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Hello, everyone!🌟 I’ve collected a couple donations. Anyone else want to donate?

📚May 3rd-7th is Teacher Appreciation Week! 📚

I will be gifting 10-15 teachers in New Mexico a gift set from Pampered Chef. I need your help to make this possible!

📝 Adopt-A-Teacher by donating $20, $25 or $30.

🤩You can share this with family and friends! I will also be doing a drawing for everyone who donates to win a free product!!!

💵 I accept PayPal, Cash App, and ApplePay


Good morning! Happy Sunday!

There’s no relaxing for this momma today! I have one sick little one, a very active little one, and one that loves to nurse around the clock haha! 💗☺️ Wouldn’t have it any other way!


Love my Quick Cooker! My favorite part (besides the delicious food)? The sound of the steam coming out!

Get yours 20% off this month only!🤩🙌


Good morning! Happy Friday! What kind of day are you going to paint for yourself today? 🎨


Good morning! 😃 Happy Thursday! I challenge you all today to take a moment and reflect, take a moment to appreciate all the beautiful and wonderful things that are present and/or happening right at that moment.


Good morning! ☀️ Never apologize for being yourself and never stop being yourself! You’re unique, you’re authentic. There is no one out there like you. Shine bright like the star you are! 🌟


Good morning! Happy Monday! I know Mondays can be trying and lonngggg but remember you are a WARRIOR! You are stronger than you think!

“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think!”


Happy Easter! 🐣🐇🐰 I hope you all stay safe and have a happy Easter!

If you want to take place in today’s virtual egg and spoon hunt go on and add yourself to my VIP group and join in the fun! One lucky person is going to win a prize today! Is it going to be you? 🤔🤗

VIP Group Link ⬇️⬇️


Good morning!! 😃☀️ Start out your day with positivity! You never know what chain of events you’ll create if don’t try! Be POSITIVE!

Don’t forget to add yourself to my VIP group to join in the virtual Easter egg hunt!

VIP Group Link ⬇️⬇️


Good morning! 😃☀️ Happy Friday! Let’s practice lifting each other up and encouraging each other to be our very best!


Good morning!😃☀️Who’s joining next in this new phase of life? Who’s ready to grow with me??


Good morning! 😃🌞 Quit stressing yourself out! Start living passionately! Have a very amazing Sunday!


Goood morning!! 😃☀️ How are you all on this fine Saturday morning?

Love yourself! You’re worthy because you are you! 🥰


Good morning!😃☀️ I’ve been up for a while just haven’t been able to post just yet. How are all you today?

What’s stopping you from trying? What’s holding you back? Let it go! There’s no such thing as failure just lessons to be learned!

Photos from Grace Abeyta, Independent Consultant for Pampered Chef's post 25/03/2021

Look at what arrived today!! 🤩 Check out my new pink Pampered Chef bag!! 😍

Also look at the goodies I got for giftaways!

Photos from Grace Abeyta, Independent Consultant for Pampered Chef's post 25/03/2021

Good morning!😃☀️ This one is a little wordy... This morning I received this text and I read these other two and all three of them really stood out!

We are never thrown anything that we can’t handle. It might feel like it. It might feel like you’ll never come back from whatever it is YOU are going through, have recently went through, or are about to endure. By changing out mind and heart we can then change some of the challengers we face. We can even make some disappear. I hope these help who they need to and guide/assist who else needs. We can get through difficult times and as long as we continue to strive for what we envision for ourselves YOU (yes, you!) will get there. I will get there. We will all get where we aren’t meant to be.


Pssst...! Do I have a deal for you! I’m in need of a host/hostess! Soooo first TWO people to host a party with me will receive a FREE gift!


Good morning!😃☀️ I believe in every single one of you! You all are destined to go far! Are you willing to put in the work?


Good morning! 😃☀️ Haply Saturday! I want to see what happens when YOU don’t give up too!


Catalogs going out!! Who wants one?? 😁


Good morning! 😃☀️ TGIF! How has everyone’s week been? Each lesson you learn brings you one step closer to your goal(s) or where you want to be. Don’t give up!


Good morning!😃☀️ Would you buy those plane tickets? Would you go on that hike? Would you meet that handsome/beautiful stranger you connected with? Would you open that boutique? Would you ask the big questions? Would you say yes? Would you dare say no?

Photos from Grace Abeyta, Independent Consultant for Pampered Chef's post 17/03/2021

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! ☘️


Good morning!😃☀️ Happy Wednesday!Where do you want to be tomorrow? Five years from now? Ten? Are you living in the present but also working towards your future?


Good morning! 😃☀️ What version of yourself are you choosing today? Are you aiming to be a better version than yesterday?


Good morning! Leave the past where it belongs... in the past! Focus on the here and now! Focus on what you can do today not tomorrow!


Good morning!😃☀️ Haply Saturday! Never forget— you are all of these and so much more! Don’t let anyone or anything dull that shine today (or any day)!

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Love my Quick Cooker! My favorite part (besides the delicious food)? The sound of the steam coming out! Get yours 20% of...