the summer heat? Don't sweat it with the best fan around. Get the Milwaukee Jobsite fan for only $89 all...
You can’t miss with this deal. Get $15 off per pair of RainX Silicone AdvantEdge Wiper Blades through the month of Febru...
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