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Y’all better connect with the 813 Hood Garden, Gardening with GOO and Ma'at Families Farm and learn how to grow some ish cause 😩
Shout out to Ma'at Families Farm for our impromptu Co-Parenting Team building session!
Between 813 Hood Garden (YES, this woman GREW THESE OYSTER MUSHROOMS HERSELF! 🤯) and Ma'at Families Farm (3 DIFFERENT SALAD GREENS!) I’ll be eating good forever!!

Support the movement!
Ma'at Families Farm 813 Hood Garden Space BGOE Tampa Bay WE OUTCHEA! Come support our BLACKTASTIC Vendors on the LAST day of BLACK SURVIVAL WEEKEND!🗣❤️🖤💚👏🏾
Ok so peep…

While in Tampa, I was accepted into this dope cooperative of brilliant, resilient, righteous, determined, committed, motivated, inspiring entrepreneurial, beautiful Black women called Ma'at Families Farm.

And WE 😁 are collaboratively hosting this DOPE Black camp weekend with 813 Hood Garden, BGOE Tampa, and
Big John’s Redemption Ranch in Seffner, FL that YOU should be at!
We're so excited to share with you our Soul Challenge Challenge Event! Are you working on self-love, self-care, better eating habits, or just more mindfulness? Then this is the event for you.

The Soul Week Event is a challenge for us to be better, feel better, and ultimately attract better. Are you ready for a soul-satisfying week?

Stay tuned to this page for more updates and some sneak peeks into the event.

Purchase your ticket today!

Follow to learn more about our locations We will continue to move in a direction that is sustainable for the future generations that follow.

Our goal is to grow vegetables and herbs, offer opportunities for the community to come out and learn with us, and partner with other black-owned gardens and farm spaces. As we grow from a garden space to a full-fledged farming community development, we encourage others to start to implement practices that will help them solve everyday problems without relying on a system that hasn't proven to hav

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Can you guess what these are?


Take me back to Black Survival Weekend!

If you were in attendance, tell us your favorite part of the weekend. For those who couldn't make it, will you be there next year?

Sound off in the comments!



The next few weeks, we'll be harvesting and getting ready to plant for spring. We're proud of what we've grown so far.

What's in your garden?


We'd like to thank everyone who made the 2nd Annual Black Survival Weekend one for the books. To our sponsors, vendors, presenters and our guests, we hope you had an amazing experience. Please share pics and videos we'd love to see what you were able to capture. Also be on the lookout for the survey for your feedback so we can deliver again next year! Abibifahodie

Send a message to learn more.

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It was a time!

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Come out and support the youth

Growing up in Tampa Fl, Ja’vin always loved to cook, he would find himself in the kitchen more often than anybody else in his home. His cooking was showcased to the world by his mother and led him to becoming a certified sous chef by the age of 16, this was accomplished through the renowned Junior chefs of America. He hopes to bring the joy of cooking and eating food to others in the tampa bay area with his catering and meal services!

Recently, Ja’vin has assisted the American Culinary Federation where he hopes to excel his skill and gain a pathway to higher education.

Here is my bio

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The one and only Trap Queen entrepreneur champion herself will be one of our featured speakers during our Saturday lunch hour..We gone fill our bellies and minds. We want to be better as a people then we must take the time to learn from our best.

Cedricka “CJ” Spencer a Tampa native; is a true reflection of the good,Tampa Bay has to offer. As the founder & CEO of CJS Enterprises, the home of several businesses here. CJ has managed to master the skill servant leadership. With a foundation in the Christian faith and a solid support system, greatness is the only option. With a Masters in Management Degree, this young powerhouse has found a way to translate her experience into purpose. She started her entrepreneurial journey in 2012 with her first trademarked company: Xtensions of Royalty.

Ms. Spencer has created and sold several companies. She has an extensive skills set in Project Management. CJ Spencer has founded Elevated Xperience LLC a business services empire. With several corporate relationships such as U-Haul, Amazon, and Facebook.

Using her gift in commercializing urban experience, she was led to create Painting in the Trap LLC and Trap Dawg! Painting in the Trap is a urban paint and sip experience. Trap Dawg is a gourmet hot dog food trailer.

CJ Spencer’s experience in leadership in Corporate America, running her business, and education are only assets to her huge heart to create successful opportunities for those she meets.

"The goal in life is to create endless opportunities, so people can continuously create better lives for themselves."-CJ Spencer

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All weekend long we will have the finest Coffee and tea creations from our resident Barista !!!

Janine Quarles-Adkins is a freelance creative and curator originally from Boston, MA. Through The Nuance Company she has workedwith various artists, entrepreneurs and other entities to curate experiences that both capture the Black experience and help navigate Conversations around the Black future. is her lates pop up series, born out of an earlier project co-curated with local community advocate Dominique Cobb, Coffee + Conversation.


Black Market Connect


Be sure to Stop by the Black Market Connect on Sunday Dec. 4th 1-5 p.m. We will have vendors of all types. Bring the entire family. Games and Prizes will be taking place. Also Meet the sistas of Ma'at Families Farm.

KinJo Kolectiv is a union of kindred spirits who were destined for greatness together. We put our culture and positive energy into everything we create. Ase ✨

Welcome to KinJo Kolectiv LLC

Vendors still welcome
Vendors under 18 vend for free

Check out "2nd Annual Black Survival Weekend" on Eventbrite!

Date: Fri, Dec 2 ‐ Sun, Dec 4 • 12:00 PM EST



Hello my name is LoveLee I am a hairstylist located in Tampa Fl.

I started doing hair in 2018 and found that it was my passion’ but to pursue that passion I had to put forth the effort and work.

It is now 2022 and I am the CEO of Loxe Styles. I specialize in natural hair crochet and dread retwist.

I also make homemade hair products.

You should choose Loxe Styles to provide you with my service is because I provided professional one on one hair care for you!

On average your style will last up to 6 to 8 weeks depending on the style you receive. So what are you waiting for come get Bonny with Loxe Styles.

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Dominic Cobb owner of Water and Spice. Will be bringing her culinary expertise to BSW. Her home grown seasonings enhance any meal with a burst of flavor that makes any meal come alive. Be sure not to miss the delicious experience.

Tickets still available

"2nd Annual Black Survival Weekend"

Date: Fri, Dec 2 ‐ Sun, Dec 4 • 12:00 PM EST

Photos from Big Steele the Urban Gardener's post 28/11/2022

Photos from Big Steele the Urban Gardener's post


BSW 2021


Charles Reddick is our fire arms safety and Wilderness preparedness instructor.

Bio: Charles Rheddick, I have been teaching fi****ms safety for seven years, I try to bring a different approach to teaching in desire for people of color to hone their self-defensive skills
I have been teaching an unique approach to survival training, emphasizing emergency water and combustion methods with innercity availability in mind.
I am also a former USA Level 2 Archerry instructor and an advocate of people of color venturing into sports that they may have thought were out of their grasp.
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Malcolm Steele our Urban Gardener expert.

I was born and raised in Fort. Lauderdale, FL. I grew up in my fathers Commercial landscaping business W.S. Sod & Landscaping. As a kid I played in the soil, and I also worked. I learned the value of hard work as an 8 year old, and by the time I was 10 I was operating my father’s tractors, And even driving his work trucks around the nursery when he was not looking. I would find such a thrill in unloading the sod trucks with the tractors as they pulled in and out of my fathers landscaping and plant nursery. As I got older I wonder away from my roots... I became infatuated with exotic dancers on poles.. that’s right I wanted to own a strip club. I played football thought that was my calling. I was decent enough to earn a couple of division 3 scholarships, but I decided not to take any of them.. I went on to the Great Jackson State University. Where I Majored in Entrepreneurship/Management. I was supposed to take over my fathers business but I instead ended up going into the United States Navy!!! Where I served for 7 years. During Covid I found my love for plants and nature again... I discovered that the garden had so much ability to heal in so many ways!!! Gardening gave me a new perspective on life!!! And it gave me a energy I had never felt before!!! I started up a small mini farm called Big Steele Farm!!! Big Steele farm offers garden bed design services, garden furniture service and gardening consultant services!!! We also volunteer in gardens around the community. I also use some of the herbs that grows wildly through the farm (Burning Herbs) to help people heal. I have help many people heal from ailments such as covid 19, flu, fibroids, pain relief from arthritis and sciatica pain. The next big move for the farm and herbal company is getting into the cannabis industry.... the name Big Steele I had been carrying around since high school!!!! it was actually Big Steele the Real, than Big Steele Inc to Big Steele The Urban Gardner!!! Now it’s Big Steele Farm!!!!

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Here's your chance to attend Black Survival Weekend. We're giving away one adult ticket for camping for the weekend.
Enter the contest by:
Following us on all social media platforms
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Tictok -

Share the event link!
We'll randomly pick the winner Thursday at 7pm.
Good luck!


Feel free to come out and join the fun. We always end our camping at Black Survival Weekend with a market. Vendors from all over Tampa will be present. Come shop, eat and get those last minute Kwanzaa and Christmas gifts out the way while buying black

All types of vendors wanted
Vend fee is 40.00
Black children entrepreneurs vend for free

Be sure to share and tell your friends and family

Black Survival Weekend Campout

Date: Fri, Dec 2 ‐ Sun, Dec 4 • 12:00 PM EST


Tickets for Black Survival Weekend STILL ON SALE!

Bro said f**k rap 💪🏾❤️‍🔥♊️💫


See you tomorrow. Remember text for location


Supplies are simple and we all work together so no need to worry


I definitely need to add this to my watchlist !!

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Hey family, so remember that dope raised gardening be Big Steele the Urban Gardener built for us with all repurposed materials? Yes we did it justice today...thank you to the Afrikans who kept their word and took the timeout to advance the mission

Photos from Hitman Holla's post 29/10/2022

Photos from Hitman Holla's post

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Ok Afrikans we need your help.

We as of right now do everything you see out of our own pockets. Its for the love and a passion for our people. We know everyone may not have the time to come out and we don't expect big money . We can all do a little and move a lot. We are those can to donate 9.00. Why 9 dollars you say? That's how much this bag of soil cost. If we can get all of our friends and supporters to purchase just 1 bag of soil we can put gardens all over the Tampa Bay Area..We can all eat off of our own land from our own hands... We can all be the change we want to see!!

Photos from Big Steele the Urban Gardener's post 24/10/2022

Shout out to Mr. Steele for hooking our garden bed up at site #2. Plan, Build, Admire, Repeat!


Site #4 has started

Dedicated to the mission of our . Thanks to our volunteers today, we appreciate your assistance. Tomorrow we're building a raised bed for site #2. Today we prepped beds, moved mulch, planted some brussel sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, and eggplant


We need you!!!

Have you always wanted to find a new way to give back? Ever wanted to learn how to grow your own food? Like fun under the sun and kickin it wit cool black folks while learning something new? Come on out and join the experience!!! Be apart of this great world you live in while learning a new skill and building new bonds. You are so important and 2-4 hrs a week of your time can move mountains!!!!

For all our up coming events follow us Ma'at Families Farm send a msg or text 813.461.2952


Sundays, come join us in the garden!

2nd Annual Black Survival Weekend - More Info 20/10/2022

2nd Annual Black Survival Weekend - More Info

If you’re interested in registration for fill out out inquiry form!


2nd Annual Black Survival Weekend - More Info Thank you for your interest in Black Survival Weekend (BSW). Please fill out the form below. Once we have received your inquiry, a registration link will be sent via email or phone. We look forward to seeing you at the event!!!!

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DEC 2-4, 2022



"Savi Horne now leads the North Carolina–based nonprofit legal services organization, which helps Black farmers—historically stymied by racism in policy and in acquiring loans or property—in such actions as writing wills, incorporating businesses, and managing land or lending disputes with the government, banks, or neighbors. The work has taken her into major policy discussions; she participated in a joint effort, for instance, that resulted in U.S. Department of Agriculture funding to resolve land titles for those who inherit “heirs’ property” without the benefit and clarity of a will."
Read more about the amazing work of (our very own) Mama Savi Horne of Land Loss Prevention Project who has played an integral role in the stewardship of NBFJA and supporting the land, lives and legacies of Black farmers.

Building Pro-Black with Black Farmers in Mind - Non Profit News | Nonprofit Quarterly 18/10/2022

Building Pro-Black with Black Farmers in Mind - Non Profit News | Nonprofit Quarterly

Building Pro-Black with Black Farmers in Mind - Non Profit News | Nonprofit Quarterly For a racially just food system, Black farmers must have the resources and power to make decisions and feed their communities.

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Home base (site #1) is recovering well and we have new growth from last week.

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Site #4 has started
#blackfarmers #Florida #blackgrowers
Back for another round of planting rows of seeds and seedlings.
Black Survival Weekend 2021
Harvesting lettuce from the garden