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Videos by Dump Truck Express. Services include delivering gravel, sand, mulch, dirt Custom potting soils, and hauling away debris

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Another day. Another dollar lost😒 Shes headed off to the dealership for repairs. Thanks for the help - Brandons Wrecker service.

Scratching some new paint.

You ever just get tired of working that trailer jack? Problem solved! It was killing me to cut thst jack off my new trailer😅

Side Hustle! I got tired of waiting for and paying for a machanic to be available to check codes and run diagnostics. If I got some down time or am available. I can let you plug up for a small fee. I got to pay for it somehow🤷 I got the package so I can hook up to anything deisel on or off rd. I also have made connections for some tuning needs.

Potting soil for raised beds etc… $40 per yard plus delivery. For Delivery add $75 + or - depending on how far it is. If Ordering 30-35 yards at a time there will not be a delivery fee.

Soil builder
Repair your lawn with our Soil builder compost topsoil 50/50 mix. $40 a yard. Includes delivery up to 25 miles on full loads. Full loads 10 - 14 - and 30 yards. Raw soil builder compost also available at same rate.

Vegetable Mix $40
Just in 120 yards of custom potting soil for those raised beds and flower pots. $40 a yard includes delivery on full loads up to 25 miles. Full truck loads 10 - 14 or 30 yards I also offer prefilled bulk bags for $40 each. You can cut the tops out for an instant raised bed.