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DK's Design Services is here to meet your septic design needs. We design septic systems in central T We do septic (On-Site Sewage Facility) designs.

We do field work to ensure that we are giving you all of the septic options available due to your location, soil type, size of lot, slope of property, landscape, water source (well or public supply), and any other significant information necessary to design the proper system for you. We design in counties located in Central Texas, with the exception of Milam County due to the fact that I am the county inspector. This is a family owned and operated business by me and my husband.


It's been a while! 2023 has been crazy hectic so far. If you need a septic design, holler at us! We hope your year is going wonderfully this far!


We haven't posted in a's been hectic. We have heard quite a bit lately the following, "Our builder was supposed to have a septic designed and completed, and told us he was, but it still hasn't been completed."
"Our builder hired someone that was going to bootleg a system in."
Guys, remember, you always, builder or not, have the ability to reach out and have your system designed and installed. Please be careful and make sure everyone is on task. Also, if someone in Milam, Williamson, Burnet, Bell, Burleson, Lee Counties is trying to charge you $3000 for a residential design, please get other quotes. We rarely charge that amount even for commercials unless they are going to require a hell of a lot of work! We have to make a living, but gouging is not what we do.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our goofy family to yours! I hope you all have amazing and safe holidays!


Just a bit of information.......septic state regulations require all septic components to be at LEAST 10 feet from any waterline. This includes pool lines, waterline from a house to a well, water mains, ANY WATERLINE! Also, this means that water in and sewer out lines on the actual building MUST be at the very least, 10 ft apart. This is a rule due to possible sewer line breaks, which could result in waterline contamination. I'm not sure about you, but I would prefer to not swim, drink, nor bathe in my own poo......

Just something to be aware of.


Folks, we are busy! I know that individually you all think that your septic is more important than the other 15 we already have scheduled......the reality is that I get to you in the order that I receive requests. Yes, I know, it sucks to wait in line, sorry. Please don't call us on a Monday and expect us to be able to make it to your site the next day. It isn't going to happen. I'm booking over a week out, every week.


PSA: Folks we are BUSY, very BUSY! We have always tried our absolute best to get jobs out nearly as quick as we get them, but right now we are SWAMPED! It is 100 degrees out, and I'm running my tail off to get measurements for all of the locations we have on the books. Please, be patient with us, and understand that we are working as fast as we absolutely can (I hate having 50 million emails and stacks on my desk, I promise I want those jobs out probably more than you do because those emails and paper stacks increase this momma's anxiety 10 fold)! Again, please be kind, respectful, and patient!


Folks I know we live in a Do It Yourself to save a buck world, BUT please don't go buy stuff for a septic until you have someone, anyone in the septic line of work, come do a site visit. If you have high clay content, a fiberglass tank from Home Depot is NOT the way to go. They shift so easily due to the way they are put together, and FAIL. I understand wanting to do it yourself, but at least get guidance prior to purchasing anything! Also, there are septic supply locations that are a MUCH better choice versus your local Home Depot. Just because the aisle says septic supplies, doesn't mean it is the grade/quality that meets state regs.


Questions I have been asked lately......
Can a garbage disposal and water softener discharge go into a septic?

The answer is no, they should not. The organic matter from a disposal causes an increase in organic matter being dumped into the system. This increases the BOD (Bio-oxygen demand) which basically means you're throwing high strength waste into a system that treats regular residential waste. This can cause biomatting (which is basically organic matter that creates clumps and stuffs up piping of any sort) which can cause the system to fail and also void any warranties you may have.

Water softener- the discharge from a water softener is super high in salt content. The necessary bacteria (aerobic or anaerobic) cannot thrive in this salty atmosphere, which means your sewage will go untreated to whatever disposal field you have.

Long, but just wanted to throw some Poo-fo out there.


It has definitely been a while since our last post! Things are hectic and crazy, but we are still trucking along. Things to remember: it's wet which makes everything difficult, if you have testholes ready for inspection cover them so they don't fill up with rain water, be patient with your poo people Things are crazy right now, AND have a poo-rific day!

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If anyone wants to leave a review, please feel free!!! Thanks guys!

DK's Design Services | Better Business Bureau® Profile BBB accredited since 1/29/2018. Septic System Design in Rockdale, TX. See BBB rating, reviews, complaints, request a quote & more.


We know that everyone wants a conventional septic system. The issue is, soil determines what type of system can actually be installed. We always do our best to ensure that you, as the homeowner, will have a septic system that abides by state rules, suits your needs, and will function properly. Please know, we do our best to get as close to your wants as possible. We truly do care and want to do the best we can, always.


It has been a while since we last posted, so here is some information based on recent questions:

All septic systems contain the initial treatment and the post treatment sections.....initial being your septic tank (aerobic or anearobic) and post treatment being your drainfield (many options for drainfields)

A well should maintain a 100' setback to all septic system components. If you cannot maintain this separation from the tank, 50' is acceptable but all drainfields must maintain the 100'.

Water line into your house should always maintain a 10' setback to sewer line coming out of your house. Water lines must maintain a 10' setback to all system components, if this is not possible, sleeving and sometimes sleeving and concreting will be necessary. We always want your drinking supply and your p**p to maintain as much distance from eachother as possible FYI.

Creeks (even "only wet weather creeks"), ponds, rivers, lakes, and streams, must maintain a 75' setback to septic components for certain systems and a 50' setback for other types of systems. Basically these depend on the exact type of system you are getting.

POOLS, this is a huge one in Texas, must maintain a 5' setback with in ground systems, and a 25' setback with aerobic spray systems. If you are wanting a pool, please ensure you have the available lot size to sustain your home, septic and THEN if you have the room a pool. We cannot always make all of these fit.

Your septic system size is based on the following: Number of bedrooms, heated and cooled square footage, and the type of NATURAL soil on your site. The "testholes" must be 5' deep to decipher what type of sytem your soil can sustain.

I know this is long, but felt it all needed to be stated.

Thanks for reading!


Haven't posted in a while. Due to Covid-19, we have been busy designing AND homeschooling. I know the current situation is not ideal, but just know nothing is permanent.

Apparently p**pers are essential, so we are still designing like crazy. If you know anyone needing a design to ensure their p**p is disposed of properly, and up to state and local regs, let us know!

Everyone stay safe, and take care.


Get all your lumber and hardware needs from Thorndale Lumber & Hardware!

Also, if you need a septic design, give us a shout!!


Still trucking along designing septics for folks! It's been a crazy, hectic ride the last few months! We are getting close to being able to move into our house, and still trying to get out as many designs as possible throughout this process! If you need a septic design, give us a holler!


This week we have been to Taylor, Briggs, Hubbard, Morgan's Point Resort, Waco, and tomorrow Golinda! Guys remember when you are looking for a lot to build your home on, lot sizing is important when it comes to a septic system! Also, be leary of drainage features, floodplain, sharp breaks in grade......all of these things have septic setbacks. The state has rules that must be followed, and each county has rules as well. Always think about how you will dispose of your poo when building in a location that does not provide sewer access!


It's a short week and we've been from Marble Falls, to Morgan's Point, to Bertram, Temple, Georgetown, and have knocked them out!

HAPPY 4TH y'all!!!!!


I can't say this enough, be careful when doing multiple loads of laundry daily on a septic system, it can cause a system to fail.


If you're building, or even just needing a design for an upgrade or replacement septic system, give us a holler! We try to ensure your needs when designing, considering it is something that you (the actual owner) will be living with for many years to come. I always tell our customers, we want you to be satisfied! Contact if you need a septic design spanning from McLennan, Bastrop, Bell, Burnet, Coryell, Williamson, Lee.....pretty much anywhere with the exception of Travis County.


We schedule out weekly for septic designs. We have been filling up somewhat fast, so if you need a septic design, please get in touch with us a bit ahead of time to ensure you will get that design in a timely manner. Happy Poopin'!


Its finally starting to dry out a bit, if you need a septic design let us know!


DK's Design Services | Better Business Bureau® Profile

If anyone would like to leave a review for our services, please feel free to do so on here or follow this link and do so on our BBB Accredited page
Thank you!!! BBB accredited since 1/29/2018. Septic Tank Contractors in Rockdale, TX. See BBB rating, reviews, complaints, request a quote & more.


Running around crazy measuring for septics! If ya need a design, let us know!


Merry Christmas from our family to yours!


Just some information.....
When utilizing a septic system for your residence, please know that washing multiple loads of laundry in one day can pose issues for the system (if your washer is plumbed into the septic system). Remember that your soil has a certain absorption rate and large amounts of water can greatly hinder the disposal field's processes and cause overloading. Once a field is overloaded, it is quite difficult to bring it back into working order. Always remember to be conscious of water going into your system, every system is sized for a certain amount of gallons of usage per day, washing multiple loads of laundry can highly increase that usage in that said day. Attempt to spread washing out throughout the week versus all in one day. I'm a mom of boys, so I know this can be a pain and, but not as much as having to do a septic system overhaul.


Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! Hope you all enjoy today! 🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃


For those of you who plan on building a house, or even purchasing an already built home that utilizes a septic, remember there are setbacks to everything.......power lines (overhead especially), ponds, tanks, swimming pools, property lines, the actual structure or house, other structures located on the property, driveway, waterline, water well, drainage easements, creeks, and the list rolls on. These setbacks differ from county to county. Please make sure you visit with your county and your septic designer and ensure you can meet all setbacks if you need a septic system. Give us a call and we can assist you in ensuring that your health and safety and all regulations will be taken into consideration while we design your septic.


Please people, when you decide to buy a lot to build a home on, please ensure (if you have no ability to tie into a municipal sewer system) that your lot with be large enough not only for your actual home, but for your sewage system (septic). Septic systems are not small, they do not contain one leach line and a 55 gallon drum, the smallest tank allowed by state rules is a 750 gallon two compartment tank. Your drainfield area is comprised of whatever is necessary due to the type of soil (5 ft down) you have on that lot in the best area for a drainfield. I am beginning to think that people forget that their p**p has to go somewhere, and that somewhere has to be on your property, and abide by all state setbacks and rules. Please remember to make sure you have the room before you sink your money into a lot that your dwelling cannot go.


Lots of rain means soggy ground. Soggy ground means difficulty getting equipment out to dig holes. Dont forget, if you need a septic design, give us a holler so we can walk you through options!


Folks, I just have to put this out there......if you are a homeowner and you are planning on installing your own septic system, please do the following PRIOR to getting started:

1. Check with your county/regulatory authority prior to doing ANYTHING to ensure you aren't violating any rules or regulations (this way you aren't fined or ticketed in the future).

2. Speak with someone in the industry, even if you dont hire them. I'm always a phone call away and it is a lot easier to be involved initially versus after something has been installed illegally, and you are in a crunch to come up to code.

3. Ask questions, ask questions, ask questions PRIOR to purchasing/installing anything!

4. Make sure you have a soil evaluation completed, it is the regulation, and whether you agree or not, it determines what type of system you can legally install.

Those are just the top 4 that currently come to mind due to a situation we are currently working on. I know we all want to save money, BUT it is much cheaper to do it correctly initially, versus having to dig up and remove all of the already laid and paid for (now destroyed and not useable) materials.


It's been a while since I've posted, but the rain has given me a moment haha. Don't forget if you have septic needs, we are here for you. Heck even if you just have questions, I'll do my best to answer them for you!


These two are the reason we started this business! This business has allowed us to spend more cherished moments with our children than most. I'm forever grateful for all of our customers, and the ability to be with my family!


It has been a bit since I have posted, due to being extremely busy! Apparently building is going quite well currently! With that being said, I was just informed, again, at a job last week that someone explained to a customer that the only type of system they could have on their property was an aerobic spray......UNTRUE!
There are always other options, sometimes more pricey, but there are other options. Let us do your soil evaluation and your septic design and we will ensure that all options will be laid out for you!


I was asked this question today, so I thought I would share......

"Why do people choose a Low Pressure Dose system versus an Aerobic Spray system?"

My response was and is this: The LPD doesnt require a maintenance contract, has a pump but no aerator (less mechanical components), doesnt require chlorine input, is underground, and functions well in clay soils even where the topography is flat due to dosing slowly.

Just septic for thought!


Ready to build? Need spray insulation? Contact Jeremy Cox
Need beautifully done floors? Contact Resston Weaver!
Need a septic system due to no sewer availability? We are your people! Give us a holler!


Just FYI we always try to get designs out within 72 hours, our goal is to have great designs in a timely fashion! If you need a septic design, let us know! Happy Friday!

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We do septic (On-Site Sewage Facility) designs. We do field work to ensure that we are giving you all of the septic options available due to your location, soil type, size of lot, slope of property, landscape, water source (well or public supply), and any other significant information necessary to design the proper system for you. We design in counties located in Central Texas. This is a family owned and operated business by me and my husband.


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