ZF CEO Fragrances

ZF CEO Fragrances

Finding a Fragrance that is Affordable & has lasting Power is easier than you think! We’ve got your Fragrance needs covered in a travel size Roll-on.

Customers are in LOVE. Don’t wait any longer to discover your NEW SIGNATURE SCENT!


Hey loves!

So in my big attempt to organize my hobby of perfume collecting + shopping+ personal vlogging!

I’ll be operating Two pages!

Follow for all content related to perfume reviews and what’s new in the world 🌍 of perfume! Because yall know I be shopping 🛍️

This page will be strictly dedicated to the relaunch the new and improved RELAUNCH this summer!

Majority of this mixed content/ will be deleted!

will keep you connected with me until we relaunch with the new summer banger custom perfumes! I have so many in store for yall 🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼


If you agree comment your current favorite perfume below ⬇️

Yes I meant currently! True fragrance addicts can’t just have one favorite 😂😂


Use what we got to get what you WANT!!!!

Join in on the Era of Self Care it’s the best care 💁🏽‍♀️💅🫶🏼

Review ⬆️ was it the perfume OR was it the confidence pf smelling good! Try Now for yourself!

50% off the last of the Winter ❄️ low out sale until we run out!

Most Wanted is out Best Seller Pheromone Fragrance for a Reason!

Click Link in BIO!


It’s real hard to not just pop the cap off and just pour it all over because it SMELLS SOooo Good!

This girl has givin’ most wanted some competition 😮‍💨🤩

Try Our New & Improved PASSION FRUIT fragrance oil while it’s 50% off!

This scent is completely Nostalgic! It’s giving LOVE Spell!!! If you know you know 😘

Link in bio OR click shop now from post 🛑🫶🏼


She’s SOooooo GoOOOOooooD 🤤

Suitable to layer with any fragrance and make it BETTER!

Top Notes: Wild Berry, Sweet Strawberry

Middle Notes: Creamy Vanilla, Tropical Fruit

Base Notes: Caramel, Marshmallow

SNAG yours today 50% off

Available in 10ml / 30ml / 30 ml Spray Atomizer 🤑

Link in BIO! Let’s go ladies! Or fellas if you looking for the perfect gift for Valentine 💘 Day!


The Rawest Review 🤩🗣️ AND I’m here for it!

Grab yours 50% off while supplies last 🏃💨

Link in bio!!!!!


The Compliments I Received today were outrageously…….. Expected 🤩 cuz chile I knew I smelled good!!!!!

You can’t go modest on this….Spray it and spray it heavy!!!! All over skin and clothes 😍 This scent will sing 🎤 like a hummingbird 🤣

AND of course I layered with our signature fragrance oil SUGAR CAT becuase I just can’t wear one scent! I have to make it my own 😩🩷





Sometimes just do the absolute Most! 😍

Today we are pairing all these designers 😍 with our very own “BLOOM” Limited Edition.

I’m wearing this combo today becaause I want to make other people ask “what you got on” 😂

Bloom is a Warm floral with an undeniably Coconut Accord, Coconut 🥥 adds depth and sensuality to any fragrance accord.

Grab yours today! These are VERY Limited Supply 🗣️🚨 click link below to shop or link in bio ⬆️⬇️


Cheers 🥂 CARDI……. You’ve summed it 🆙

We provide handmade Custom blended fragrance oils that have trending 5 star ⭐️ reviews on various platforms AND right now they are Buy one GET 1 Free!

All you have to do is add 2 items to your cart and at checkout use code: BUY1GET1 > Yup that EASY!

We Recommend trying our mMost expensive Fragrance option while we have this great deal!

CALLED “Rich Auntie” Inspired by Baccarat 😭 yes another Baccarat inspired fragrance but ours is the best 😛🛒

Shop Today! Availability is limited.

Link in BIO and tagged in post 👋👋👋👋👋

Photos from ZF CEO Fragrances's post 05/11/2023

We EARNED our Bragging Right!

Now it’s not just us that knows this oils smells bomb 💣 but the girlsssss are catching on!

“Most Wanted” available now! Buy1Get1 free!!!

Use Code : Buy1Get1 at checkout

Reminder: Must add 2 products excluding wholesales and bundles for code to work 🗣️🙏🏾


Are you serious?

I pray the day my websitr gets traffic like this 🎉


Drop a “❤️” if fragrance is apart of you!

P.S Sale ends tonight at Midnight 🕛


🍓 Wear Responsibily!


Available in bundle, Single or Roll on 🍓😍 TAgs for purchase in post 🍓🙌🏾


Due to our Repackaging + Restructure of Zodiac Freakz, we have decided to offer an undeniably good deal on out best seller Fragrance Mist!

The Deal is 4 for $80 which is generally a $200 value!

Grab yours today! Gift 🎁 one to your favorite bestie or whomever you deem worthy! Even save them for a Christmas 🤶 Gift!

Most Wanted is a pheromone driven fragrance. Scented with Strawberries, Wild Berries, tropical fruit, balance with the creaminess of Caramel, Vanilla & Marshmallow 😍🍓⭐️

Products Available directly in IG store or link in bio!


Imagine….. This Aroma 😍

Well I mean you don’t have to actually! It’s Available NOW! New and improved Formula for linger lasting affect!

Right NOW 30% off no code needed! Discount applies at check out!

Most Wanted is now infused with Toasted Marshmallows Fragrance & Champagne 🥂 fragrance which elevates the already existing notes of: Strawberry 🍓, Wild berry, Caramel + Vanilla!


Taking this time to Enjoy exactly Where I am….
Often times we don’t gives ourselves credit for how far we come and all that we’ve accomplished!

Refresh of ZF coming soon 🤩


IDK 😱 who needs to hear this but….Sweet smelling skin ALL DAY MATTERS 🗣️

Top Notes: Wild Berry, Strawberry

Middle Notes: Creamy Vanilla

Base Notes: Caramel


If you ask us, THAT right there makes you the baddest thing in the room 💁🏽‍♀️


Pretty Girls have your purchased our LIMITED Edition “BLOOM” 🥥🔥🥥🔥🥥!!!!

Check our precious post for the Deets! ONLY a FEW left don’t miss out!


Let’s talk about it 🤓⬇️


DM to Secure Yours!

It’s gives Memories of Summer in a bottle, but can definitely be worn in every season for all occasions 🥥🌊🥥🌊🥥🌊🥥🌊🥥🌊🥥

Only 10 bottled and ready for purchase!
Ingredients used to compose this scent are extremely rare due to their seasonal availability! Not sure when restock will be, Fingers crossed in 30 days!!!


This is your invite to grab our Most Wanted Fine mist perfume & OILS

🔥🔥Take 30% off at check out!

Reformulated to keep you smelling sweet all day and Most of all…….Smell better than everybody around you 🤣🤣🤣🤣

No code needed!!! Automatic Discount!! Limited Supply!!!


But… I’m a Perfumer! Close Enough 😃


Nothing to compares to that fresh spritz when you on the go! AND you know for sure that sweet smell in the air is you with our signature scent most wanted!


Which fragrance are you taking? I know it’s hard! But forget location, events or weather! What is your favorite all time fragrwnce that you are taking becuase you can’t go wrong with it?

Let me know in the comments!

So this is my situation and I’m stuck between like 3 fragrances 😅

Photos from ZF CEO Fragrances's post 09/06/2023

First 5 figure week. Thank y’all 🗣️🙌🏾🍓

Shop “Most Wanted” Today!


Fragrance has power! It gives you another reason to hold your head up HIGH!

Have you Discovered your signature scent? It’s truly a right of passage!

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