Coach Scott's Body and Health Transformation Page

Coach Scott's Body and Health Transformation Page

I am an Independent Certified Health Coach assisting people with weight loss and overall health impr


When on your weight loss journey, never forget "Why" you started or how far you've already come!


This is why I love being a Health Coach! Losing weight has so many positive consequences outside of just losing lbs. It truly is life changing.
"You're going to find a lot of people like me I'm sure. My "boyfriend" was food. I had to break up with the whole emotional struggle and I'm so glad I did. This is no less than watching a friend in a bad relationship knowing they need to get out of it - it's just like you're watching a friend that's abusing food and you know they should get away from it.
It has to be up to the person to break away no matter what the bad relationship is and that's what I did. I'm changing and feeling mentally better. Now I don't look forward to an all you can eat buffet. I look forward to seeing the inches and pounds coming off and meeting the woman under it all.
I'm just saying life is so much better today. Thank you for getting me here!!!"


How amazing is this? He has regained his health through healthy nutrition.

“Happy Easter everyone! It’s been 15 months now since I started my journey to improve my health. Two years ago the guy on the left weighed in at 385lbs. As of this morning, I have lost 206lbs (I am now weighing in at 179lbs!) and have truly and dramatically improved my weight and my overall health! I have gone from struggling to walk upstairs to go to bed to walking 5-6 miles a day and wondering up and down steep graded hills hunting mushrooms and critters! I can’t find the words to express how good I feel both physically and mentally! Woo hoo, I’m eating healthy and feeling great! If you or anyone you know would like to know how I did this and how I plan on keeping my weight off”

I want to share this with you. 08/04/2022

Time is running out to save up to $200 to start your transformation. 18 April 2022 is the last day to sign up and receive your discount! Message me for details and if are finally ready to lose the excess weight!

I want to share this with you.


With Easter coming up, just be mindful if you are watching your weight.


Protein vanilla cheesecake on walnut crust with sugarfree whipped cream, drizzled with warm strawberry preserves.

1 slice (1/8 of pie):
Calories: 208
Protein: 13g
Carbs: 20g
Fat: 8g
Sugars: 7.6g

Mix 32oz Oikos Triple Zero Vanilla Greek yogurt with 1 box Jello Brand sugarfree vanilla pudding mix. Fill pie crust and chill for 2 hours minimum. Melt 1 tbsp of strawberry preserves in microwave and drizzle on cheesecake. Top with 2 shots of sugarfree whipped cream.

When it comes to protein, how much is too much? - Harvard Health 05/04/2022

A good article on protein consumption.and things to be mindful.of. #:~:text=The%20short%20answer%20is%20yes,higher%20risk%20of%20kidney%20stones.

When it comes to protein, how much is too much? - Harvard Health You've probably heard the claims by now: Here's a diet that's delicious, easy to stick with, and guaranteed to help you lose weight effortlessly. Or, perhaps it's supposed to build muscle, protect ...


Don't play an April Fools Day trick on yourself by saying again that you're going to lose the weight this year just to be disappointed when trying to squeeze into your bathing suit this summer.
You have no better time to start your body and health transformation than now because you can save up to $100 in your 1st month and lose 20, 30, 40, and even 50lbs by summer!
I began my transformation in February of 2021 and just 4 months later I was down 40lbs, went from a 36-38" waist to a 32", put diabetes in the rear view mirror, and said goodbye to high blood pressure.
I have helped dozens of friends. neighbors, co-workers, and family meet their weight loss and health goals and will do the same for you.
Learn to lose the weight and keep it off for good - it will change your life.


Chicken fajita without the fajita was what was for dinner last night. I didn't think to use my egg wraps but will do just that for lunch!


Welcome to my Body and Health Transformation page. This page has been set up for those who are currently working with me, have worked with me, may be considering working with me, or may simply want to learn how I can help you meet your weight and overall health goals.

I encourage you to ask questions, share information, share healthy tips, recipes, and progression photos to help inspire and encourage members on the page.

Please feel free to invite and of your friends who you think would like to be a member here! The more the merrier - we can all do this together!!!

Thank you!