Selinger’s heating and air

Selinger’s heating and air

Heating and air


Change filter everyone if it needs it. I just replace to strip heaters in a couple of air handlers. All could of been avoided if the filter would have been changed. Filter was clogged bad.


Change filters every 30 days. Have selinger heating and air come in and do a clean and tune on your heating equipment. Cleaning of equipment does prolong life span of equipment with fewer break downs


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Give Selinger heating and air a call for all your heating and cooling needs. If your systems seems lack of heat and not performing well give me a call.


That time of the year everyone. Heating season is right around the corner. Give me a call to have your heating system looked and and properly cleaned and maintained. 217-381-7882


Your air conditioner not working good? Give Selinger heating and air a call. Clean and tunes $99. I wash the outdoor unit out. I come in and check the indoor coil as well. I open it up and clean if it need to be cleaned. I will also check the charge as well to make sure it’s properly charged the cooling season. Call myself at 217-381-7882. Book your appointment today.


Give Selinger heating and air a call if your ac is not working very good.

Clean tunes are the best practice to keeping your ac in good working condition. Clean and tune price is $99 dollars. Does not include refrigerant if the system needs charged.


Don’t forget to change your filters every 30 days or as needed. If you forget, it could cause problems with the heating and cooling equipment. If your having trouble give Selinger heating and air a call.


Be sure to get ahold of selinger heating and air for a clean and tune for your ac unit. $100 for a clean and tune. I come in and clean the ac from the inside out and check the charge.


Hi everyone. I would like to touch basis with everyone who visits selinger’s heating and air page.

1. Please change your filter every 30 days
2. Key to a reliable furnace and ac unit is to have them checked every season or right before they get heavily used for that season
3. If the furnace or ac does not work efficiently call selinger’s heating and air for all your heating and a cooling needs.
4. I do install UV-C lights for ductwork as well to help with the coronavirus in the home.
5. $100 clean and tune on all furnace or ac units. This does not include filters. That will be an extra charge.


Clean and tunes for furnace and ac units. Servicing gas furnace, geothermal and heat pumps