Solar Professionals of Kitsap County

Solar Professionals of Kitsap County

We're a local team of solar energy experts, partnered with Solgen Power! Let us help you see going g


Over 22 Million U.S. homes have solar panels. Solar energy has been the most popular alternative form of energy in the last decade. Are you ready to join the ranks?


A reminder that we can reroof your home while installing your new panels. Reach out if you have questions!


Aesthetically pleasing AND high performing. What else can you need?


Solar panels will aid you in easing the burden of variation in energy bills. You will know the cost of energy each month with a set bill.


Still on the fence about switching to solar? Let's talk about the excellent investment solar is. Not only are you able to fight again rising inflation and cost of energy, but it also adds value to your home as well.


Solar panels won't make your house any hotter than you want it to be.


Happy President's Day from Solar Professionals of Kitsap County and Solgen Power!


The future of the world is in solar energy!


Reliable power, consistent bill!


Power your home, power your car, power your life!


Become independent. Make your own decisions about your own power with solar!


The sun powers 8 planets over the stretch of billions of lightyears, so there’s no question solar can power our planet a hundred times over!


This valentine's day love the Earth!


If you're still on the fence about adding solar panels to your home? This is your sign to do it!


Invest in your HOME, invest in YOURSELF.


Why not harness that power for your home?


The advantages of solar power are endless!


Solar energy is the most abundant energy source on earth. Let's continue to harness solar energy to power our future!


It's important to know the amount of power needed to power your house, as that will directly correlate to how many solar panels you'll need and where they can be placed on your roof.


According to up to 30% of the cost of installing rooftop solar could be covered via a 2023 tax credit!


The population of the world is growing every day. Solar energy is going to become increasingly necessary to meet our needs.


Power your life. Switch to solar!


Harnessing solar power can not only power the world, but also reduce greenhouse gas emissions!


Here are some questions to ask before switching to solar panels. We can help you answer all of these and determine the best size and placement for your home.


Going solar pays. Your solar panels are working to produce clean energy even when you’re not at home to use it. Net metering allow you to send the unused energy back into the grid for credits to use at a later time.


You can contribute to keeping our planet clean by switching to solar panels for all your energy consumption needs.


Connect to the biggest source of renewable energy. Switch to solar.


No doubt, if you'd like your solar panels to increase the value of your home, you should BUY your solar panels rather than just leasing them. Let's discuss your options today!


Switching to solar energy through SolGen is just SMART.


If you can afford to pay your electricity bill you can afford to go solar! There are several financing options for solar panel systems, so that anyone can make the switch and start saving compared to traditional energy companies.


Worried about solar panels in the snow? Panels are easy to clean, and most snow slides off naturally. The solar panels are quite sturdy and are structurally sound enough to withstand snow.


Studies have shown that homes with solar panel systems sell for more than homes without them. Owning, rather than leasing, solar panels, increase the value of your property.


When is the best time to get solar panels?
☑ Before traditional energy rates rise. Get a steady bill and beat inflation!
☑ Before next winter! Survive the winter chills and stay warm with solar power
☑ Before summer comes! Traditional energy prices rise with the temperature.
☑ Before Tax season. You can take advantage of the solar services and still save money during tax season.


Reach out to us and we can put together a free proposal to fit your custom home.


Solar is known to help increase the equity in your home anywhere from 2% - 20%. Homes will also sell on average 20% faster! There's no reason to not give solar a chance, even if you're not planning to live in that particular property long term.


"Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us everyday." - Sally Koch


One of the most lucrative benefits of switching to solar power is definitely the stable electricity bill. No longer are you bound to rising costs of electricity, you can enjoy an unchanging bill and even get credit for unused power accumulated.


Solar power is clean, renewable, and cost-effective.


Solar energy will light the path to a bright future!


As more people move to Kitsap, the higher energy rates will rise. To combat inflation, switch to solar panels with Solgen to get a set monthly bill.

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As Kitsap continues to grow, invest in your home and our community by switching to solar!
Add value to your property by purchasing solar panels for your home!
What's the risk of NOT going solar?
With Solgen power, we can not only set up solar panels for your home, but we can also do a re-roof at the same time.
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Let's see if you qualify for Washington's state incentives!
Did you know that going solar can add about 4.1% of the market value to your home? ...#GoSolar #BuildingEquity
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