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Jodi Bourne


Powerful women lifting others 🙌
Ya'll, I'm normally not a girl power pusher, but the past week has blown. me. away.

VRM Intel Women's Conference was a HUGE success. I'm leaving with rejuvenated energy, a wild, strengthened love for this industry, and even more friends than I came in knowing. Thank you to all who showed your vulnerability and were willing to share your ideas and experiences, and thank you to those of you who sat in on the 2 panels I was on, guest experience and work/life balance.

We don't have all the answers. No one does. But, what we do have is a community of like-minded, driven individuals who have your back ✌️

Please feel free to reach out to me if you ever feel alone, lost, or confused...or even to discuss experiences and ask, "how did you handle XYZ?"

One refreshed soul,
Brittany Blackman
Owner & Creator
~ Inspirer ~
Breathe Easy Rentals

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Jodi is the absolute best at creating & designing vacation rental websites. Why? She has a passion for it. She's like a commissioned artist. To her, a blank website is like a blank canvas. Whether your a novice or have some knowledge, she'll take your website to the next level. She has a knack for unscrambling what's on your mind & making it a reality. In addition, she is readily available to guide you through the entire website design stage. What are you waiting for? Give Jodi a shout-out. After all, most vacation rental owner's goal is to become less dependent on the OTAs.
Jodi, do you have a favorite calendar plugin for WordPress?
The last few days have been crazy, but we want to officially announce Spoon Mountain Glamping is open!

We are Ken & Yvette, the owners of Spoon Mountain Glamping and the WImberley Med Spa!

We've been dreaming of opening our Safari tents for more than 2 years and can't believe it is finally here. The response has been so much more than expected and we are thrilled that everyone who has visited and those who have booked so far are loving the place we've created. 👏⛺️

We have three tents, Kingfisher, Chisum and Shaka. Each is the same, yet unique, Kingfisher is wheelchair accessible with a long ramp to the deck. Each tent has a large king-size bed, seating area, bathroom with walk-in shower, private patio with soaking tub, and a front deck with views of the Wimberley Valley.
We also have a "Boma" which is a large community area with a fire pit, hot tub, outdoor games and a covered area with seating and a dining table, an additional propane grill beside the one near the tents, a large dining table, laundry room and additional bathroom.

Spoon Mountain is outfitted with everything you need to relax, unwind and get away - we all need a break from digital life, so we hope our Glampers will enjoy being outdoors, enjoying time together, and taking in the sites of Wimberley. And, of course, enjoying a massage, facial or other spa services from The Med Spa Wimberley, located down the hill from Spoon Mountain.

Our goal with Spoon Mountain Glamping is to provide a unique, private, and unforgettable experience for our guests. We hope you will come and visit us.

Big shout-outs go to our team! JB Chisum Company for seeing our vision and getting it off the ground - literally!
Bushtec Safari for their amazing tents, and advice and support.

Stoever Designs for the amazing spaces she created with all of her talents. Kenny Polk Bookkeeping for keeping us focused.
Jodi Bourne for her advice, marketing, booking system set up and the beautiful website she designed. And, Amanda, SA Foodie for helping us launch with this amazing first weekend and sharing our property with her community. Plus, all our friends, family, staff and community of supporters who have provided much-needed encouragement along the way!

Have been doing a lot of marketing on FB groups and IG this last month. About half of our bookings have been direct this year vs. 30% last year.
Hey Jodi, your 2021 Social Media Suitcase has demystified a super challenging part of property management for me. I am so glad I took the Group Coaching course. All I knew how to do before this was create FB ads that were so ineffective and expensive. I had no idea where to start or what to do.
You are dialed🙌 If anyone has not checked it out, I highly recommend it.
Jodi did my website at As you can see she did an amazing job! I can see the increased traffic and bookings! I highly recommend Jodi! Thanks for doing an amazing job!
First attempt!!!
Hi! I just listened to a podcast with you and Heather. You mentioned a video that covers Instagram postings. Is it on this page? Or is it on another website somewhere? :D

Vacation Rental Coach | Web Designer. I help hosts build a professional, profitable, guest-first biz!

I help busy and frustrated hosts build an badass vacation rental business that WOWS their guests and increases direct bookings. I work with vacation rental, glamping, and boutique property management companies build rewarding and successful hospitality businesses, create curated guest experiences and market their properties off of listing sites like Airbnb and VRBO. I'm an advocate for industry-wide professionalism, sustainable tourism and booking direct.


How about Thanksgiving in Galveston?!! Sounds nice!

Do you want a unique holiday experience this Thanksgiving? Gather your family or friends and head on down to the island.

Spend the day relaxing at the beach, followed by a decadent feast at one of the island’s best buffets. After over-indulging, take a long stroll on Seawall Boulevard to burn off the extra calories.

There are lots of Thanksgiving Festivities happening over the holiday weekend.

One of our favorites is the Grand Galvez lighting of their 35-foot Christmas tree to bring in the holiday season. This event takes place Friday, November 25 at 6:00 p.m. on the hotel's palm tree-lined front lawn. It's magical as the lights shimmer off the Gulf.

We have availability. Check out our calendars at

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I’m flying to a miami today to speak at the Book Direct Show - all about creating an email marketing funnel, along with Heather Bayer.

It’s exciting. I love to teach people and see their success.

On the way to Miami I have a 3.5 hour layover in NOLA. So, i’ve made myself a date with Amber Mccue’s Fresh Start Planner, which i’ve used pretty diligently since 2019 to set my business goals and plans.

Typically, i use the PDF / electronic version, but as I was walking out the door this morning I grabbed the hard copy version I won as a gift a couple years ago, along with my favorite pen. I’m going to “scribble scrabble” my way through this, as my baby girl Kati used to say. Maybe writing will force the intention.

I’ve decided My goals for next year include more actual teaching. It’s my favorite thing to do. So be prepared to hear more about new opportunities to learn about building your vacation rental business… including free resources, low entry courses, group coaching (Feb) and the Vacation Rental Business School Im launching with Heather this month.

Hit me up in the DM’s if you want more info about my courses, OR if you want more info about Amber’s Modern CEO Program.

, along

Photos from Jodi Bourne's post 10/10/2022

For many hosts it is officially SHOULDER season and the first time in awhile you have had time to look up from being a host and proactively market your properties.

So, it's the perfect time to sweep up the cobwebs and make a few seasonal changes to your listing details on the OTAs and website, optimize your social media for the new season and start creating content that drives desire and creates the FOMO (fear of missing out) with your followers and previous guests.

Remember the importance of marketing in advance. In this business, you may be marketing next week, next month and next year all at the same time.

Save these tips and make a date with yourself to complete at least two of these items by next week. Share your intention to your stories, tag me and I'll check in with you in a week to see where you are.

Want more help from me? Check out my Social Media Suitcase and get quarterly content ideas, social media captions, my Instagram action plan, and a marketing calendar PLUS new content added each month, Check the link in my profile or DM me for more info.


Hi, I'm Jodi! mom, dog mom, wife, daughter, sister, super hilarious 😂and irreverent small-town girl from East Texas.

Or, you know me as Jodi, a vacation rental marketing expert, consultant and website designer.

But, I want to tell you WHO I am and why I have a passion for the vacation rental industry.

First, I've always loved travel and culture. Even when I was a kid and we didn't have money to do much of anything, I would read about destinations. I did a book report, for fun, in 7th Grade, about Egypt.

Then, when my own kiddos were young and I was a VERY broke single mom, I wanted to take them fun places, but couldn't do it very often. I don't think my kids ever had more than a long weekend at the beach. So, we EXPERIENCED the places we lived. We went to free museums, and lakes and rivers, and climbed rocks, and ate at cheap roadside cafes and went to festivals and parades.

After the kids were grown and Michael and I were married, I discovered vacation rentals! (I was so late to the party) when I started working for a property management company! We started staying in vacation rentals everywhere we went. If we were there more than one night.

I was super excited to find that we could travel and experience the places we traveled to like we lived there. We could relax without people right next door or on the elevator with us. Also, because we could cook meals at the vacation home, It saved us money for doing more of the things!

I believe that experiences are better than things. I believe that experiencing new places helps us understand our world and people. So, being a part of an industry that helps people experience the world and new places... that's pretty cool.

My entire career has revolved around customer service, communications and helping people build their businesses. So, how fitting is it that I get to combine all the skills and experience and interests of a lifetime and help people who care about hospitality and care about their destinations, create a business they love that helps people experience new places?

Looking back, it seems like I was destined to work in this industry. Not too many people in the world get to have a business doing what they love. I do. And I know how blessed I am to be doing it.

If you have a vacation rental or hospitality business (glamping, boutique hotel, etc.) I would love to help you build and grow.

And, if you are a traveler and want help finding a rental, let me know. I have a huge network and can usually find something for you.

Hit me up in the DM's if you want more info.


There's so much to take away from this amazing story

This is a beautiful and inspiring story.

“If not you, then who?”

2023 Social Media Suitcase PLUS 29/09/2022

2023 Social Media Suitcase PLUS

Well, Yes, I DO have a social media planner...thanks for asking!

This is the 5th Edition of The Social Media Suitcase! With some big changes coming for 2023!

Changes like:

#1 I'll be writing more captions you can fill in the blank with your own ideas. Written for a variety of target markets (families, couples, etc.) and various destination types and style.

#2 Each month will have a content theme, so you'll also get ideas for blog posts to write, email subject lines, and more.

#3 Content is added quarterly instead of all at once.. to remind you to get back to it!

#4 You will get a monthly newsletter all about marketing and branding with a monthly recorded hot seat audit.

#5 I'll be sharing bonuses, upgrades and live workshops each quarter.

#6 You can pay quarterly or a one-time yearly fee.

If you have purchased the Social Media Suitcase in the past, let me know so I can send you the coupon code for $20 off!

2023 Social Media Suitcase PLUS Keeping up with the latest social media trends, endless updates, tools and more is time-consuming and impossible if you are running a business. So let me do it for you!


I have a new issue out of my "Savvy Host" newsletter. Check it out if you are a savvy host. (or want to be!)


Thinking of all my Florida Friends & clients!! Stay safe.

Photos from Jodi Bourne's post 23/09/2022

Are you joining us for the Direct Booking Success Sunmit next week???

Be there or be square! Jenn Boyles (the other JB) has a great lineup in store for everyone.

I’ll be presenting - Build A Rockstar Social Media Strategy, using a case study from my client Spoon Mountain Glamping!!


But if you grab the all access pass you get lots of free goodies and access to all the videos for a year!
Link in comments!

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COPYWRITING!! This is one of the MOST IMPORTANT Skills you can use for marketing your vacation rental - on listing sites or your website.

You have to know your target market (Perfect Guest)
You have to understand the experience they desire.
You have to use the right words and phrases and formatting to sell it!

A GREAT listing description targetted to a distinct audience tells a story, creates desire and excitement, builds trust and most importantly, GETS A BOOKING.

Part of my Elevated Website Design Service is helping you write or rewrite your listing description for the web.

If you aren't ready for that, be sure to download my Perfect Guest Avatar Workbook with more tips on using your avatar for marketing and more.

Galveston Condo Rentals On The Seawall Galveston Caszatt Condos 05/09/2022

Galveston Condo Rentals On The Seawall Galveston Caszatt Condos

Recently Cat recommended me in a vacation rental owner's group for website design and I took a peek at her site. I haven't looked at it in a while. I just love the way the content is laid out across the entire site, and how bright and cheery it is - matching her logo and brand colors.

I loved working with Cat on this project. I also did some work rewriting her listing description, jazzing up her "About page" content, and helping her understand blogging and SEO a bit more.

This is a great example of one of my Starter Sites and is perfect for anyone who has 2-6 properties.

How do "Starter Sites" Work? That means your site is inspired by one of my starter templates. We use the general layout, but add your branding and can redesign a few things differently, but mostly, to keep costs down, we stick to the template. (I have about 10 template options and can also custom design your site.)

I give a bit of advice along the way about changes you should make to your content for SEO and style, or, you can add on a copywriting package.

Like all my website packages, I add Google Analytics, and Google Search Console and set up your base pages with keywords and tags.

If you want more info about a Starter Site, send a PM or email me at [email protected]

Check out Caszatt Condos On Galveston Island TX - Beautiful condos, with amazing views, and excellent hospitality, right across from the Galveston Seawall.

Galveston Condo Rentals On The Seawall Galveston Caszatt Condos Our Galveston Condo Rentals on the Seawall offer the perfect oceanfront Airbnb. Superhost. Clean. Competitively priced. Amazing views await. Pool. Beach Set Up.

Photos from Jodi Bourne's post 26/08/2022

How can you stand out in a crowded destination (or any destination) ?

By creating a niche experience for your PERFECT GUESTS!

A niche experience can turn your "vacation rental" into a place that your guests talk about for years.

A place they share photos of. (plus it's so much easier to gain influencer attention when you can target their followers with an experience)

A place they come back to again and again.

It doesn't have to be expensive. But even if it does add to your bottom line, if you do it right, you can reap HUGE rewards by being booked more often, charging higher rates and upselling concierge services.

I have been to beautiful, well-thought-out rentals that cater to these experiences. Let me know if you want my list!

Want my help creating your niche stay? Hit me up in the DM's. PLUS be sure and grab my Perfect Guest Avatar workbook (link in bio)

Which of these experiences would be easiest for you to create... or if you are a traveler, where would you like to go?


Check out my tutorial on how to use Canva to create a QR Code to insert into a flyer, brochure, business card or other print material. THEN, check the links below to view my reel on Instagram with ideas for how you can use them in your vacation rental marketing and guest experience PLUS - a quick flyer template for you to use to hang on the fridge or insert into your print guest book.

Let me know if you are using QR codes - or if you plan to!


I've been working on a new custom website for Salty Snow Properties and wanted to share! The owners have updated and elevated their brand and want a website that matches the look and feel of their branding, captures the fun at their two destinations (Breckenridge and Destin), and showcases their awesome 5-star guest experience. Most importantly, this site will appeal to a modern audience who expects to see a well-designed, branded website.

We have a ways to go - additional pages, copy, etc. But I wanted to to give a sneak peek!

Airbnb Descriptions 101, Including Examples 29/07/2022

Airbnb Descriptions 101, Including Examples

My client at Twisted Horns Ridge sent me this yesterday - their Airbnb listing was featured in an article from Hospitable about how to write a great listing description.

Their listing description that was featured was written by... yours truly! :) So I was really excited to see it used as an example of a good listing description. YAY!

There are a lot of useful tips here! This article was written in May before the Airbnb updates, so be sure you are also using your keywords to show up in more categories (let me know if you need more info about that!) because I'm working on my own article all about it!

Writing of any kind is one of my true passions and I don't get to do it often enough - it's usually part of a consulting or website design package but is definitely one of my FAVORITE services (in fact, I've been writing a couple of listing descriptions for a new client in Portland, Oregon this week.)

Check it out, and share a link to your listing description in the comments if you would like a free listing audit or just want to share.

Airbnb Descriptions 101, Including Examples It's up to you to write an attention-grabbing description that will convince travelers to click the Book Now Button. Need help getting started? Here are our top tips on how to write Airbnb descriptions and get travelers excited about staying in your space.

Was your Toronto Airbnb booking abruptly cancelled? This could be why | CBC News 29/07/2022

Was your Toronto Airbnb booking abruptly cancelled? This could be why | CBC News

Hosts - Do Want some inspiration for why you need to Diversify your marketing and build a book direct business ?

Guests- Do you want a better understanding why you should be booking directly from hosts and not through a middleman?

Airbnb abruptly cancelled thousands of bookings (and removed hosts from the platform) due to a clerical error.

If this host had his systems in place for direct bookings, he could have easily reached out and rebooked all his guests.

Guests- Do you want a better understanding why you should be booking directly from hosts and not through a middleman?

What a shame. For these hosts and these guests.

Was your Toronto Airbnb booking abruptly cancelled? This could be why | CBC News Dozens of Toronto Airbnb hosts and hundreds of guests were left scrambling after all their bookings were abruptly cancelled by Airbnb following a city audit. It turns out the problem was minor discrepancies in how their address is listed on their City of Toronto registration versus their Airbnb prof...

The Book Direct Show | #BookDirect Vacation Rental Conference 28/07/2022

The Book Direct Show | #BookDirect Vacation Rental Conference

Upcoming conferences - will you be attending? I'll be speaking all about email marketing with Heather Bayer at the Book Direct Show in Miami. I'd love to see you there! You can still sign up!

8/9, 10: VRM Intel DARM Nashville TN

9/7 - 9/9: Streamline Summit Scottsdale AZ
9/13: GuestyVal Austin TX
9/18 - 9/20: Track & Atlas Customer Conference Minneapolis MN
9/19 - 9/21: FAVR Xtravaganza Orlando FL
9/26 - 9/28: LiveRez Conference Asheville NC

10/18, 19: The Book Direct Show Miami FL
10/23 - 10/26: VRMA International Las Vegas NV

11/3: VRM Intel Live! South Lake Tahoe NV
11/30: VRM Intel Live! SW Florida

The Book Direct Show | #BookDirect Vacation Rental Conference The Book Direct Show is the only event dedicated to vacation rental property managers and hoteliers seeking more direct bookings.

VRS451 - Building an Email List Pt 1 - Creating Lead Magnets - with Jodi Bourne - Vacation Rental Formula 27/07/2022

VRS451 - Building an Email List Pt 1 - Creating Lead Magnets - with Jodi Bourne - Vacation Rental Formula

Do you need some help with your email marketing?

Last week I joined Heather Bayer on the Vacation Rental Formula Podcast in episode 1 of our 3 part series on email marketing.

From her newsletter:
If you want to grow a short-term rental business that doesn’t put all your eggs in the OTA basket, you will need to build an email list, and that doesn’t come easily these days.

Fewer people are willing to give up their email address unless it’s absolutely necessary. No one wants more junk filling an inbox, but there are still ways of encouraging them to do it.

In this first part of a 3-episode series on Growing Your Email List, Jodi Bourne shares ideas and recommendations on creating the type of lead magnets that people will want to download.

We share TONS of ideas. Y'all give it a listen and if you have a great lead magnet, share the link below so I can subscribe!

PS - Heather and I are excited to be releasing our Vacation Rental Business School soon. Send me a DM if you would like to jump on the Wait List to learn more!

VRS451 - Building an Email List Pt 1 - Creating Lead Magnets - with Jodi Bourne - Vacation Rental Formula In this first part of a 3-episode series on Growing Your Email List, Jodi Bourne shares ideas and recommendations on creating the type of lead magnets that people will want to download.


So true!!

WordHero - AI Content Writer | Discover products. Stay weird. - AppSumo 14/07/2022

WordHero - AI Content Writer | Discover products. Stay weird. - AppSumo

My FAVORITE Blogging Tool is on sale through Friday - Don't Miss it!

Last year I found an amazing tool on AppSumo to help me write client blog posts for their vacation rental blog and other content for their websites.

Even though I love to write, especially articles about things to do in fun destinations, sometimes it is hard. Especially when you have a deadline or are writing several at one time.


​Word Hero is an AI writing tool that keeps getting better and better. Use it to help you write blog posts, social media captions, the "about" page of your website - the choices are endless.

And, right now you can get it through AppSumo for a HELL of a deal. Buy two App Sumo code stacks to get all the features for life. (Currently this products and similar products are a going for $49 per month on their website, but on sale through this AppSumo deal for a one-time price)

I teach how to use this tool in my Book Direct Pros Blogging Mini Course, but if you purchase through this link and want a tutorial, just let me know and I'll be glad to create one for you.

This deal ends Friday, July 15th and you don't want to miss it. Last fall when I shared this deal with the students in my Book Direct Pros Membership, they were upset when they realized they waited too long to get the deal. So, I'm so excited to see it back for just one week!

What's AppSumo?

It's the BEST Marketplace for new apps and tools and it is where I have discovered some of my favorite tools for social media management, email marketing, project management, SEO and many more that are no longer available on AppSumo.

WordHero - AI Content Writer | Discover products. Stay weird. - AppSumo Generate original blog posts, ads, sales copy, emails, and more - in just 1 click!


These complaints are crazy! Do you have any crazy vacation rental complaints to share?


How fun would this be!? Destin area folks - be sure and let your guests know about this fun adventure!

New Business in Destin

Glowing LED Kayak Tours on the beautiful waters of the Emerald Coast in Crystal Clear Kayaks™ and LED lights to illuminate the waters beneath you.

2022 Social Media Suitcase for Vacation Rental Hosts 30/06/2022

2022 Social Media Suitcase for Vacation Rental Hosts


The slower season is coming up for many vacation rental hosts, and now is the time to start creating content and engaging on social media.

If you have a hard time planning your content, or get little to no engagement on your content, you need a better system and a better plan.


Part Social Media Planner, part pre-written captions, daily prompts and graphic templates, and part video trainings and workbooks on everything from how to make a reel to how to use hashtags.

Plus, I'll be adding a new training soon that I'm doing for an upcoming Summit - all about Social Media Marketing!

Check it out here --->

2022 Social Media Suitcase for Vacation Rental Hosts Social Media Content & Calendar For Vacation Rental / Airbnb Hosts

Timeline photos 30/06/2022

I love this!! I’m printing and saving.

You're going to want to save this checklist.


My favorite color was Indian Red.

It was all about the sharpener!



The vacation renters using this golf cart supplied with the rental crashed into a truck when the battery died on the golf cart mid-crossing the road. I have said it a hundred times, and I'll say it again... stop offering golf carts with your rental properties.

13 Simple Tips to Stay on Track When Traveling 17/06/2022

13 Simple Tips to Stay on Track When Traveling

This is a great article to share with your guests and followers!

Make it your own by adding some info about the best healthy spots for breakfast, information about your local farmer's market, or local hiking trails or places to do yoga, run or bike ride.

13 Simple Tips to Stay on Track When Traveling Keep things balanced and leave vacation feeling recharged.

The Best Self-Care Vacation Ideas to Try This Summer 08/06/2022

The Best Self-Care Vacation Ideas to Try This Summer

Self Care vacations are all the rage! If your target audience includes working moms or businesswomen, this article is a great reminder that they should plan a self-care getaway and where to go.

If you are in one of these destinations, share this with your audience in a new post (don't share my post, but actually go to the article and share the link with a caption to your page.)

EVEN BETTER ---> Make it your own - use this article as a starting point for your own blog or even Facebook or Instagram post (or this would even work on LinkedIn if you target it to businesswomen)

How can guests enjoy a self-care experience at your property and destination?

Check the comments for a link to one of my favorite writing apps that will make your blog post SHINE (plus make it so much easier to finish up)

The Best Self-Care Vacation Ideas to Try This Summer Hello, summer of self-care!

Photos from Jodi Bourne's post 25/05/2022

Is your content marketing strategy dead on arrival? Having a hard time coming up with ideas or creating content other than "book from me!"?

Check out these 5 tips for creating better marketing content that will make your followers sit up and take notice.

- Share a fun video or image of your destination or experience. Make it shareable. Be specific to your target market. Use a caption that makes your followers "see themselves" in your image.

- Visit a destination or travel focused facebook group and share your image there from your page. Add some content that makes it not about your property, but about the experience and destination.

- Share a funny story, behind the scenes or a personal image on your page stories. Make it relevant to your destination.

- Share the secrets only you know about your destination. Where's the best fresh fish market? Where is a great place to plan a romantic dinner? When is the best time to plan a hike to a scenic overlook?

- Reach out in Facebook Groups, find potential followers on other Facebook business pages or in Instagram hashtag feeds.

- Stop marketing to everyone and figure out the perfect guest avatar that you want to work with. Then get to know that person, their concerns, desires and dreams so you can create better marketing content that entices them to book without even asking.

Need help - be sure and download my Perfect Guest Avatar Workbook

Photos from Jersey Coast Emergency News's post 20/05/2022

I’ve seen the holes being dug on the beach here in south Alabama - with kids inside. I saw one at least 7 foot deep. Scary!


But we do get burned out from both!

Photos from Jodi Bourne's post 09/02/2022

Email marketing is one of the top ways to keep your future guests engaged with you and eagerly waiting to book.

-- Give them a reason to subscribe (PDF destination guide, coupon code, extra incentive, planned itinerary)

-- Let them know they can trust you. (Be real and welcoming)

-- Continue to provide value every month (be their trusted authority).

Save these tips and try one out today!

Have you started using email marketing yet?
Which of these tips will you be trying first?

This month in the Book Direct Pros Mentorship, I'll be covering Email Marketing for your hosting business.

-- Why you should be using it
-- How to get started (even if you don't have a website yet)
--Tools To Use (and how to use them)
-- How to write better emails and subject lines
-- What to include in your monthly newsletter
-- How to get people to sign up for your list!

I'd love to see you in this group. Our February live session is next Tuesday the 15th!

The link to join for FREE is in the comments.


Are you a vacation rental host "thinking about" or "wondering" about what it means to "book direct?"

Maybe you have a website... or not.

Maybe you have a property management system...or not.

Maybe you have been booking direct for a while...kinda, sorta, not really?

On Friday at 11am Central I'll be sharing a few tips on how you can get started or grow your book direct business.

Even if you don't have any of the things they say you need to have first.

Join me in my 5-Steps To Book Direct Workshop!

This workshop is for you if you:
🙋🏽‍♀️ Have a website but have no idea how to get more traffic or bookings.

🙋🏽‍♀️ Are "Book Direct" curious. (Yes, you can!)

🙋🏽‍♀️ Are overwhelmed with everything you need to do to get started booking direct.

🙋🏽‍♀️ Need a brand, website, marketing, and all the things... and don't know how to start!

Friday, Feb 4 @ 11am Central.
(plus replays)


Are you thinking about Direct Bookings in 2022?
Let me know your goals.

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Check out my tutorial on how to use Canva to create a QR Code to insert into a flyer, brochure, business card or other p...
QR Codes are everywhere lately and they should definitely be part of your vacation rental marketing and guest experience...
I took this video while visiting one of my client's rentals in Marathon, Florida!  We had a great time on our last day w...
QR Codes are a great way to interact with your guests, provide instructions or share things to do, your guest book, etc....
Get Started with a Pinterest Strategy to Increase Direct Bookings
What’s the best way to inspire your future guests?Think like a travel blogger / influencer! Your followers want to dream...
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My Star Vacation Rentals Website, Kanab Utah
Website Refresh Checklist!
Google Analytics -  Benchmark for Content Marketing
#bookdirect day!  How do you book direct?