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Artisan soaps, bath bombs and body butter creams. Cheerful. Fragrant. Deliciously Indulgent. My name is Hilary and in 2009 I became an "Accidental Entrepreneur".

After 25 years, I transitioned out of my high technology profession as a project manager and business analyst designing and implementing web based applications into a new and exciting world of soap crafting. I've always been a creative individual with very limited time to exercise my passion and now my creative juices have been unleashed. I'm really excited and motivated to be on this journey - de


Soap Shreds!


Coloring distraction over the last week. In a relaxing kind of way. One can do this over and over with different colors and I'm sure it would look completely different. This was my first with this design. Mandala design by Who out there does adult coloring? I did rather enjoy it whle listening to who plays slat key guitar. It's very soothing. Now it's time to get going on the 100 soap favors.


Here we go again. Stopped in my tracks. This usually goes on for about an hour or so.

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Matchy. Matchy. !! I'm working on a soap favor project that involves the same colors as the logo. It's fun to do custom projects. Come talk to me if you have something in mind.


Sometimes I take a cue from my cat. And do nothing. Her name is Boba. Monday I'll be kicking it in gear. Filling some soap orders. And starting the 100 custom order soap favors.


Just confirmed. I'll be working on 100 soap favors! It's an annual project that involves my soaps being part of a 'welcome gift' to new families at a local French immersion school. I work on them in between other things now in preparation for "la rentrée" in August. Which is the French phrase for returning to school. It's a community I've been a part of for quite some time. And feel grateful they continue the tradition they started a number of years back. Which inlcudes my soaps. That I have come to learn are always a hit!

Coconut Lemongrass 04/06/2024

Back in stock!

Coconut Lemongrass An exotic touch of Thailand just an arms reach away. Scents of zesty lemongrass and coconut, fruity pineapple, lily of the valley, peach and sandalwood.


Hello June.

Happy June! 😎


Variety of
Your bathtub is waiting!

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Blood, tears and ALOT of sweat. 🤣. Post graduation we focused on rehab upgrade part two. When we last left we had over 300+ stacked pavers and a messed up and poorly built and designed outbuilding. We brought it back to a useful life!! Perfect little office or hang out space. We repositioned the shed. And the cast iron tub can either hold some cold brew or maybe some kind of succulent plater. TBD. We added a backsplash in the kitchen. And changed the venting. I'm happy to be soap crafting again. ♥️ But if you ever take on any kind of construction/rehab work - my soaps will come in handy!!! I heard it's going to be back into the triple digits and now we are back in Berkeley I can't believe we have a 30 degree differential!! Thank goodness we wrapped it up when we did.


As school is coming to a close. Teacher Appreciation! www.asliceofdelight.com


I'm back!


Got through the graduation and now the rehab round 2. Thanks for your patience everyone while I've been away from the soap studio. We're still in The Valley of The Sun. Working on the rental house. Maybe another week or so. Making great progress on round 2. Things on the vision list sidelined for this visit. Right now this is my "to do" list as my husband works in parallel. I'm sure you can guess where I'm going.

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I've been offline for a reason. Yes. We have a graduate! And I had made some soap favors for fun. In the colors of at the same time I had to include the Sparky because Thunderbird is part of Congrats!

Celebrating Graduation at ASU: Graduates share inspiring stories of success 12/05/2024

I have been offline...for a reason...and found out we were in this clip. Along with being on the main image. 😀. Perfect day to share. Happy Mothers Day.

Celebrating Graduation at ASU: Graduates share inspiring stories of success None of us navigate the college journey alone. Graduation is a time of pride, relief, happiness — and, of course, lots of tears. See some of ASU’s most recen...


Okay my soapalicious fans. I'll be taking a road trip here shortly. Part visiting an old friend, part graduation for one of our sons and part house maitenance on the investment rental. So I've updated the website with the following notice. It's the longest 'break' while keeping the website available. But I will be in communication along the way since this isn't a total hiberation but shipping of any sorts can't happen until the week of May 28th.


Side project! We are headed on a US driving road trip and discovered on our itinerary an old friend we met in 13 years ago now is not far off our path. We both found ourselves living there for a year. We are taking a detour to see her and she is hosting us for 2 nights. We have alot to catch up on. We have seen her at least once since we all had our life's journeys. But there are still years to catch up on and reminisce about we met through an organization called that does amazing work there . So I just made this that represents the colors of the with a hang tag that says which means in


Last minute request to add additional custom order image soaps. These ones are 4+ ounces. You can never have too many to give to family. Yeehaw!


Pint size. A small order of happy soap favors. To help celebrate a birthday. These really spruce up the mood. I love making soap favors for special events.


Finally. A break in the action. Going to work on my newsletter. Are you signed up to receive it? If not let me know. I'd love to add you!


100 soaps for
So happy to be able to have my soaps at their shop. And for their customer fan base. I love to restock multiple times a year. Thank you. that brings

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Filler Up! That was a request from a superfan. 7x7x6 priority mail box. Imagine the aromas and colors! Send some fun to your mailbox😃🏠📭



Summer Fling 11/04/2024

Summer Fling. Last one. Forever. And Ever. And Ever. If you are a fan. Don't let this one pass you by!! The fragrance has been discontinued. It had a great run for a decade. This is according to the fragrance company I purchase this from. If someone doesn't claim it - it's going into a box for a friend who told me - fill up a 7 x 7 x 6 box with whatever I have in stock. Now talk about a buffet of soaps coming his way. I'm giving you the right of first refusal. :)

Summer Fling Summer Fling Confetti Soap.Soak up your spring and upcoming summer. This soap is packed with a blend of fruits and flowers. Add some splish to your splash.


Stock up! Best. Birthday. Present. Ever. Soap that smells like cake and frosting. Zero Calories! I'm happy to help facilitate this gift giving. And I'm sure someone you know is going to have a birthday soon. What better way to surprise them.



Do you have 10 minutes? Will you help me? I just installed a new plugin software for capturing customer product reviews. I'm doing some outreach to get some of you - my best fans - to help me test the function. At this stage I have done no customization. I'm kind of curious at the moment without addressing that aspect of the tool what an initial review would look like - from my side unpublished. And then after I publish it. As you can see on some products there is already reviews imported but now it's time to see how it behaves in action. Thanks in advance for helping me out. And I'll even treat you to a coupon of 5% for each submission for up to 3 reviews you do (of soaps, creams, bathbombs) you have used or gifted. www.asliceofdelight.com (and if you can't recall what was in any of your orders in which you have not supplied a review I can help you with specifics). And if your product is not displaying because it's seasonal - let me know and we'll fix that temporarily. THANKS.

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