Go-Bryant Transport & Freight Now Logistics

Go-Bryant Transport & Freight Now Logistics

Go-Bryant Transport & Freight Now Logistics are family owned trucking & dispatching businesses. Our dispatching service keep drivers MOVING!

With more than 20 years of driving experience, brokers have come to rely on our transportation services.

UPS Announces Sale of Coyote Logistics to RXO, Inc. 24/06/2024

COYOTE….sold again….

UPS Announces Sale of Coyote Logistics to RXO, Inc. Explore all the financial releases for United Parcel Service, a global logistics company.

Jury slams Schneider National with $47M ‘nuclear verdict’ in fatal crash 17/06/2024


Jury slams Schneider National with $47M ‘nuclear verdict’ in fatal crash A Georgia jury recently awarded more than $47 million to the family of a 35-year-old owner-operator who was killed in a August 2017 crash involving a former company driver for Wisconsin-based Schneider National Carriers.


CDL-A “MANUAL” Drivers needed. REGIONAL LANES - IL, IN, WI, IA, OH runs! Home time based on drivers’ request! NO FORCED WEEKENDS! Call/Text 708 550 8088


Keep pushing and the doors will open for you!!


Lucifer, I’m going to have to pass on whatever loads you offer….



IF you keep GOING, you won’t FAIL! If you quit now, you will never know what the future holds! The BIBLE advises that we CAN war according to PROPHECY! Take the WORD that GOD has given you about your business and beat the brakes off of every enemy that comes against you!

Concerned citizen report leads cops to steel coil hauler with cracked trailer frame 10/04/2024

Thank GOD for this citizen!

Concerned citizen report leads cops to steel coil hauler with cracked trailer frame A call from a concerned citizen helped Canadian cops put the brakes on a steel coil hauler with a cracked trailer frame.


This tickled me! 😂😂😂


Are you a Carrier or Owner Operator in need of dispatching services? We find the load, you move the freight! Back Office Support is also available!!

Now accepting Owner Operators and Fleet Managers
* Power Only
* Dry Van

Call or text 708 879 6134


FYI….please share


Updates from FMCSA

Photos from Go-Bryant Transport & Freight Now Logistics's post 25/03/2024

What impact will these changes have to your business?


“Rates are up one week and down another” “How can anyone survive in this industry?” “I don’t know what I’m doing so it’s time to throw in the towel” “Everything is turning around, I can’t quit now” These are COMMON thoughts! Don’t despair! Keep moving, strategizing, pivoting and adjusting! It will be worth it in the end!

Don’t let a day, week, month or season SHIFT your focus! GOD is with you and HE will reward the work of those who seek HIM! Keep going!


While DAT is essential, it’s important to develop relationships with BROKERS & SHIPPERS!


This is NOT your “sign” to start one, it’s simply information for those of you who are wondering….


GO-BRYANT TRANSPORT ~ The PREMIER Carrier in the MIDWEST Area is expanding our team! We invite CDL-A OTR and Midwest Regional Owner-Operators to join us on an exciting journey!

We offer opportunities for both Dry Van and Power Only transportation with no additional charges for Cargo Insurance and General Liability Insurance. Additionally, our Plate Program is available to all drivers.

Our compensation structure follows a fair 80/20 split, ensuring that you earn what you deserve.

To qualify, you must own a truck 2013 or newer.


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Many truckers don’t have time to fight with companies, and I get it! They miss mail, emails and other messages that are important and can help them save money. I’m married to a TRUCKER and connected to a gang of truckers through social media. A TRUCKER needed my expertise and I came through for him.

See below….


I am ANOINTED to handle conflict! My client hired me yesterday to deal with a car rental situation from October. He rented a car in Orland Park, IL. It malfunctioned and had to be towed away. Avis towed the vehicle but STILL charged him for 19 days. He had the vehicle for less than five.

I sent an email TODAY, and received notification that my client will receive $2400+ from Avis Rental! Stop arguing with companies and let YOUR CONSUMER ADVOCATE handle the case! Results in LESS than 24 hours??!!! Every battle I have fought prepared me to help others. Thanks DeVry! You started this journey!

Have you been mistreated by a corporation?? Are you tired of calling and being placed on hold? Have you given up on getting your money back - even though it’s due you? STOP! The fight you’re in is wearing you thin! GOD has blessed me with a particular set of skills that bring about the desired results!

To GOD be the glory! Contact me - [email protected]




Hello Amazing Carriers!

Beware of FLEXX FREIGHT, Inc (MC 1004564). The company is fraudulent! DO NOT BOOK LOADS with them as you will risk losing payment and/or being a part of a DOUBLE BROKERED situation – which can get you shut down. Double check Rate Cons and BOLS. Make sure your driver is READING thoroughly as it can become common to sign and date OR create your own BOL when one is not provided. Times have changed and are changing and far too many are making it difficult for the good ones. Please share this with other Carriers. The phone number is 773.897.3100. Email addresses are [email protected]; [email protected], [email protected].


Because without them…..LIFE - as we know it - would be VERY DIFFERENT!


Hey! Do you know anyone who is interested in this lane? Please let me know.


So I called a Broker to book a load for my driver. I provided my MC number and was advised that I could not book a load due to the fact that my MC was not connected to DAT account. This is definitely a FIRST for me! She explained that since my DAT subscription is through my dispatching company, she could not book the load for us. So I guess this is a quick way to dismiss dispatchers who dont work for the Carrier. Some Brokers are eliminating Carriers who use outside dispatching companies. But I have both as a Carrier & Owner of a Dispatching company. Wow!

✅ 220+ Logistics & Transport Templates 19/11/2023

Check out these fully editable social media templates on CANVA!

✅ 220+ Logistics & Transport Templates ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Large and small Carriers alike KNOW that a GREAT Dispatcher/Freight Solutionist will add value to your company! Problem solvers assist by saving your company TIME & MONEY! As a Carrier, we understand the needs of Owner Operators and Drivers. Allow us to utilize our expertise to meet the needs of your company.

Contact us at [email protected] or 708 300 9220

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Keep going!
IF you keep GOING, you won’t FAIL! If you quit now, you will never know what the future holds! The BIBLE advises that we...
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Updates from FMCSA
Updates for those in logistics!
Enjoyed our first Career Event…#Go-BryantTransport#FreightNowLogistics
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