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Upcoming Wellness Event! This fall!

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Remembering those who didn’t make it home. Blessed Memorial Day to all.

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As we come to a close on we wanted to take a moment to share our gratitude for those who took an oath to hold the We stand behind you, we support you, we appreciate you.

💙🖤💙 Thank you police officers! 🚔🚓👮👮‍♀️👮‍♂️

Dr’s Robin Eskey, Jaclyn Miller, Gabe Maletta, and Austin Camblin had the opportunity to attend the Denver Police Foundation Honoring our Heros event.

This event raises money for the Denver Police Foundation which can provide things that aren’t always covered by the budget, including training and equipment. During the event they celebrate officers that received various awards such as distinguished service medal and medal of valor to name a couple.

Dr Maletta was lucky enough to also meet DPD K9 Shelby Sue.

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May 5-11, 2024 is National Corrections officer week.

We celebrate National Correctional Officers Week in the first week of May — from May 5 to 11 this year. Former President Ronald Reagan established this week on May 5, 1984. He saw the need to create a week for correctional officers to thank them for their services and celebrate their contributions to society. Often, they are to make sure the court orders are seen through and implemented. During this week, various U.S. agencies honor correctional officers in our jails, prisons, and community correctional facilities by organizing different programs for them.

Read the history here:

Back in 1871, prison staff was minimal. At the time, the Colorado Territorial Prison employed just one warden and six guards who were known as ‘turnkeys,’ since their jobs were primarily locking 🗝️ and unlocking the prisoners’ cells. This position paid about $25 per month 😱 and required no education or physical competency. For many years, the turnkeys were not very serious about their role since it demanded little from them. They rarely wore the proper uniform or maintained a professional appearance in front of the inmates. 👮🏼‍♂️👮🏻‍♀️👮🏽

In the 1940s, the prison budget increased 💰💰while the large prison population decreased. 📉 This allowed prison administrators to broaden their expectations of correctional officers and make their jobs more interdisciplinary. Correctional officers began to be more professional and specialized. 📚🏫

In the 1950s, prison institutions became less intense and inmate programs reoriented with a rehabilitative philosophy. Penitentiaries came to be called correctional institutions, and prison guards became correctional officers. Correctional officers received a hike in their pay grade, 🤑 a professional work environment, 💼 and advanced training to perform better in their careers.


Did you know we primarily work with first responders? 🤔💙❤️💛🩶 While their heart may want to help, not every therapist is trained to handle those kind of extreme stress situations.

Dr. Nicoletti and other experts speak on the importance of culturally competent providers for first responders. Check out this article:

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The Congressional Fire Services Institute (CFSI) is an organization that educates members of Congress about the needs and challenges faced by our nation's fire and emergency services. They work to ensure that the federal government supports our local first responders. 🏛️🚒🔥📚

In the photos: Mrs. Susie Zavala (Nicoletti-Flater clinician & firefighter) with Dr. Sara Jahnke. Dr Jahnke has been in the forefront of firefighter reproductive health.

The next group photo is Dr. Kristen Wheldon (Psychologist-President and Founder of the Fire Service Psychology Association), Chief Chris Sleigher ( Board of Directors) Chief Kris Blume (Fire Chief Meridian Fire). All are bringing to the attention of Congress the importance of funding health & wellness of firefighters!

Join us in supporting CFSI and the incredible work they do for the fire service! 🔥🚒🇺🇸


N-FA is deeply saddened by the tragic loss of the 4 officers in North Carolina. Those killed were identified as three officers with the US. Marshals Fugitive Task Force; two were employed by the state’s Department of Adult Correction for 14 years, and the fourth was a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Officer. Four other officers were wounded in the shootout. Three of the wounded have been treated and released. The fourth is in stable condition.

We send our deepest condolences to the families and friends of those fatally injured.

We wish each of those injured a full, speedy recovery.


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Last week the NFA staff represented at Colorado Avalanche First Responder night. It’s not first responder night without a little competition: on ice tug of war between PD and Fire. Not a great night for the AVS but ticket proceeds went to our first responders so still a worthwhile outing!!


We're thrilled to share that last week, one of our esteemed mental health clinicians, Mrs. Zavala, had the privilege of attending the prestigious FDIC conference. For those who may not be familiar, FDIC is an internationally recognized event that brought together a remarkable 36,537 registered fire and rescue industry professionals. The conference provided unparalleled opportunities for hands-on training, engaging classroom sessions, and invaluable networking meetings.

This incredible experience allows us to forge and strengthen relationships within the firefighting community, enabling us to gain a deeper understanding of the latest health and wellness practices that are shaping the industry. By actively staying informed about the cutting-edge trends, Mrs. Zavala can offer the most effective and relevant mental health support to firefighters.

At Nicoletti-Flater, we take immense pride in our dedicated and culturally competent clinicians who represent our organization. They are making a profound impact on the mental health landscape within the firefighting community, ensuring that our services align with their unique needs and challenges. We are privileged to be part of this transformative journey and remain committed to providing exceptional care and support.


Thanks to Denver Police Department and Lt. Campion, Dr. O’Connor will be implementing an extensive performance psychology program with Recruit Officers in their Police Academy and field training.

Wednesday, Dr. O’Connor had the privilege of meeting Recruit Class 24-1 to talk with them about assessing and improving their mental skills and goal setting for high-stress performance.

We’re thrilled at the opportunity to offer much-needed sport/performance psychology services to our partner agencies!

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We’re sad to hear that Sergeant Duffy with the Douglas County Sheriff's Office has passed away. Our hearts go out to his family and coworkers. May he rest in peace. 💙💙

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Mrs. Childress paid a visit to the Denver 911 Communication Center today in honor of National Telecommunicator Week to thank their staff for all of the work they do!

The silent heroes behind the headset often feel forgotten. We want all emergency call takers and dispatchers to know that you are very much appreciated and we see you!

PS enjoy the Insomnia Cookies!

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It’s National Dispatch Appreciation week!

From all of us at N~FA, thank you Gold line.


Captain Sundheim, Dr Maletta, Dr Camblin, & Mr Hyland.

Thanks again Minot Police Department!!

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Peer Support is a critical foundation for any organization. Mr. Hyland had the honor of meeting with the Minot Police Department Peer Support Team.

Photos from Nicoletti-Flater Associates's post 11/04/2024

A few of our staff had the honor and privilege to work directly with the Minot Police Department last week! Here is Mr. Hyland having a discussion on wellness for leadership with Minot PD command staff.


Have you heard? Our website got a refresh!

We wanted to bring you a brand new experience, a robust site full of information in an easy to navigate layout.

After nearly a year, countless hours of staff additions and contributions, and last minute revisions and adjustments… we present to you the all new

Check it out!

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


Are you ready to level up? Are you the person your peers come to for problem solving? Do you want to build on these tools, for yourself and your peers? Then this training is for you.

Our 4 day Peer Support Training will help you understand the philosophy and principles of peer support, building rapport within your organization, while promoting wellness and resilience for you and your peers.

This training has POST credits available also!

Register today!

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Even though not all our staff is fond of flying 🛩️😳 it was a pleasure to present another 40-hour peer support training hosted by the Meridian Police Department - Idaho and Meridian Fire Department. Thank you for being such great hosts! 😁

This training class consisted of current and NEW peer support advisors that all trained together to serve their first responder peers in the ‘Treasure Valley’ of Idaho.

If you are interested in becoming peer support trained or your agency would like to host a 40-hour peer support training contact us at [email protected].

We can also help your agency establish a new peer support team if you don’t already have one!


I - Officer Down Memorial Page along with . Because I took a selfie with this hat at , another $20 will be donated to


Good morning from some of our staff that are in Summit County, Colorado this snowy Wednesday morning conducting wellness checks to help ensure folks are AWARE of all the aspects of their life that can impact their mental health.

If your agency would like information on N-FA wellness checks and/or our A.W.A.R.E. program please contact our office. We’d be happy to help!


We know it’s not easy to be away from your families on the holidays. We appreciate you and all that you do to keep our communities safe so we can spend the holidays with ours.

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Dr. Nicoletti presenting at the DHS Grantee Symposium for Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention.

The grant allows Nicoletti Flater associates and the DeAngelis foundation to provide FREE threat assessment training and consultation to k-12 and universities across Colorado. If you’re law enforcement, administrator or mental health professional working within the education system, you are also eligible! Informational flyer below!


Congratulations Chief Thomas.

Congratulations to Denver Chief of Police Ron Thomas!!

“I am incredibly honored to serve this great city as Chief of Police and am grateful to my family, as well as the many mentors and colleagues who have contributed to my successes over the past three decades,” said Chief Thomas. “I believe this achievement is a testament to my commitment to and focus on those I serve. I look forward to meeting the many challenges ahead, to include decreasing crime and increasing community trust.”

~Chief Thomas~

Chief Thomas’ main priority is to reduce and prevent crime, and since September 6, 2022, when he assumed day-to-day management of operations as acting Chief, has already initiated two strategies towards that goal. The first is having more police officers responding to calls for service and reducing the number of calls requiring officer response by enhancing alternate response mechanisms and expanding online reporting options. The second strategy in reducing crime is addressing the challenges in the city’s persistent violent crime hot spots holistically by utilizing concepts that have already proven to be effective on a smaller scale.

Chief Thomas is the second African American to be appointed as Chief of The Denver Police Department!


Nicoletti-Flater Associates staff Drs. Nicoletti, Axelrod, Eskey, and Dvoskina are excited to be attending the 2022 Denver Police Foundation’s Honoring Our Heroes Luncheon. Congratulations to all of our Denver Police Officer heroes!


Are you struggling with sleep? Shift work, mandatory overtime, and off-duty jobs getting the best of you? Consider making an appointment with Dr. Green. Her Sleep Improvement Program might be just what you need!

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This is the ONLY official donation site for Officer Vakoff.


This is absolutely devastating. We are so sorry to hear of the loss your agency is once again experiencing. Arvada Police Department, Colorado Please know we are here for you 💙


New Peer Support manuals and swag are in! We’re looking forward to our upcoming peer support trainings hosted by Colorado Springs Police Department and Greeley Fire Department. We’d love to have you join us!

If you’re interested in attending one of these trainings please take a look at our upcoming events and contact the point of contact for the training you’d like to attend.