L & J Dispatching Services LLC

L & J Dispatching Services LLC

We are Independent dispatching services that offers 24/7 dispatching to our carriers and we handle all paperwork that is needed to complete your loads.

We are here to make our carriers life easier and earn the max amount of money for your family.


I have 3 openings for carriers if you need dispatching


L & J Dispatching Services LLC is looking for owner operators/carriers in the NC area that is in need of a dispatcher.
*Power Only
*Dry Vans
Contact me today @gmail.com or call/text me 919-289-3882.


Good Morning

I will like to say thank you for support. I wanted to tell you guys that we have 2 slots for dispatching services available. Please message me


I am dispatcher looking to help truck driver. Why stress about loads and I can keep you booked? I work for you.
Message me


L & J Dispatching Services LLC is independent dispatching company. We are here to help you with
* 24/7 dispatching services
* Booking loads
* Getting top paying loads
* Rate Negotiations
* Broker Credit Checks
* Invoicing/Paperwork
* Carrier Packet Assistance

Carrier Requirements
* Must be ACTIVE Authority
* Carrier Packet
* Carrier Profile
* Signed W9
* Proof of Insurance
* Must have Copy of CDL for each driver that is being dispatched
* Power of Attorney
* Signed Dispatch Agreement

We specialize in Flat Beds, Step decks, Dry Vans, Refrigerated (Re**er) and Power Only.

****Low Fees for service****

If you are interested, please contact us.

Office # 919-289-3882
Email: [email protected]

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