Han’s Scones and Baked Goods

Han’s Scones and Baked Goods

I’m a high schooler selling baked goods because i’m out of both my jobs for the time being!


Hi everyone!! Tomorrow (the 4th) my scones will be sold at the Riley Dance Marathon booth outside of Farm Girl Mercantile!! the sale starts at 11! I’ll have all three of my flavors for $2 a “slice”! I can’t wait to see you all there!!


hi friends! i’ll be taking order for this week until tomorrow evening, after that i’ll be taking next week off to recoup and work on more recipes 🙂


did you know that if you order from me you get a special little hand-written thank you card? they’re one of my favorite parts of doing this! 🥰


hi friends! if you’ve ordered from me and i’m delivering to you today it’ll be a little later than planned. my car decided it didn’t want to cooperate and i have a flat tire!


i’ve found a few new recipes that i’m going to be trying out soon so keep your eyes peeled for those!!


Hi friends! i’ll be going live in about 10 minutes on my insta (_pixie.nixie_)! I’ll be taking about all of this and i hope to see some of you!!!!


5 orders out today! I now have these cute little boxes that I’m super excited about!
Thank you so much to everyone who has ordered from me so far, it means a lot to me!


hi everyone! at this point if you’ve ordered from me you should have received some sort of message confirming things!! if you haven’t, let me know and we’ll get it figured out! and a huge thank you to everyone who’s purchased scones from me!!!🥰🥰

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hi friends!! for the past month i’ve been making scones and baking my little heart out, trying to perfect these recipes :)) so- with both my jobs being closed until at least july 4th, i’ve started selling these bad boys!! my pricing is $10 for a batch of 8 and i’ll even deliver them to you. if you buy from me, not only do i get an excuse to bake something delicious, but you also get something that i think tastes amazing!!
i offer chocolate chip(my favorite), lemon blueberry, and strawberries and cream!! i’m constantly trying out new types too so i’ll keep y’all updated on any additional flavors, you can also let me know if you have any requests!!