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Curl Collective

Lover of Curly Hair and Colorist Extraordinaire! I have a passion for color and after working at Vain for 8 years I have started my own business.

I am now coloring and styling at Red X Hair Studio on the corner of Pike and Melrose on Seattle's Capitol Hill. Specializing in color of all kinds including flamboyage, ombre, bayalage, natural highlights and vibrant veggie dye colors and color correction. Curls of the world unite! A naturally curly haired girl who loves to cut naturally curly ,wavy and straight hair. so... What are you waiting for? Just click on the Schedule Now tab to book your appointment today!


Hey everyone! I'm excited to announce that I have joined Steven Barrett at Blonde salon!
My contact information and scheduling through will remain the same. All existing hair appointments are still at the same time, same day. The only thing that has changed is the address.
Blonde is located at 2028 2nd Ave. on the corner of 2nd and Lenora.

Parking: There are several lots for parking within a block of the salon as well as street parking.

Transportation: We are 3 blocks from the Westlake light rail station and just 1 block from the main bus stops on 3rd Avenue.

To do: Blonde is just 1 block from the Pike Place Market and the Moore Theatre and is surrounded by Seattle classics like the Pink Door, Mama's and the Cinerama plus there are lots of new places to explore.

Please email me if you have any questions.

I can't wait to see you at my new place!
Thank you or your continued suppor

The new use for your Beauty Blender? Hair strobing. 11/04/2016

Get your Strobe on!!!

I love this technique. It's so beautiful and it works on all hair textures.

The new use for your Beauty Blender? Hair strobing. How your contouring sponge can highlight your hair

think of the jazz, yeah so i got my hair done today edit: here’s an... 03/12/2015

WOW! This color even surprised me!!!

think of the jazz, yeah so i got my hair done today edit: here’s an... yeah so i got my hair done today edit: here’s an explanation about how i did it! ALSO. I HAVE FINALLY DECIDED ON A NAME. SINCE THIS IS APPARENTLY BECOMING A TREND, I HEREBY NICKNAME THIS TYPE OF HAIR...


I'll be bringing my butane torch and Samurai swords to work today. Who wants a "haircut"? Thanks for sharing Josh Martin!

Photos from Curl Collective's post 25/11/2015

Before, during, after... It's always an honor to be part of such a major hair transformation and I love setting curls free!


I've gotten a lot of requests for my tips on styling curly hair. I'm working on a video until then here's Carinn's curly hair styling how to:

*Shampoo, rinse.

*Add conditioner. While conditioner is in your hair use a pic or wide tooth comb to get out any tangles. Always start at the ends of your hair and work up to your roots.

*Rinse out conditioner and scrunch out excess water with your hands.
*Wrap hair in an old t-shirt and squeeze to help get out more water.

*Get your product on your hands and flip your head over. ( If you've got lots of hair be sure to use extra product) Starting at the ends begin to apply product to your hair by scrunching it in up to your roots. Once most of the product is off of your hands work what's left into your roots.

*After you've saturated your hair with product, with your head still flipped over, use your fingers to comb your roots forward so you can put your hair into a ponytail on top of your head.

*Collect your hair into a ponytail and begin to twist it from the roots to the ends. Hold your ends together and scrunch the ponytail back up to your roots. With a firm grip give your scrunched up ponytail a good squeeze. (this will help push your product thoroughly into your hair and reset your curls)

*Release the ponytail and gently shake your curls loose.

*Flip your head back up and gently move your curls into the style of your choice.

*From here you can air dry your hair or use a dryer. If you air dry and your product gets a little crispy just scrunch your hair to soften it once it's all the way dry.

*When using a blowdryer I like to let my hair air dry a bit before I start drying. Place your curls into the diffuser and gently scrunch and release your hair while slowly move the diffuser throughout your until your hair is dry.

Last step...Embrace your curls, love your hair!

***Always use a diffuser when using a blow dryer for curls.***

The 8 Hottest Hair Color Trends Right Now 23/12/2014

The 8 Hottest Hair Color Trends Right Now I rundown the hottest hair color trends for 2014 including platinum, bronde and red hair colors.

How to Do The Non-Mom Bob - The Coveteur 23/12/2014

Awesome tips for the Non-Mom Bob!

How to Do The Non-Mom Bob - The Coveteur As seen on Jennifer Lawrence, Lauren Conrad & pretty much everyone else whose hair you hoard on Pinterest.

Mobile uploads 22/12/2014

Way to go Sheli, channeling Loretta Lynn, Stevie Nicks and the beehive at ReD X!

What's on your wish list? Kate Lebo put us on her wish list in the Seattle Weekly.

Lebo’s Pie School is currently enrolling students. Get more info at You can also purchase her cookbook, Pie School: Lessons in Fruit, Flour & Butter, at booksellers everywhere.

Timeline photos 22/12/2014

Color and curls, 2 of my favorite things!

Timeline photos 21/12/2014

I love this so much!

Timeline photos 21/12/2014

She said, "do whatever you want."

13 Hairstyling Hacks All Girls Should Try 13/12/2014

Love these tips!

13 Hairstyling Hacks All Girls Should Try Styling your hair every morning can be a challenge. These helpful tips and tricks can help you save time and still look your best.

Timeline photos 07/05/2014


Beautiful line and movement fro Peg Cribari on Hb Join, Contribute, Inspire and be Inspired

Photos from Curl Collective's post 27/01/2014

Big, sexy hair...before, during and after.

Mobile uploads 07/01/2014

So true.

Timeline photos 05/06/2013

Pink hair chalk color. No commitment required!

Timeline photos 08/05/2013


So get in here and get on your mat. Here are the rules:


FLAMBOYAGE INNOVATIVE COLOUR SERVICE - DAVINES - ING Flamboyage colour results are unique, very natural and blended, personalized and long lasting, and they are obtained without damaging the hair Flamboyage col...

Flamboyage. 17/04/2013

One more flamboyage video. It's short and sweet.

Flamboyage. Watch as Allison takes us through the process and benefits of Davines' Flamboyage technique. Trust us, you will love this look. Can be done with any color. J...

Flamboyance photogallery by Angelo Seminara 17/04/2013

I'm so excited I have to share just one more!

Flamboyance photogallery by Angelo Seminara Davines A/W 2011-12 hair collection by Angelo Seminara take inspiration from the typical "Femme de Paris" . Through the Flamboyance collection Davines presen...

Mobile uploads 17/04/2013

Just finished up at the most Amazing color class. Get ready to experience Flamboyage! An amazing new natural,blended, color technique.

Timeline photos 20/02/2013

Natural~ish Copper,Red and Pink, Love!

Timeline photos 20/02/2013

More Sunset inspiration!

Timeline photos 18/02/2013

Copper with a hint of Pink. It's true, lately my reds have been "Sunset Inspired"!

Timeline photos 12/02/2013

Now that's how you make color "PoP"!

My dreams came true today when I met 83-year-old fashion designer and icon Gunilla Ponten

Va,Va, VA...Voom! 11/02/2013

Styling before and after

Mobile uploads 09/02/2013

Keeping it fresh "Chalking" color, pink and orange over a yellow square fade.

Mobile uploads 09/02/2013

Who says you can't have fun color for work? Melded/Peekaboo/Pasteled!