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I am here to service all of your travel needs. Why stress when I can save you the time and hassle.

Research fee non refundable: US/ international $10
group of four $20 group of 8 $30 group of 8or more .


Southwest has been showing out !!!
53 sale fares 🎉 for their 53rd bday! 🎉

Research fee $20

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Just Booked ! A nice couple will be enjoying their Fourth of July 🇺🇸 in Miami ! Thank you for allowing me to assist you!

If you would like my assistance 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾
⭐️Send all serious booking inquiries to DM/
📧 email [email protected]


3 top summer destinations for 2024 ✈️

Drop the dates you plan to go 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾
If you need any custom vacation packages put together feel free to DM me !

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Southwest Airlines is committed to making your travel experience more enjoyable in 2024.

Don’t miss these deals … you have till Thursday ✈️✈️


Summer 2025 3 day Carnival 🛥️Cruise

📌Destination : Nassau Bahamas
⚓️Port : Orlando
Date Choices : June 6-9, June 13 -16, June 20-23, June 27-30,
July4-7, July 11-14, July 18-21, July 25-28,


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I Wanna go out of the country but I don’t have a passport or can’t get a passport! Have no fear you can still go on a cruise 🚢 or visit these places 🏝️✈️They don’t require a passport!


It’s been official for a while but just in case you didn’t know….Park n Fly is now The Parking Spot! 🚗 ✈️


Are you looking to book your next trip to Las Vegas? Be sure to click the 🔗

⭐️Send all serious booking inquiries to DM/
📧 email [email protected]


Love Language ♥️✈️Receiving Gifts
“I bought you a plane ticket”


Did you know that the best time to visit Las Vegas is in the fall (September-November) Crowds are low and the temperature is around 64 degrees.

⭐️Send all serious booking inquiries to DM/
📧 email [email protected]


Happy Mother’s Day 🌸


Get to the airport 2hours early 😆
Get CLEAR / TSA Pre Check


Who coming with me ?


Who coming with me?


Allow me to assist you with your next cruise 🚢❤️


If you haven’t already gotten your tickets 🎟️ the time is now lol


Have you thought about starting a business? Follow these few tips 👇🏾


Allow me to assist you with your next vacation!
Research fees are $20


Are you in need of a vacation? Let this be the reason you book that Vacation!

The waves are so peaceful ✌🏾 that you deserve to experience this in person


Someone that they don’t have “TIME” for a travel business.. however they reached out to me about a vacation..🏡🛳️🏝️

Guess what ? 🔥you just made time 🤭 and NO MONEY 😩🤦🏽‍♀️

Don’t make that mistake if you’re ready to talk business, ITS TIME 🗣️


Me all spring break week 😂😂😂😂😂


Disney lovers ❤️🥰

Tip: Walmart in Orlando FL has a Souvenirs section full of apparel, trinkets, and
Mickey 🐭 ears

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Beach 🏝️
Are you scared of heights?
Traveling and making memories is my only concern 🤩🥰 Have a prosperous day!
Do you prefer to drive to the airport or use Lyft/ Uber?
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