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This bedroom is guest ready! 🥰


Possibly the coolest bowl I’ve ever purchased…I might need to get one for myself 👀


Newly decorated apartment for


The builtins on this project are some of my favorite I’ve had the chance to design.
The detail, display shelves, and closed storage all work together to make this room extra special! ✨

Photos from Chelsea Lear Design's post 15/01/2024

Finishing up the details on this cute little cream kitchen. 🥰

She still needs counter stools and a window treatment but the “before and after” is already shocking!

We changed up the layout, got rid of everything fluorescent😅, and brought in warm bright neutrals.


I’m in love with this tree toile wallpaper from pottery barn. 😍
It’s all the elegance of classic wallpapers with the soft green tones that are so popular right now.


This cross and star tiled entryway turned out so beautiful 🥰


Another powder bath, another fun wallpaper😍

I love this one from


Here’s your permission to use a “modern” shaker door style with traditional crown molding and cabinet hood details 😍👀

Photos from Chelsea Lear Design's post 26/09/2023

I finally had a chance to see this remodel from last year in person.

We moved a wall to open up the kitchen into a much larger space and it feels like this is the way it was always meant to be. 🥰

Photos from Chelsea Lear Design's post 15/09/2023

Here’s a little living room before and after.
This client had the most unique keepsakes! But sometimes keepsakes can mean c l u t t e r 🫠…so we took extra care to turn these into organized displays.

The best way to do that? Create groupings and find common colors to make them feel consolidated and “put away”.

-The terra-cotta angles all have a special place in the tv cabinet.
-The Moss paintings all shine brightly together in one collage with matching frames.

Photos really don’t do it justice but I love how personal this living room turned out to be. ✨

Photos from Chelsea Lear Design's post 31/08/2023

Have you seen the Master Bath I’ve been posting about lately? Well, we also gave the powder bath a refresh!! ✨

The Travelers Palm wallpaper by reflects this clients love for nature and travel in the best way!
The pattern makes a statement but has elegance and softness at the same time. I like to call this “quiet drama” 🤫😜

Photos from Chelsea Lear Design's post 28/08/2023

One more shot of this bathroom before I move on to other projects!😌

The wall of glass really brings luxury and simplicity to this space. You can’t help but walk-in feeling calm and saying, “aaahhhhh” 🍃💆🏻‍♀️

Photos from Chelsea Lear Design's post 25/08/2023

I love the way this tile transition worked out. From main floor to shower floor, it’s so nice to walk right in. No threshold to step over! 😌

Photos from Chelsea Lear Design's post 15/08/2023

See the niche on the left wall? That’s where the old shower head used to be. In this gigantic bathroom, the shower used to be less than 30” wide…

But not anymore!
The new shower has room to dance in….
if thats something you wanted to do. 🙈🕺🏼


I really love the variation in these tiles from 💕

They look so natural and bring lots of interest to this tub/shower wall.

Photos from Chelsea Lear Design's post 08/08/2023

The nice thing about having a giant bathroom? Plenty of storage space! In fact, this bathroom’s original cabinets were so huge that they weren’t even being used.

We opted for floating cabinets in the new space to simplify the room.
This allowed the giant faux wood tiles to continue under the cabinets in the best way. ✨

Photos from Chelsea Lear Design's post 05/08/2023

Another master bath remodel completed!

The biggest change? We enlarged the shower to include the freestanding tub inside! 🤩

Shout out to for their amazing work.


+ decor ✨


The scale, color, and texture of this coffee table really take this living room to the next level.


Can every new project be my favorite project? 🤭
Our newest apartment with is completely furnished and ready to rent ✨

Photos from Chelsea Lear Design's post 26/07/2023

A few detail shots of the nursery for my sister and her sweet baby boy 🥹
And more custom art from 👀🤍

Photos from Chelsea Lear Design's post 23/07/2023

More views of this special little nursery!

The absolute cutest woodland creatures by come together in a gallery arrangement. 🤍


A special nursery for a special little boy 🥹💙 hint: I love being called “Aunt Chels!”

Photos from Chelsea Lear Design's post 11/07/2023

Hello color! 🤩 I went more vibrant on this apartment’s furnishings than I normally do
and it was so much fun!


I’ve always loved classic modern art. 🤍

This gallery wall features cheery floral paintings by Klimt, Monet, Cezanne, and Van Gogh.
I think it’s safe to say I was influenced by the artwork for my pillow and decor choices. 😉


I love that these classic shades of blue are coming back in a modern way. They work so well with warm natural wood tones. 🥰


The perfect little apartment office. 🖤


More apartment decor for ✨

I love taking whatever unique table I can find and turning it into a TV console.🥰 This sideboard from was the perfect piece!


I’ve been doing a lot of furniture + decor for lately. 😌
Lots of beautiful apartments coming up!

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More views of this special little nursery! The absolute cutest woodland creatures by @maddiejoyart come together in a ga...