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Impact edge , can help your business take advantage of marketing opportunities, in a vareity of chan


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Timeline photos 16/09/2019

Timeline photos

Impact Edge updated their business hours. 05/09/2019

Impact Edge updated their business hours.

Impact Edge updated their business hours.


Don’t keep your customers waiting, build your website today and get 30 % OFF Labor Day sale till Sep 12th.

Website Features:

Content management capabilities
Promotion and discount code tools
An easy-to-use checkout
SEO code and layout
Reporting tools
An integrated blog or articles section
Email marketing integration
Multiple payment options

For more info

Email: [email protected]
Call: 423 933 3375

- Impact Edge 01/09/2019

- Impact Edge

- Impact Edge What is a responsive website? New devices are coming out every week, there are so many different ways we can consume content in this time of day. In the past we mostly used desktops to open the website but now things changed, when are demands changed between mobile devices, iPads and even TVs have b...


Everything you need in Business utilization

Website and application development.
Digital Marketing and lead generation.
WiFi marketing.
Data security.

Special package price when purchasing website and digital marketing package!!

To learn more about your services visit our website

Call or text at anytime

423 933 3375

Email: [email protected]

Pros and Cons of outsourcing - Impact Edge 19/02/2019

Pros and Cons of outsourcing - Impact Edge

Pros and Cons of outsourcing - Impact Edge Outsourcing is one of the most interesting topics for businesses today. considering outsourcing one or more tasks as it’s the best of two worlds of low cost and high quality When you make the decision to outsource one of your services, its essential to understand all the pros and cons. Advantages ...


It’s NOT just a website, It’s how they see you!

Take advantage of 20% OFF, till the end of February.

Get prepared before the Realestate season hits, and put a new website to work for you.

We have Budget Package, including a new website, fabulous designs, SEO services, and social media management, YouTube and more...

Reach out on

Contact: 1 347 279 1148
Email: [email protected]


A Paper boat, wont always float...

Be prepared for stormy days, by building solid online presence for your business.

Contact: 423 933 3375
[email protected]

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The Real Estate Business relies on nothing but leads and referrals, However you cant rely on one without the other as referrals cant be control and may be seasonal.
Impact Edge offers a wide range of lead generation solutions, to help your pipe flow grow constantly.
To know more about our lead generation services check out website or reach out on the following:

TEL: 1 423 933 3375,
Email: [email protected]

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If your a business owner/entrepreneur then digital marketing is a big support system to your ROI.

As a business owner/marketing manager you may think that your social media availability is good, but what does good look like?
Impact Edge can help you build monthly reports to track your social media and online market presence.

We can help you go beyond vanity metrics and get to experience the tangible impact of your spendings and efforts.
Let’s chat about your business and goals, 20% OFF Holliday’s promo ending January 6th

We speak in digital marketing, first step to know more click the link below

Or simply call us on
Phone: 1 423 933 3375, 1 423 900 0849
Email: [email protected]

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Need a Website but your on a budget? If your answer is yes then, Your at the right place..!

Weather its a new business, an entrepreneur or a home based business Impact Edge will help you in your journey...

Limited time Promo:

With your first purchase 20% OFF
FREE Social Media establishment and one month management.
Facebook ad credit of $30.00
Free online market analysis report.
60 minute marketing consultation.

Click on the link below to get your free quote

Contact us at:

Call: 1 423 933 3375
1 423 900 0849

Email: [email protected]

Impact Edge updated their website address. 14/10/2018

Impact Edge updated their website address.

Impact Edge updated their website address.

Impact Edge updated their phone number. 14/10/2018

Impact Edge updated their phone number.

Impact Edge updated their phone number.


Learn how the City of Martinsville combined Amazon Web Services and Avaya IP Office, to ensure their phone system is up and running even through an outage.


We love adding widgets to our Vantage! What does your desktop experience look like?


Avaya Named Winner in Three Categories of the 2018 Conarec Awards.

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