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Veteran Owned & Operated. Rising Up to serve Western, NC through kitchen & bathroom remodels.

Photos from RISE UP Construction's post 05/01/2024

New siding for this beautiful, local Inn. Such a wonderful family and a great place to get some R&R and learn about some local history. πŸ‘Œ


We hope you all have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving! And may we all remember, through the good and the bad, to focus on the many blessings in our lives. God bless you all!


Thank you to all the Veterans not only on our team but all over the country! This country would not be the same without you brave men and women who have stood up and fought for the freedoms we cherish today. Many prayers and much love go out to you all!


A little road work tic-tac-toe, anyone? πŸ˜‚


β€œWe on this continent should never forget that men first crossed the Atlantic not to find soil for their ploughs but to secure liberty for their souls.”
β€” Robert J. McCracken

Hope you all have a wonderful and safe Independence Day!


Your Monday reminder to keep pushing on and make it a great week!


In honor of Father's Day, share your best or favorite "Dad joke" below.
May all you dads out there feel appreciated today and everyday!

Photos from RISE UP Construction's post 12/06/2023

Looking forward to showing the end result of this one. Lots to do! 😊


Did you know about this unique structure in Wales, U.K.? The Artwork is known as "Simnai Dirdro" and can be seen from miles.

Photos from RISE UP Construction's post 05/06/2023

Renovating your bathroom can be a great way to add value to your home. Here's a quick guide on bathroom renovations that can do just that!


As we gather with family and friends, let's not forget the true meaning behind this day. It's a time to reflect on the countless lives lost in service, to pay tribute to those who fought for our liberty, and to express our gratitude for their sacrifice.

May we remember the fallen and cherish the freedoms they fought to protect. Let's extend our heartfelt appreciation to the families who carry the burden of loss. God bless them all.

Photos from RISE UP Construction's post 21/05/2023

Final pics. We matched other freestanding carports in the neighborhood and our customers were very happy. We only have the gutters to install when they come in early next week.

Photos from RISE UP Construction's post 17/05/2023

Just a little more than a full days work!!! We enjoy doing these carports because they go up so quick from nothing to something. This is the second one in this community; a community of good, kind, appreciative folks to work with. Feels good to be shown you're trusted by a community, proven through several referrals. Finish pics to follow when we get done.


What are your dream kitchen countertops?! 😍

Photos from RISE UP Construction's post 28/04/2023

This brings us back to one of our favorite bathroom remodels from last year!

What do you think about the convenience of a washer & dryer in the bathroom, yay or nay?!


Just for fun! Which DIY TV show host do you relate to the most? πŸ™‚

a) The Property Brothers - I love a good renovation project!

b) Chip and Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper - I have a passion for DIY and home decor.

c) The cast of Mythbusters - I'm all about experimenting and trying new things.

d) Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor from Home Improvement - I relate to his enthusiasm, even if he sometimes goes a bit overboard!


Failure is part of the process! Learn from the mistakes, keep trying and keep pushing. Failure, big or small, is how you get stronger. It’s how you learn some of the most important lessons that you need to succeed.

Photos from RISE UP Construction's post 13/04/2023

Transformed one section of the porch into a cozy retreat by enclosing it, installing a warm fireplace and adding a few windows and doors. Expanded the outdoor area by covering existing sections and building new porches and railings. This is only a little of what we did on this project, I just forgot to take pics along the way. Lol


"He is Risen!"

Photos from RISE UP Construction's post 07/04/2023

Today is a good day for a few beautiful, remodeled bathrooms!


From all of us at RISE UP Construction, we wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best in the coming new year!


RISE UP installed this beautiful rusted tin on the exterior of this upcoming local business in historical Flat Rock, NC. We love the rustic look!


From our RUC Family to yours, we wish you all a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving day!

May we all remember to be thankful for all of it. The highs. The lows. The Blessings. The lessons. The setbacks. The comebacks. Everything. -Toby Mac


How many nails do you think it takes on average to build a new 1,200 square foot home?

Photos from RISE UP Construction's post 28/10/2022

A big project we're currently working on and man, these views we get to take in during the process. πŸ‘Œ


You will never ALWAYS be motivated. You have to learn to be disciplined and in doing so, you will improve many aspects of your life. Here are a few tips to improving your self-discipline:

1. Identify where you can improve:
What aspects of self-discipline are your weakest points?...
Too much time on social media? Being a "yes man"? Struggle to keep focused? etc. Be honest with yourself.

2. Find out what motivates you:
By recognizing what motivates you, this allows you to remind yourself of that when you find yourself struggling. It is helpful to put it on a poster board or paper and hang it where you can get to it daily. (Doesn't have to be where others can see).

3. Minimize distractions:
Everyone's guilty of falling for distractions regularly. Although you won't be able to rid yourself of all distractions or temptations, you most certainly can work towards minimizing them. It's usually best to remove them one by one vs. all at once!

4. Create daily goals and plans:
Your day-to-day steps are just as important for achieving your goals as much as the big picture steps. What you do every day will be push you closer or further away of self-discipline. Daily goals assist you with staying in line with your larger goals and the daily, detailed plans help keep you away from distractions and compel you to stay on track.

Photos from RISE UP Construction's post 04/10/2022

One of our most challenging small bathroom updates so far lol. We ran into many "firsts" on this one. However, it was awesome to see what we started with, and what it turned into. Definitely, something to be proud of.

The ceiling was about seven foot tall to begin with. During demo, we realized it could be raised. We opened up some walls and found beautiful log framing... beautiful, but unforgiving. Some areas also had wire lathe and stucco 😟, a "favorite" of remodelers. Around every corner was an opportunity for creativity and ingenuity. This project certainly tested our value of being "Solution-Focused"; but it was fun.

Photos from RISE UP Construction's post 28/09/2022

Working on this new beautiful roof to go with this beautiful country view 😍


Can't wait for this reveal! Danny is working on the flooring now. πŸ‘Œ

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