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Happy Birthday Cecili Wertz Eckert

As a holistic nutrition practice, we look for root issues to chronic digestive issues, treat the who


New Blog Post 20/11/2022

Check out my new recipe....Pecan Pie Bars. Just in time to be on your Thanksgiving menu.

New Blog Post The "real deal" best pecan pie bars ever!

Fullscript - Cecili Eckert's Fullscript Account 19/11/2022

Supplement savings are coming to my dispensary from November 25-29 only! Invest in your wellness goals and save on your favorite products. Create your free Fullscript account today:

Fullscript - Cecili Eckert's Fullscript Account


Death shakes you and breaks you and a crack appears. Sure, this is where the light seeps in over time but before the light fills you, the sorrow fills you deep to the core. An emptiness exists and you have to be patient to wait for it to fill with gratitude you didn’t think would ever come. Gratitude for the life shared that isn’t accompanied by pain.


Oh Halloween, you are a treat!
I absolutely LOVE Halloween. It’s one of my favorite times of the year.

Historically it was celebrated as a time of transformation and a time to honor our loved ones that have passed.

Why would we take such a beautiful tradition passed down from ancient ancestors and turn it into a sugar fest?

Halloween, you might be a treat, but you are also such a trick!

What once was revered as a sacred time has transformed into a dream for the sugar industry and a nightmare for the human body.

So, how do we enjoy the Halloween season (let’s face it, it’s not just a day anymore!) without causing too much harm? Especially for our kids who love to trick or treat!

These are my favorite ways to still allow our kids (and ourselves) to enjoy Halloween and not make it all about the candy.

1. Offer some cold hard cash for that candy. This is what I do. For years now I have let them over fill their bags with all kinds of candy and then bought it from them afterwards. They keep about 10-15 pieces and make money off the rest. This one really works!

2. Host a Halloween party, haunted trail or pumpkin path instead of going trick or treating. Dressing up and being with friends is so much fun and a big part of Halloween night. Hosting means you get to decide which treats your kids (and you) pick and choose from.

3. Set boundaries and expectations on the types of candy they can and can’t consume. If they brought home a lot of candy that has dye in it, swap it out for some better options (you need to have this already picked out and available for them to choose from). Toss out the junk!

4. Set a limit on the quantity of sugary foods kids can eat both that evening and any other time as well.

5. It helps to make sure they eat something (like a good dinner) before going trick or treating. Fill them up on the good stuff and maybe you can keep them from eating too much candy that night. It doesn’t always work because face it, there seems to always be room for sugar. But, it’s worth a try at least.


October is special. The weather begins to change (here in TX - we are usually a bit behind here) and the days grow shorter, things start to settle down....temporarily.
October is also the gateway to the holiday season. This means there's a risk for increased stress, anxiety and overeating. Not a good combination.
I like the quite of October because it allows me to cultivate a plan to resist all those things that cause added stress, anxiety and overeating!
Happy October everyone!




It's not easy creating work/life boundaries—but here's one I'm firm about: we have dinner together, without devices.

For me, this is a chance to recenter with the people who mean the most to me. It's very seldom a fancy meal, usually quite simple actually. But it is a special opportunity to connect and share. Our lives can be hectic, with everyone running in different directions. Sitting together, enjoying a meal serves as more than just nutrition, it serves as connection as well.

What are your non-negotiables?


I love a good comeback story!


Chronic issues leave us overwhelmed in many ways. When we initially experience the onset of symptoms there’s a rush to figure out what’s going on and how to fix them. After months and months of dealing with the stress, exhaustion, and fear of not feeling well, we begin to lose hope.
In the beginning, we may openly share our feelings with family and close friends. However, as long periods of time pass, we tend to go silent and inward.

Many of us don’t want to sound like a hypochondriac.
Many of us don’t want to worry our loved ones.
Many of us don’t want people to see us as weak (even though we are some of the strongest people around!).
Many of us don’t want to admit (out loud) how scary it is.
Many of us don’t want to bring attention to ourselves and how our lives are changing because of our health issues.

There’s a lot that goes on inside that even those closest to us may not fully understand or know about.
Chronic issues tend to move through cycles of high symptom activity and calmer dormancy. We have our own emotional cycles that we move through as well. There are five stages that we can cycle through over and over again: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.
If you are smiling even when you are scared, overwhelmed, anger or any other difficult emotion, know that there are many others, myself included, that do the same.


My three favorite baking "flours"


Is it too early for pumpkin spice? Well, Starbucks is doing it so I will too!


I learned the hard way, after I was diagnosed with UC, that perfection is for chumps. Don't be a chump. If you are working towards a health goal, regardless of how difficult your issues are, do your best as best you can. Relax when it feels overwhelming. Focus when you feel powerful (you are always powerful - some days we just don't feel like it) and begin again and again as often as is necessary. I went from militant (I used to call myself the Food Ninja) to someone that counsels their clients to go for small, manageable changes overtime. That is sustainable!

Better Medicine • A podcast on Anchor 23/08/2022

I was able to sit down with Dr. Omar Akhter for a great chat about ulcerative colitis. He has a new podcast, Better Medicine, where he shares wonderful insights on functional approaches to various health related issues. Check it out and follow him, I'm sure the lineup is going to be great.

Better Medicine • A podcast on Anchor Welcome to The Better Medicine Podcast. In this podcast, Dr. Omar Akhter interviews various experts in the healthcare field each week to discuss better ways of addressing chronic disease.


Just having some fun.




Give it three days. A coping mechanism for anxiety.


Well, just like that, summer is over and they’re off to school. 6th, 7th and 8th, finally all at the same school again. Everyone have a great school year!


Happy Friday! What's my mood?


Top three things you can do if issues pop back up.


Healing takes patience and our society has really been primed to feel like everything should be quick and easy. But not everything comes via a delivery driver.


Are probiotics worth it?


The magic is in you.



This was me the past few months. First an ovarian cyst that ruptured, then a UTI (haven't had one in almost 20 years!) followed by the need for a tooth extraction due to TMJ. Lots learned and I had to overcome my fear of antibiotics, find a new means of pain management and what it means to feel like crap while trying to manage a business and family! Thank you Universe, I have grown. 😏


Deep inside, no matter what you have been through, there sits hope. Despite all the chaos in your mind, all the negative thoughts, feed the hope and focus on the possibilities.

Photos from Revival Nutrition and Health's post 27/07/2022

My special girl.


Feed your body what it needs. It could be the one thing that changes everything with your health.


Whatever you are going through, you were designed to meet this challenge. Stay connected to your strength.


IBD changed a lot of thing in my life but it didn't change my love for cake (really any sweets). That's exactly why I chose to publish a dessert cookbook. I want everyone to know that just having a digestive disease doesn't mean you can't enjoy the sweeter things that life has to offer!

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About Revival Nutrition & Health

I provide natural healing solutions for people suffering with chronic digestive issues, with a focus on IBD and IBS.

Stop simply treating your symptoms and start actually healing your body!

The Revival Signature System takes you far beyond simply treating your symptoms. I know that natural healing and remission are well within reach for those suffering with chronic digestive issues and my healing protocol is the solution. The comprehensive holistic approach that I've created promotes deep healing, an amazing sense of accomplishment and complete peace of mind, all with the guided support from someone who truly understands.

And will leave you feeling better than you ever thought possible!

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