446th Airlift Wing Commander

446th Airlift Wing Commander


Check out the end of year remarks 446th Airlift Wing Commander !

It’s been a year of challenges, achievements, and resiliency, and we are so proud to be the Rainier Wing!
Flu season is here!

The 446th Aerospace Medicine Squadron received their allotment of the seasonal influenza vaccine this week and began administering the annual flu shot.

Our 446th Airlift Wing senior leaders, to include 446th Airlift Wing Commander, got their flu shot this morning. The U.S. flu season is typically October through May.

If you didn't get yours over this drill weekend, you can get it during the Nov UTA.

is officially complete!

Reserve Citizen Airmen and Air National Guardsmen traveled to multiple military installations in California this week to take part in their units’ first major West Coast readiness exercise since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Exercise Nexus Dawn, which took place April 26-28, 2021, was designed to safely test the ability of certain Air Force Reserve units to generate, employ, and sustain air operations in a simulated contested, degraded, and operationally limited environment.

Read full story here - https://www.349amw.afrc.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/2590698/despite-covid-19-nexus-dawn-provides-reservists-vital-training-and-readiness-te/

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Ensures the readiness of more than 1,800 Traditional Reservists, Air Reserve Technicians and civilian


New this Super UTA weekend is Commander's Book Club!

Each month at 0900 in the Wing Auditorium we will get together and discuss a book from the CSAF and CMSAF reading lists. It will be a conversation about the issues facing our force, thinking strategically, professional development, and leadership.

This month we will talk about "The Avoidable War" by Kevin Rudd.

Don't worry, you don't need to have read to book to join, just bring an open mind and join in on the discussion.

Photos from 446th Airlift Wing Commander's post 07/06/2023

Employer Day 2023

What a great opportunity to meet with the employers our Reserve Citizen Airmen, learn more about what the are accomplishing in our communities, and get to share more about the incredible things they are doing each time they put on a uniform.

Thank you to the volunteers at ESGR Washington for your support and to our employers for their continued support of their service member.

We couldn't do this without you!

446th Airlift Wing Command Chief


Got to visit with the volunteers of the DPL of Operation Green Flight as they work to ensure the readiness of our Reservists! Thanks for stepping in to help today!


Our leadership team met with the First Sergeant Council this morning. It is always great to spend time hearing from our Shirts and working to make our Wing even better for our Airmen.

Also, anyone spot THE Col Casey Guerrero in the photo!? Join me in welcoming him back to the Wing as our new Vice Commander!

Military Pre-Deployment Paperwork | Military OneSource 23/03/2023

Great resource to be ready!


Military Pre-Deployment Paperwork | Military OneSource Prepare your paperwork prior to military deployment. Learn how to sign up for VGLI or SGLI, find the POA and DD93 forms and prepare wills and trusts.


Flying into the UTA weekend

I look forward to seeing everyone around the wing and at the CC call on Sunday.


Congratulations SSgt Hunter Godish on your Airman Leadership School graduation! We were honored to be alongside you as you celebrated this important milestone in your career!

446th Airlift Wing Command Chief


Spent sometime flying around with some awesome crew members from the 728th Airlift Squadron. This is just a small piece of such a larger team that ensure we are ready anytime to go anywhere to deliver rapid global mobility.

Photos from 446th Airlift Wing Commander's post 08/02/2023

A little look into the February UTA around the 446th Airlift Wing. The Reservists are what make this time away from family and home worth it. They amaze me with their passion, know how, and hard work everyday!

Photos from CMSAF JoAnne S. Bass's post 13/01/2022

When reading Action Plan memo, this quote stood out to me ... "They (Enlisted Corps) come from all walks of life and represent America's finest treasures ... its sons and daughter. Developing every single Airman is crucial to our success."

One of the wing's priorities is to develop professional Airmen to lead today and tomorrow. This action plan helps us do just that.

Take time to read the Enlisted Force Development Action Plan - https://www.af.mil/Portals/1/images/news-2022/EFD-Action-Plan.pdf


Team 446th -

This year presend unprecedented challenges. Some evoked difficult emotions and carried profound effect. A lot has been asked of you and your family and many sacrifices have been made.

You have much to be proud of. We have adapted and excelled together.

We have performed evacuation missions in Afghanistan, supported COVID-19 relief operations and deployed all over the world. Our readiness has been honed through Exercise NEXUS DAWN, DEFENDER-Europe 21, Pacific Caduceus, and Rainier War. We also rolled out a COVID-19 vaccination plan to ensure the health and welfare of a ready force.

As we enter the holiday season, I encourage you to rest and connect. Connect with your loved ones. Connect and recharge.

From my family to yours, be safe, healthy and enjoy those around you.

Thank you for everything that you do.


Team 446th -

Chief Master Sgt. Kylee Engel, the wing's command chief, and I are pleased to announce our 446th Airlift Wing's CY21 Third Quarter award winners! Their outstanding contributions and dedicated service have greatly enhanced the success of the Wing's mission and our Nation's defense.

Civilians of the Quarter:
Category I: Rachel Herrod, 446th Airlift Wing Public Affairs
Category II: Eugene Ballou II, 313th Airlift Squadron

Airman of the Quarter:
Senior Airman James Itaya, 446th Aeromedical Staging Squadron

Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) of the Quarter:
Tech. Sgt. Gabriel Ealy, 446th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron

Senior NCO of the Quarter:
Senior Master Sgt. Yvonne Chase, 446th Aeromedical Staging Squadron

Company Grade Officer of the Quarter:
2nd Lt Christina Simm, 446th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron

Field Grade Officer of the Quarter:
Maj Matthew Walton, 313th Airlift Squadron

We are proud of the accomplishments of these Airmen, who have positively impacted their unit, the entire wing, and in some cases the entire Air Force and even the Nation. Please join us in offering congratulations to them!

Photos from 446th Airlift Wing (Air Force Reserve)'s post 06/11/2021

Thankful for the volunteers and organizations that partner with us to make things like this happen!

Thank you for helping us gear up to kick off the holiday season, Air Force Association, McChord Field Chapter and Pierce Military and Business Alliance!

Photos from U.S. Army's post 19/10/2021

"General Colin Powell was a patriot of unmatched honor and dignity. He embodied the highest ideals of both warrior and diplomat. He led with his personal commitment to the democratic values that make our country strong. He repeatedly broke racial barriers, blazing a trail for others to follow, and was committed throughout his life to investing in the next generation of leadership. Colin Powell was a good man who I was proud to call my friend, and he will be remembered in history as one of our great Americans." - Pres. Biden, Oct 18, 2021

As a mark of respect for General Powell and his life of service to our nation, the President has ordered that the flag of the United States be flown at half-staff at all military posts and naval stations .... until sunset on Oct 22, 2021.

Thank you, General, for your leadership and brilliance. You left an indelible mark on the military. You will be missed. Our thoughts are with the Powell family.

Myths and facts about the vax — debunking common COVID-19 vaccine myths 27/09/2021

Millions of people around the world have safely received the vaccine in the last 10 or so months. But misinformation regarding the safety, efficacy, and necessity of the COVID-19 vaccine is still everywhere you look.

The Surgeon General of the Air Force has put the team to work busting myths and sharing facts. Here are the facts about some common COVID-19 vaccine myths:


Myths and facts about the vax — debunking common COVID-19 vaccine myths The COVID-19 vaccine has been mandated across the Department of Defense and despite its demonstrated effectiveness and safety, a host of myths have left some Airmen and Guardians hesitant to receive


Congrats to our quarterly award winners for the 2nd quarter:

Civilian of the Quarter:
- Category 1: Elizabeth Jones, 313th Airlift Squadron
- Category 2: Ryan Evans, 728th Airlift Squadron

Airman of the Quarter:
- Senior Airman Nhi Le, 86th Aerial Port Squadron

NCO of the Quarter:
- Tech. Sgt. Bonn Abad, 446th Maintenance Squadron

SNCO of the Quarter:
- Master Sgt. Lindsey Coffelt, 446th Maintenance Squadron

CGO of the Quarter:
- Capt. Nicholas Scacciotti, 728th Airlift Squadron

FGO of the Quarter:
- Maj Eric Santroch, 97th Airlift Squadron

I am proud of the accomplishments of these Airmen, who have positively impacted their unit, the entire wing, and in some cases the entire Air Force and the Nation. Please join us in offering a congratulations to them.

Remembering 9/11 11/09/2021

Never forget.

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the terrorists attacks on U.S. soil. Individual memories of that day brought us together as a Nation.

Some were activated. Some would join the military shortly thereafter. Others were in school and watched footage of the attacks on television. Some weren’t born yet.

Nevertheless, we are here together. Whatever prompted you to raise your right hand and take the oath, we all will never forget.

We will never forget the planes crashing into the World Trade Center’s twin towers or the Pentagon burning. But, we will also remember the heroes of that day, uniformed and civilian. The firefighters and police officers who rushed into burning buildings to save lives. The heroic passengers on Flight 93 who fought to retake their plane before it crashed near Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

We will never forget the 2,977 innocent people, who lost their lives that day – each person was a friend, a family member, a coworker. Every person is missed.

Together we remember the event and resilience it prompted, unifying America under our principle of freedom while honoring those who sacrificed of themselves for our safety.

Within the first 45 days, more than 11,000 Reservists were recalled to active duty, like MSgt Anita Barnes with the 446th Force Support Squadron. MSgt Barnes reported to the unit on Sept. 12, 2001. You can read her story on our 446th AW public website at https://www.446aw.afrc.af.mil/News/Article/2771602/remembering-911/.

In honor of those who lost their lives on 9/11, we will never stop working together to ensure the safety and security of our Nation and our fellow Americans.

Thank you to every Rainier Wing Airman and Civilian for your sacrifice and your contributions to the wing’s mission – provide Ready Airmen to support global operations.

We will never forget.

It continues to be an honor to serve alongside all of you.

Remembering 9/11 In response to the attacks and within 45 days, more than 11,000 Reservists were recalled to active duty. Barnes was among those activated.

Reservists help deliver babies during Afghanistan evacuations 03/09/2021

Great work by our fellow from 315th Airlift Wing and 445th Airlift Wing!

During Afghanistan evacuation operations, each wing had a crew successfully and safely deliver babies aboard a C-17 Globemaster III.

Our Citizen Airmen are incredible, dedicated professionals who are ready for anything. I've seen it time and time again, but each time is as impressive and awe inspiring as the first.

Reservists help deliver babies during Afghanistan evacuations Two separate Air Force Reserve Command airlift wings successfully evacuated hundreds of Americans and allies during the early days of the Afghanistan evacuation operation … and each landed with one


Rainier Wing,

Thank you to all who have answered our Nation’s call—whether already deployed, about to deploy, or supporting our teammates from home station. You and your families have made sacrifices—some on very short notice--making possible another mobilization of forces unmatched by any other military in the world.

Watching things unfold in Afghanistan recently after nearly 20 years of supporting coalition efforts there has been tough for some of us. Like many of you, I find myself faced with a situation that brings out memories and emotions from deployments over the years. Nevertheless, I continue to be proud of our mission and our hard work.

We have a challenging road ahead. Some of us may be called upon to ensure every American is safely airlifted from Afghanistan. Family members may have elevated concerns about their loved ones abroad. Now, maybe more than ever, we should check in on each other.

You’ve heard this many times over the past year, but this phrase still rings true – We will get through this together. I am honored to serve alongside of each of you.

"Mobility Warriors,

The bravery, professionalism, and adaptability displayed by the men and women of Air Mobility Command over the past few days were and continue to be awe-inspiring. When our nation called, you maneuvered the joint force forward within hours. You bolstered the capability to secure Kabul International Airport in a rapidly changing environment, facilitating swift movement of people and equipment. These actions were inspirational and only made possible by a team of thousands of dedicated Total Force Mobility Airmen worldwide.

I want to make clear you have my trust and confidence through the challenging days ahead. You are the world’s best trained and most capable air mobility force. Your leadership understands these unprecedented circumstances, and we will empower and support you as you continue to transport Americans and Afghan partners out of harm’s way. Remember, disciplined OPSEC is vital for all Airmen as information can have immediate and negative strategic impacts, particularly in the digital age, putting operations at risk.

I am impressed by the courageous, can-do spirit our force continues to demonstrate. This Mobility Warrior spirit gives me confidence that we will continue safely delivering for our nation. I am proud to serve alongside you as we live our vision, Air Mobility Warriors Projecting Decisive Strength and Delivering Hope… Always!"

- Gen. Jacqueline Van Ovost, AMC Commander

Tactical Edge Podcast EP 3 23/07/2021

Team 446th,

4th Air Force Headquarters has released the newest episode of Tactical Edge podcast. Episode 3 is available now!

In this episode Maj. Gen. Jeffrey Pennington, Commander, Fourth Air Force and 4th Air Force Command Chief discuss summer and work/life balance.

If you have some time this weekend, check it out. The previous episodes are also available.

Tactical Edge Podcast EP 3 In this episode of Tactical Edge, Maj. Gen. Jeffrey Pennington, Commander, Fourth Air Force and CMSgt Cynthia Villa, Fourth Air Force Command Chief, discuss ...


Team 446th -

We are pleased to announce our 446th Airlift Wing's CY21 First Quarter award winners! Their outstanding contributions and dedicated service have greatly enhanced the success of the Wing's mission and our Nation's defense.

Civilians of the 1st Quarter:
Category 1: Elsa Stallings, 446 ASTS
Category 2: Emily Yturralde, 728 AS

Airman of the Quarter:
SrA Landon Harris, 313 AS

NCO of the Quarter:
TSgt Darby Shannon, 446 FSS

SNCO of the Quarter:
MSgt Lance Nelson, 728 AS

CGO of the Quarter:
2LT Benjamin James, 446 CES

FGO of the Quarter:
Maj Drew Nishiyama, 446 AW

We are proud of the accomplishments of these Airmen, who have positively impacted their unit, the entire wing, and in some cases the entire Air Force and even the Nation. Please join us in offering congratulations to them!


I am pleased to announce our next 446th Airlift Wing Command Chief, CMSgt Kylee Engel.

Chief Engel brings a diverse leadership background with experience in logistics readiness, services, IG, maintenance, and aerial port—including time as one of our own 86th Aerial Port Squadron port dawgs.

I look forward to CMSgt Engel returning to the 446 AW in late June. She will spend the first few months on orders and looks forward to getting to know our command teams and airmen this summer while reacquainting herself with 446 AW, Team McChord, and JBLM.

Photos from 446th Airlift Wing Commander's post 11/05/2021

Yesterday, the 446th Airlift Wing Honorary Commander, Mayor Andy Ryder, visited the wing.

Mayor Ryder toured the 446th AW Airmen and Family Readiness, Psychological Health and Wellness, Recruiting Office, Chaplain Office, and finished his day with a tour and discussion with the 446th Maintenance Group.

An honorary commander's support to a military unit benefits both the military and community. Thank you for your support, Mayor Ryder!

City of Lacey, Washington - Government

Photos from 446th Airlift Wing Commander's post 03/05/2021

Last week, our Reserve Citizen Airmen honed their skills as they participated in Nexus Dawn, a large scale exercise focused on readiness and testing the ability to employ and sustain air operations in a simulated combat environment.

I am proud of the work and dedication our Reservists have shown in preparing and executing this mission. Through the exercise they showcased the best the Rainier Wing has to offer and have risen to the occasion with each challenge Nexus Dawn has presented them, honing their abilities to support the nation with air power anytime, anywhere.

Photos from 446th Airlift Wing Commander's post 18/02/2021

Team 446 –
Last month I received my second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Before receiving my first dose, I had questions about the vaccine, the clinical trials and the Emergency Use Authorization for both the Pfizer and Moderna options. Reading information from the Food and Drug Administration and medical sources armed me with much more confidence about the vaccines compared to what I was seeing in the news and all over social media. Ultimately, I decided that receiving the vaccine was the right move for myself and my family. If you are on the fence about volunteering for the vaccine, I encourage you to do similar research or speak to your medical provider to learn more.

Pictures below are from last UTA weekend as medical professionals from the 446th Airlift Wing administered the first does of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine to fellow and will administer more first round and the second round doses during the March UTA weekend.

What are your concerns about the vaccine? I will work with our experts to get an answer.


Questions about the vaccine? 2:30 p.m. Pacific, Friday, Jan. 8

Watch live as 62nd Medical Squadron, Madigan Army Medical Center and University of Washington medical professionals answer your questions regarding the COVID-19 vaccine at 2:30 p.m. Friday, Jan. 8. The event will be streamed on this page.

62nd Airlift Wing Commander
62nd Airlift Wing Command Chief AFMS-McChord-62nd Medical Squadron Madigan Army Medical Center Joint Base Lewis-McChord


Strategic Priorities Way Forward

We've faced unprecedented tests in 2020. But, as the Air Force Reserve Commander Lt. Gen. Richard Scobee, and Air Force Reserve Command Chief Chief White said in their strategic priorities video, you rose to the challenge.

In late September, CMSgt Neitzel and I collaborated with your leadership to review the Wing's accomplishments of the past year, as well as look ahead at challenges and opportunities. Here are the updated 446 AW Mission, Vision, and Priorities developed during those meetings.

Mission: "To provide ready Airmen to support global operations"
Vision: “Airmen first … ONE agile, ready team”
- Develop professional Airmen to lead today and tomorrow
- Program and manage resource for our Airmen
- Train, deploy and sustain combat-ready forces
- Accelerate a culture of continuous improvement and innovation

It's an honor to serve with the men and women of the 446th Airlift Wing and the Air Force Reserve. I look forward to the year ahead, knowing we have incredibly talented people who consistently rise to the challenge.


Happy 73rd Birthday Air Force!

Today we celebrate the United States Air Force's 73rd Birthday!

Formed on a tradition of innovation, the Air Force has been at the forefront of progression and evolution since conception. Our Airmen are at the heart of our success, and it is because of them that we are the greatest Air Force in the world. Today we celebrate our birthday and look forward to many more years of success and powerful change. And we have fun doing it!


As I watched CMSAF JoAnne S. Bass’ AFA keynote speech, I was incredibly excited and inspired that she mentioned our very own SrA Paolo Felicitas and how he is sharing resiliency with others in his unique way using the art of slam poetry.

I agree with CMSAF Bass - resilience is readiness; and readiness breeds culture.


This is what it’s about. Recognition for hard work done by our Airmen. It’s impossible to ignore when a group of Chiefs from all backgrounds come together to coin an Airman for their efforts.
MSgt Wheeler—congratulations and thank you for your dedication.
Chiefs’ Group—well done. You know how to Aim High.

The Chiefs' Coin!

Master Sgt. Brett A. Wheeler, the 446th Maintenance Squadron Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE) flight chief, was coined by 446th Airlift Wing Chiefs today for his superior performance. Wheeler eliminated an evaluation performance report and decoration backlog by 100 percent!

His efforts have helped Reserve Citizen Airmen in his flight continue to progress in their careers.

As an Air Reserve Technician, Wheeler works alongside the 62nd Maintenance Squadron AGE flight to help train our active duty counterparts. He also runs airfield driver’s training program for the entire wing.

Please join us in congratulating Master Sgt. Wheeler! 👏👏👏 Thank you for all of your hard work!


"The talent, creativity, energy, and commitment that our Airmen bring to the Air Force, inspire me every day. It’s up to us to create the culture and climate that allows them to be their best. They are our competitive advantage. And when they thrive, we thrive."

Team — Y’all know I love talking to our Airmen… and meeting SrA Felicitas made my day!

In fact, a few days ago I shared a post about SrA Felicitas where he shared a very personal experience in a unique way. It resonated so much with me that I simply had to meet him.

SrA Felicitas is an Air Force Reservist with the 446 AMXS at Joint Base Lewis McChord. He is a C-17 crew chief and when not wearing the uniform works in software coding with Bank of America.

When I asked him why he joined our Air Force, he shared with me that he was working three jobs, busting tail, and got approached by an Army recruiter. So when he told his mom that he was gonna join the Army to become something bigger than himself, his mom quickly responded that she would only approve him joining the military IF he joined the U.S. Air Force. Thanks, mom!

When I asked SrA Felicitas what he wants to do in the future he said that he would like to get involved with content development and create a space on the internet that inspires people and fills that space with positive vibes - which is what led him to create his video in the post I shared.

He attributed the success and courage to do that video to his AMXS leadership that fully supported him. So a shout out to Lt. Col. Acuario, Maj. Swiderski, and 1st Sgt, SMSgt, Nuebert. Way to create a culture and climate that allows your Airmen to make positive impact in creative ways.

The talent, creativity, energy, and commitment that our Airmen bring to the Air Force, inspire me every day. It’s up to us to create the culture and climate that allows them to be their best. They are our competitive advantage. And when they thrive, we thrive.

Great meeting you today SrA Felicitas! It’s Airmen like you that I’m honored to serve. Keep making a difference. 🇺🇸 ✈️


Congratulations to SrA Shelby Pick, 446 AMXS, for taking home a BIG award from Airman Leadership School Class 20-F!
(The reveal is at 29:30) 👏👍👏


446th Airlift Wing (Air Force Reserve)

This is the best message on resilience I’ve ever seen done in uniform. Period.

“I will never leave an Airman behind, and that includes me.”

Service before self is one of our Air Force’s Core Values. But it doesn’t mean we put everything ahead of ourselves to the point we have nothing left to give.

“Service before self … I forgot myself” is a powerful statement.

Written by our own Senior Airman Paolo Felicitas, 446th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, listen to his slam poem. He wants to spread the message of resiliency.

You are not alone. Reach out to someone.

If you or someone you know is hurting, please seek help and call the Military Crisis Line at 1-800-273-8255.

If you need someone to talk to call 446th Director of Psychological Health Kristi McCann at 253-861-8752 or 446th Chaplain Corps at 206-335-8003.

Disclaimer: Be advise this poem references a brief comment on su***de attempt.


Ready to bring VR to your toolkit? This is a giant leap forward compared to the way we’ve trained crews for 20+ years (especially CBTs). Looking for your ideas on how to best leverage this technology for our Reserve Citizen Airmen—and not just pilots and loadmasters.

While continuing to train the nation's next generation of C-17 Globemaster III, KC-135 Stratotanker and KC-46 Pegasus pilots, the 97th Operations Group has begun to enhance their training in a unique, yet modern way.

By using emerging technology combined with the new standards for pilot training, the 97th OG has created the Virtual/Enhanced Reality Training, Innovation and Generation Office (VERTIGO) program for pilot training.

You can read more about the OG's VERTIGO program by following this link! https://bit.ly/30owE4S


Air Education and Training Command

Excellent conversation. Like a good book, I couldn’t put my phone down once I started watching this. I am grateful for men and women like Maj Dan Walker who make our Air Force better—I am honored and proud to be on his team.

LIVE now: Real Talk - Race & Diversity in the Air Force with Lt. Gen. Brad Webb, commander of AETC, and Maj. Dan Walker, 435th FTS instructor pilot.


Dear white colonel … we must address our blind spots around race

I commend Colonel Ben Jonsson (a friend and former squadron mate) for this commentary. But it doesn't stop at the Colonel level. Chiefs, commanders, superintendents, first sergeants, supervisors: “we have been presented a crisis. We can no longer walk by this problem. We must look inward at our Air Force, and at every echelon of command, so we emerge stronger as a profession of arms.” Over to us. Aim High.

airforcetimes.com As white colonels, you and I are the biggest barriers to change if we do not personally address racial injustice in our Air Force. Defensiveness is a predictable response by white people to any discussion of racial injustice. White colonels are no exception. We are largely blind to institutional rac...


Grateful that two of our 446 ASTS members had the opportunity to share their NYC deployment experiences with CSAF last week.


NYC Health + Hospitals

Our health care heroes at NYC Health + Hospitals/Jacobi in the Bronx held a final sendoff ceremony to honor the military heroes that aided in the hospital’s response to COVID-19. We are once again so grateful for their support.


NYC Health + Hospitals

I'm incredibly proud of our 446 ASTS teammates who deployed to NYC's Jacobi hospital on short notice! We're glad to have them home and thankful to everyone who supported them.

Our health care heroes at NYC Health + Hospitals/Jacobi in the Bronx gathered for a special sendoff ceremony to honor the military heroes that aided in the hospital’s response to COVID-19.

Hospital CEO Christopher Mastromano offered words of thanks as staff members cheered on in one final salute to the newest members of the Jacobi family.


Team 446th -

We are pleased to announce our 446th Airlift Wing’s 2019 Annual Award winners. Their outstanding contributions and dedicated service have greatly enhanced the success of the Wing’s mission and our Nation’s defense.

Civilian of the Year:
- Category I: Melissa Dyson, 446th Maintenance Group
- Category II: Janice Kallinen, 446th Force Support Squadron

Airman of the Year:
- Staff Sgt. Daisy Avalos, 313th Airlift Squadron

NCO of the Year:
- Tech. Sgt. Patrick Manley, 446th Logistics Readiness Flight

SNCO of the Year:
- Senior Master Sgt. Jamie Supinger, 446th Civil Engineer Squadron

CGO of the Year:
- Capt Christopher Sears, 446th Maintenance Squadron

FGO of the Year:
- Maj Judith Coyle, 728th Airlift Squadron

Please join us in offering your congratulations to them!

Command Chief


Heritage and Humanitarian Operations

The history of the 446th Airlift Wing dates back to World War II as the active-duty 446th Bombardment Group. The 446th Bombardment Group was activated in 1943 with squadrons at Davis-Monthan Field, Ariz.; Lowry Field, Colo.; Flixton, England; and Sioux Falls Army Air Field, S.D., before being deactivated in 1945.

The 446th AW was first activated in the Air Force Reserve in 1948 as the 446th Troop Carrier Group at Carswell Air Force Base, Texas, and then deactivated in 1951. In 1955, the 446th Troop Carrier Group was reactivated at Ellington Air Force Base, Texas, and again deactivated in 1972.

In 1973, the 446th was reactivated and re-designated the 446th Military Airlift Wing (Associate), at McChord Air Force Base, Wash, which is also when it earned its nickname, the Rainier Wing.

In February 1992, the wing was re-designated again, this time as the 446th Airlift Wing.