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You should all go YouTube this video. @raydalio is brilliant. Bottom line.

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You should all go YouTube this video. @raydalio is brilliant. Bottom line. #entrepreneur #smallbusiness #marketing #operations #growth #insight #strategy #success #leadership #salonowner #saloncoaching #salonbusinesscoach #salonownerbusinesscoach #salonownercoach #sevenfiguresalonpodcast #podcast

You may not need to add anything. You may just need to ask yourself, "what things truly matter?" The true answer to that question is that there are very few things that actually matter. That actually move the ball forward. Do those.#salonowner #saloncoaching #salonbusinesscoach #salonownerbusinesscoach #salonownercoach #sevenfiguresalonpodcast #podcast #entrepreneur #smallbusiness #marketing #growth #insight #strategy #success #productive #productivity

We've talked a lot about collaboration. I promise, if you will do this in your community, it will have crazy impact on your salon.

Attention + CTA. Keep it simple 😎

The simple skill of interacting with people. And remember...don't be werid!

Step 1: Take care of yourself. Start here.

Insight from Drew on what he thinks will happen in 2024.

Simple truth. Focus on solving problems and your income will go up.

I predict that retail sales will trend down in 2024. The way you deal with that is to properly train your team. Role playing and simple things like making sure your stylist have time to talk naturally about retail to their clients is really important. If you aren't doing this now, you will start to see the affect of this a few months from now.

Yall know…always keeping it REAL. 😏 I can’t serve it any other way 🤷🏼♀️ This is just a small moment of wisdom from our @babesinbizxo LIVE! Mastermind we did in Scottsdale, AZ 🌵 Interested in finding out how you can be at our NEXT mastermind? 📍Houston // MARCH 23-26 🚀 Comment ✨MASTERMIND✨ below ⬇️ & I’ll dm you details! ❤️

There is nothing like this in the Salon industry. Find out how your salon is doing. Is it thriving or just surviving? Take the assessment. Link in bio. It's FREE.

Italy! That's the plan. But it only happens if we drop it on the calendar and then take steps towards making it happen. Where do you want to go this year? Drop it on the calendar and make it real.

Google calendar's recurring events is where it's at. Like this podcast, as an example. Every Friday we set an appointment with our favorite content video guy @videobywalker and we get it done. Set it and forget it. Simple and easy but powerful.

It's a new year! Time to figure out what worked and what didn't work. Let's evaluate and make some important adjustments. We would love to help any salon owners out there needing that extra helping hand. Just DM us and let's chat. #salonowner #saloncoaching #sevenfiguresalonpodcast #podcast

You can't do it by yourself. Bottom line. Find the right people and put them in the right seats. #saloncoaching #salonbusinesscoach #sevenfiguresalonpodcast #podcast

Collaboration is 🔑 It's very powerful to team up with other local businesses. It's honestly more effective than any ads you run. #salonowner #saloncoaching #salonbusinesscoach #salonownerbusinesscoach #salonownercoach #sevenfiguresalonpodcast #podcast

Why "fish" in a cold pond? There is a better way.

Let’s face it if you don’t plan a date night it’s not gonna get planned lol 😂 Do this with me… Step 1️⃣: Open up Google calendar Step 2⃣: Create an event & set up to recur weekly or biweekly like clockwork Step 3️⃣: Look for traffic jams & move/reschedule ALL conflicting plans. Step 4️⃣: Tell your spouse they gotta make the reservations 😏you coordinate the sitter (check out adventurekidsplaycare.com) Step 5️⃣: Don’t move it - honor each other! ❤️ Bonus points 🏆 if you buy some conversation cards like we do to get non work related convos flowing 🎉 Cheers to a closer & spicier marriage ❤️

Don't miss out. Think about the blessings you have in your life. Be full of thankfulness and have a great Christmas day!

Merry Christmas!