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Get approved by Texas MMJ doctors🧑‍⚕️Schedule online. Same day tele-visits- Use coupon code FB20 Hey, you found Texas Cannabis Clinic on Facebook! WHO qualifies?

We know this service/ kind of medicine is not everyone's CUP of T so no worries if you're not interested in more info, but if you are keep reading! Texas Cannabis Clinic approved Texas residents for medical ma*****na through The Compassionate Use Program of Texas. TCUP is available for anyone interested & in need of compassionate care by licensed medical physicians knowledgeable in cannabis- medic

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Your questions have been ANSWERED! 🌿

Want to know more? Find out on our newest blog! 💻


🎉 HAPPY 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY to our beloved canna-Nurse Practitioner IRMA VELASCO! 🩺

Irma takes a special interest in alternative medicine & feels privileged to be able to help her patients heal with the use of medicinal cannabis. 🌿

We’re so lucky to have Irma on our team! Have you been seen by TCC’s Irma before? 👇


A recent Australian observational study involving over 2,300 patients revealed significant enhancements in health-related quality of life, reduced fatigue, improved pain management, and better mental health. 🌿

This promising research displays the benefits of plant-derived cannabinoid extracts to be used as treatment for individuals dealing with chronic conditions.

How has medical-canna helped you find relief? 💭


Did you see us on the Houston Culture Map? 🗺️👀

TCC was featured for being Texas’ preferred telehealth clinic for MMJ! 👍 If you or a loved one are looking for relief, contact us today!


✌️ ways to medicate in Texas!

What are your preferred methods of medicating? 💭🤔

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Does CBD-rich canna impact driving performance? 🤔

Swipe right for the truth! 👉🏼


Happy Labor Day! 🩺🌿

We’re so grateful to be dedicating our mission to granting MMJ access to Texans who qualify!

And a HUGE shoutout to our amazing patients for all the love and support we’ve experienced recently!


We’re on a mission to end opioid addiction in Texas. 🚫

Medicate smarter with medical MJ.


There are over 50,000 Texans currently enrolled in the TCUP! 🤩

In this era, more patients are ditching opioid-based medication and finding relief with a natural alternative.

Say bye-bye to side effects and hello to calming relief for all ages. 🍃

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Contrary to popular belief, D8 is NOT the same as medical MJ. 🌿

Due to a lack of regulation & quality, D8 can cause different reactions for every individual, some being negative.

On the other hand, MMJ treatments are individually customized to fit each patient’s needs.

Medical MJ is the preferred and recommended option for those looking to medicate. 🥇

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Alexis is our adventurous intake specialist that has the trailblazing personality of our clinic and we really enjoy working with her!

Swipe right to see her climbing a waterfall in Puerto Rico. She is our globetrotting virtual worker always up for another adventure! 🥾🧳✈️

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Did you know Texas does not issue a physical MMJ card? 🪪

Swipe right to find out what happens instead! 👉🏼


You don’t have to be a veteran to have PTSD.
PTSD comes in all forms and sizes.
PTSD impacts everyone differently.
It’s time to break the stigma!



We’ve reached 1,500 followers on Facebook & we’re almost there on Instagram. To show our appreciation, we’re hosting an exclusive GIVEAWAY!

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Meet our TCUP certified physician, otherwise known as Dr. B! 🌿

Drop a comment if you’ve met Dr. Brimberry! 👇


New week, better treatment, better YOU!

Don't forget Texans, we have same-day appointments & we're ready to get you approved for the TCUP! 🌿

Visit our NEW & improved website for more information.

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A NEW study shows plant-derived cannabinoids are effective for anxiety, post-traumatic stress! 📖

While stress is not a qualifying condition for the TCUP (yet), it can be a symptom deriving from PTSD.

What are your thoughts? 💭


Back to school with MMJ guidance! 🌿

This back-to-school season, let's delve into the intersection of education and health.

By shedding light on the benefits, safety considerations, and legal aspects of medical cannabis, we can empower individuals to make informed decisions about their well-being or the well-being of their loved ones. 💚

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Last night, Dr. Sanjay Gupta shared the most recent statistics featuring the rapid rise of MMJ use in the senior community. 🌿

Swipe right for highlights! 👉🏼



TCC family, our website is currently being refreshed so we’ve created a temporary link (in b!o) for you to book or access your appointment!


End opioid addiction and overdose risk by advocating for a better solution, MMJ! 🌿


Don’t have a PTSD diagnosis? We can diagnose you! 🌿

Book your telehealth appointment to get started. 🤝


The daily administration of a topical solution containing hemp-derived cannabinoids, is associated with hair regrowth in patients with androgenetic alopecia. 💇🏼‍♀️

Every patient experienced hair regrowth during the course of the study. Male subjects, on average, experienced greater hair regrowth than women did. None of the participants reported experiencing any adverse side-effects.


If you have a qualifying condition, here’s how you can get MMJ in Texas. 🌿

Visit our website to check out qualifying conditions. 👉🏼 www.texascannabisclinic.com

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Senators seek to legalize MMJ for ! 🌿

Did you know PTSD is one of the most recently added qualifying conditions? Schedule an appointment today!

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Attention North Houston residents! 🗣️

is making MMJ more accesible to all of Texas by opening up yet another pickup location! 👏

Say goodbye to long drives, and say hello to relief.


One of our most commonly asked questions have been answered! 👏

We’re all ears 👂 What other questions do y’all have? Comment down below for an answer!


We’re taking a stand for all Texans in search of opioid-free relief. 💊🚫

Find out if you qualify!


Happy 713 day Houston! 🔩

We’re proud to be certifying Houstonians for medical canna! 🍃


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Amazing & proactive news for Minnesota! We can only hope Texas embraces new qualifying conditions for our TCUP.

What qualifying conditions do you think should be added? 📝



We’re dedicated to helping Texans find relief, that’s why we’ve made our services accessible to all by offering payment plans with Afterpay!

Find out for yourself by scheduling an appointment! 👇

Texascannabisclinic.com 💻



📣T.G.I.F We're trying to go out with a bang💥 this week... so much so that our website is down!
While we work on getting our website back up and running🏃‍♀️, please use the link in the comment section to schedule your video visit. You can always text or call us at 512-842-9963 if you have any questions before securing your appointment. 😀


Texans for natural medical relief! ✊🌿

Whether you live in Texas or not, we’d love to hear how medical canna has impacted you, drop a story in the comments! 👇


Happy Independence Day! Today, as we celebrate the freedom we hold dear, let's take a moment to remember our brave veterans. 🇺🇸

Medical cannabis has emerged as an ally in their healthcare journeys, providing hope and relief for conditions like chronic pain and PTSD.

Let's stand together and ensure our veterans have access to the treatments that honor their service and enhance their quality of life. Join us in saluting our heroes this Independence Day! 🍃🤝


The NBA and its players union have officially signed a collective bargaining agreement that removes ma*****na from the league’s banned substances list. 🏀

This is a huge step for the canna community! What’s next? 👀


Are you in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin or anywhere else in Texas? 🌵

We’re proud to be Texas’ preferred telehealth clinic for TCUP certifications! Want to know if you qualify? Visit our page for more information. 👇

www.texascannabisclinic.com 💻

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In the US, recent studies estimate MS prevalence at nearly 1 million people, more than twice the original estimate.

While there is no cure, medical cannabis has been shown to provide relief for some of its symptoms.

Read more on our blog: www.texascannabisclinic.com 💻



Set new goals for the week, like finding opiod-free relief! Don’t forget to visit our website to schedule your appointment today.


We are a 100% telehealth team of clinicians serving Texans of all ages, genders, and pronouns. 🌿

That’s how we do it in the Lone Star state. Y’ALL MEANS ALL!

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