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Moccasin Bend Brewing Company

Contract brewer.


Kegging “Blonded by the Light” at Bankwalker Brewing Co this morning. Fresh beer!

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The only thing more fun than building a brewery is re-building a brewery. At the end of the day, though, fermentation is still my favorite sound!

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We had a blast tasting samples with theBarley Mob Brewers of Chattanooga at Five Wits Brewing ‘s mini beer festival. We met lot’s of old friends and got to share New South Chocolate Stout once again!. Thanks guys and see you next year!


I’ll have New South Chocolate Stout at the Barley Mob Brewers of Chattanooga table at the MAINX24 brewer’s festival at@5 wits brewing! Stop by and taste some MBBC legacy brew!


The sell sheet is old, but the beer is fresh!


“Who knows what darkness lurks in the heart of men? (And women)
We do.


Old habits die hard- look for New South Chocolate Stout at the MAINX24 brewfest at Five Wits Brewing !


Wow. It’s been a while, guys and craft beer is on the slide downward….. but seltzer is happening and distillation is hot so maybe we will do that- but we sure do miss you guys so we’re doing some small batch contract brewing ——-we just brewed New South Chocolate Stout…. with more legacy brews to come!


Sour blackberry lager. My experiments continue.. Wish you were here!!

Jack Daniel's barrel houses are causing an out-of-control black 'whiskey fungus' in a Tennessee community, enraged residents say 02/03/2023

Interesting, Loefler makes a foam fungecide spray that we used when we were a basement brewery.

Jack Daniel's barrel houses are causing an out-of-control black 'whiskey fungus' in a Tennessee community, enraged residents say Tennessee residents say the black fungus fueled by the Jack Daniel's facilities coats their homes, cars, and trees and is nearly impossible to remove.

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We are super lucky to have a distillery in town as creative as Chattanooga Whiskey, I just scored a bottle of the Cabernet Cask, which reminded me of the Golden Rod Beer Barrel aged Chatt whiskey of years ago. Like I said-Lucky.


Love these guys!


A very small batch of Golden Rod will soon be ready after I get this bad boy fined and carbonated!


And they’ll be tapping St. Elmo Smart Ass. Stop by and say hi and I’ll get you some MBBC swag!

Wonder what's happening in beautiful downtown Pikeville this weekend July 2, 2022... Star Spangled Celebration!!!!

The Venue and Bankwalker Brewing will be hosting a Co****le tournament starting at 5. This year we're shaking it up a bit and doing only a blind draw. It's double elimination and $5 entry fee per person. We have new American Co****le League comp series boards and you can bring your own bags or use our house bags! This is an outdoor event but if the weather is a challenge (too hot or wet) we can move this inside!


The Smart Ass is back! In Pikeville, that is….. Road trip anybody!!??

While you are out and about at the Star Spangled Celebration next weekend come try our new red,white,and blue beers 🎇🎆🇺🇸

•Introducing two new sours
Raspberry hop tart and
Blueberry pucker

And returning from Chris Hunt
St Elmo Smartass witbier


Everyone loves a Smart Ass! coming to Bankwalker Brewing Co! - (St. Elmo Smart Ass, that is)


I’m very slowly working on a book of MBBC brewing tips, anecdotes, and recipes. It’s seems a shame to waste 13 years of knowledge and good times!😀 If you would like to share some experiences please feel free! For those of you who weren’t there, our funky little brewery was unique for a few reasons.
1) We refused to dumb down or categorize our customers. This is the antithesis of good marketing. Each customer was treated as a sharing friend. I and my crew came to work everyday excited about our creations. We wanted to communicate that feeling of excitement and discovery to our customer friends. We actively worked to encourage customers to forget any preconceptions and discover something new they liked. We annoyed a very few, but pleasantly surprised a lot.

2) We refused to dumb down and categorize our beers other than the general style classifications. If you pressed us, we would drill down into sub-classifications-but we weren’t to happy about it. (BJCP Beer Geeks).

3) This process of discovery and creativity infused (infected?) our entire business and was present in production, ingredient choice, advertising, personnel, and presentation of product, location, and decor.

4) Brewery tours were sold as discounted “experiences “ on Groupon. This was not antithical to marketing and actually allowed us to survive much longer than anticipated. “Discounted” brewery tours produced some return customers but also provided a steady stream of revenue and customers during slow times. Also during busy times😳 Take note Nano breweries and distilleries-The value of an experience is arbitrary and open to much more interpretation than, say, a gallon of milk or a can of Bud light. Our light bulb was the term “V.I.P.,- V.I.P., anything always costs more. What if we cut the cost in half? -boom.
Lot’s of personal labor in this one. Time spent talking and walking. Time that could been spent with family. But good marketing.
And now the truth— those tours were another attempt at communicating passion, making new friends, and taking them on a creative adventure. And, if truth be known, an obvious bid for brewery and self affirmation.
When we said “Weird is good,”we really meant it. Weird is the unexpected that you later fall in love with-that was our hope. Or weird is what you would have rather avoided. Either way, you grew and learned, all because of “weird”. We thought that was important.

Next I’ll discuss how our philosophy translated into ingredients and process.


For everything their is a season-but I sure do miss you guys!!!!!!


Moccasin Bend Brewing Company's cover photo


A sad sign of the times-we thought we had until the end of the month the to get the rest of our stuff out. Instead we have this weekend. Any assistance with pickups or trailers or strong backs this weekend would be greatly appreciated!


Moccasin Bend Brewing Co. Online Auction in Chattanooga, TN - Key Auctioneers
Here's the link for everyone that's asking for everything-if it's on here -it's for sale-if not I plan on keeping it Bid on brewing equipment, kegs, 10-tap draft panel, bar equipment & seating, arcade games, Behringer & Peavy sound equipment, dishwasher, growlers & more!


We want to thank all our Mug Club members for sticking with us for the past 12 years! We are closed but you can still pick up your mugs. Message us for an appointment-we will also post hours on this string. We are attaching photos of the mugs.


We got $2.50 Pints and $4 sours all night! 🤪🍻


💕Happy Valentines Day💕 What more could you want?! ....Oh yeah, NO wait! 🍻



Sweet ad for our Valentines party!

with special appearances by Chattanooga celebrities.

Date: Saturday Feb 9th

Time: 8pm-12midnight

Entry: $10 at the door

Theme: Social Outcast (dress like your weirdest self)

Beverages: Moccasin Bend only serves beer HOWEVER you CAN bring your own liquor ($20 uncorking fee)

Food: there's no food. You CAN bring in food from outside food (like pizza).

Entertainment: DJ Cutlass Cult and special appearances by Chattanooga music celebrities. It's a surprise!

Photo-booth: DYI photo booth.


The tasting room is open 5-midnight today. All pints of canoe scru are 50% off tonight!


We're excited to have the California Smothered Burritos Food Truck in our lot tonight at 6:00 P.M.!


Open Mike Friday’s!


Looking for a substitute bartender for tonight-pay plus tips.


Friday Night open mike!

Weird is good

Weird little brewery, Mostly Friendly dogs.Fun games.

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Bubbles are beautiful…
Friday Night open mike!
Awesome start to open mic night!!!
The mess is terrible,but smell of mangos and pineapples from our New England IPA is wonderful! #Inconsistent IPA
Round 2 @playinpossumbluesband
@Playinpossumbluesband rockin🎸it after @riverbend
Like all proud brewer's, we have a bad habit of sharing pictures of our beers but not our biggest assets, our loyal cust...
Kristin Ford killing it!
An evening of Old Time Travelers, amazing weather, and the weirdest beer in town 🍻😝
Come out to open mic night with Lewis and Chandler!!
Ponce ‘😎
Veteran benefit