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I am Russell Lee, owner of Faded Northwest where rad hair and inclusion matters.

Photos from Faded Northwest's post 14/06/2024

For those that have been with me since I opened my shop, you probably know that I am obsessed with animals and birds especially. And how I have been trying to get a crow to be my friend. Well after two years and three spring/summers.. I may have some friends. 🙂


Not only during pride month, but ALL the time. You are wanted, need and valid. In my chair you will be heard, and your hair honored.

🏳️‍🌈✂️ Share and let your clients know that you’re a safe space ✨ Proud Stylist Collection - https://readytodyeapparel.com/collections/proud-stylist


Can you believe it’s been 2 years in the Caboose? I’m so grateful for all the love and support over the last two years.

Because yall have blessed my business in keeping it busy. I am now starting to book a couple days out. If you are wanting an appointment make sure to look in advance to secure a spot.

Also, I am back to my normal summer hours of Tuesday-Saturday 11am - 6:30pm with occasional 10/10:30 am spots.

Operation Olive Branch | Instagram, TikTok | Linktree 25/05/2024

If you are a follower of my business, and have supported me over the years. Or you have stumbled onto my business page. Please check this link out https://linktr.ee/opolivebranch

Find out how YOU can help families in Palestine.

Operation Olive Branch | Instagram, TikTok | Linktree Grassroots movement to support & amplify aid requests of Palestinian families.


The amount of times I find myself over come with gratitude. Proud of how far I have come and get to go due to the support of you guys. If I don’t say it enough, Thank you! Thank you for giving me room to grow, mature, and develop my self and my craft.

We have signs!!!! One is put up the other is going up soon( need more than my hands for that one. 🤣)


I’m a day late, to that I am sorry. To my trans current, future or past clients you are seen and so loved.


Message me for more information!

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Thinking about offering Vivid color services again. Here is a couple pictures of my old work.


Write a review on Google and let myself and other know about my shop. Help me grow my business. ✌🏼

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Few pictures from a barbering class with Trevor Moots w/Hattori Hanzo Shears.

Bringing you top notch haircuts means continuing my knowledge and education.

Faded Northwest In Corvallis OR | Vagaro 19/02/2024

Reminder: I am now working Monday-Saturday. If you are looking for an appointment check out my booking site

Faded Northwest In Corvallis OR | Vagaro A place everyone is welcomed to get a fresh haircut.


Did you know I work with Textured hair? From coils to waves. If you are looking for a stylist who does a curl specific cut, uses curl specific products and helps educate you about your curls. Look no further!

With a passion and continued education on curls, I am excited to help you along your journey of taking back control over your curls!


Openings today through Saturday. Let me get you ready for your weekend! 💈

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Couple cuts I did over the last couple months. Taking pictures of my work isn’t something I’m not good at remembering to do. 😝


Due to the weather being wild. I am going to open my books Sunday this weekend and possibly next weekend. You can book online for this Sunday. Or message me if you’re interested in next Sunday.


I sold out of the 10 packages so fast! So I am going to go ahead and offer 5 more. If you are wanting to snag these last 5. I will not be offering this package deal till next year. Message me if you want to purchase one.


The buy 4 get 5th haircut free package is almost sold out. I’m only offering a few more left. If you want to snag one of my remaining, feel free to message me or leave me a comment.

I take Venmo, cash or card.


Running my buy 4 haircuts, get 1 free special! If you are wanting to take part of this special, send me a message or stop by the shop!

All proceeds of this special are going towards my new place, and all the unexpected things that are coming with it.

Thanks for your support!


Unexpectedly yet also very exciting, I am moving into my own house for the first time. With that said, I have now a lot of things that I need to buy and get for my new place as I am going in with nothing but bedroom stuff.

So I will be working Monday-Saturday 11-6. Which means an extra day to fill. If you’re looking for a Monday spot now you can grab one!

Online booking is the best way to secure your spots!


Letting all current and future clients know my prices will be changing starting January 1st. Here will be my new prices.

Clean up: $38
Maintenance: $45
Custom Style Change: $55

Military, OSU student/faculty as always save $5 off their service.

Happy Holidays!


Had some cancelations today, message me to snag those spots! 12. 12:30. 1 pm


As a lot of my clients know; I am very passionate about scalp and hair health. I recently started offering treatments and decided to take it to the next level. I am now Malibu C Head Lab certified barber. Complete scalp and hair analysis and treatments coming soon!


What do my treatments help with?
• Hard water build up
• Swimmers hair
• Chemical/Heat damage
• Dry scalp/hair

Treatments customized for all hair types from thin-thick coarse hair, and all textures.

Let’s get your hair/scalp back on track. ✌🏼


Did you know I offer treatments? Each treatment is customized to your hair needs and texture. Each treatment comes with a wonderful scalp massage.

Book yours today! ✌🏼


Need to restock your product? Let’s get you stocked up! Reach out with what you are looking for or curious about and let me help you!

Photos from Faded Northwest's post 20/09/2023

Highlights of my trip to Puerto Rico. ☺️


I’m back! So glad to be back working. I’m this week is filling up fast! Limited spots left.

If you are looking for an appointment check out what spots I have available using my booking site and claim your spot.




I will see you all in a week!


Just a reminder that I will be on vacation starting next Tuesday 9/12- Tuesday 9/19. That means I will not be answering messages through text, call or messenger. I will be sipping piña colada’s on the beach’s of San Juan, Puerto Rico. 😜 🏖️

With that said, I have openings through out the week still available. Let’s get you in and looking fresh. 😎

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These little birds are too stinking cute. 🥰
I hope y’all get this excited after your haircut. 😂