Psychic Medium Carm OSullivan

Psychic Medium Carm OSullivan

Carm OSullivan is an Evidential Psychic Medium and Certified Healing Touch Practitioner/Medical Reiki Master residing in Colorado Springs.

Her services are in person or on zoom through the US and abroad.


Are you looking for community and true understanding of your intuition. This class is teach the ordinary person how amazing your gift of intuition is. How to use it daily in your life to bring more peace and happiness. This class is held in the beautiful city of Newport Beach California come join the fun. Contact me via im or via my website


So this beautiful soul who came through on our night of spirit(permission given by mom) to share! He showed me his love of music. When I drew him alive the head phones just appeared. Mom said it was a signature piece of his life. He reconfirmed how much he loved his mom! The spirit comes forth to bring healing, love and validation and the soul lives on. Love is the key.

Messages From Above, A Night of Connection to Those in Spirit! 24/01/2024

Messages From Above, A Night of Connection to Those in Spirit! Join us for an enchanting evening on March 13, 2024, where we'll connect with loved ones in spirit and receive their heartfelt messages!


It’s all love and when used will heal the wounds of life and more !


A special night !


Amazing night !


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**Hello Everyone,**

I hope this message finds you well. Over the summer, a recurring theme has presented itself through many of my readings and healing sessions: *“You are okay!”* This resonates with a profound reminder to live in the present, trusting our spirit to navigate the future. Recently, when my family faced a health challenge, I found strength in reassuring my loved one that, "for now, everything is fine." Let's not let the uncertainty of tomorrow overshadow the beauty of today.

During this time, I helped her through her anxiety with Healing Touch treatments. This provided her grounding and calmed her mind of worry. Fortunately, subsequent medical tests have allowed my family member to regain peace and embrace life once more.

**The Power of Connection**

As a medium, my connections extend to the teachings of Jesus, my guides, my family, and wonderful clients who often become dear friends. A sense of connection, to something larger than ourselves, is a beacon in our earthly journey. I was recently captivated by a Netflix documentary on the “Blue Zones” – regions where people often live past 100. A striking commonality among these communities is their deep connection to family and community. I urge you all to nourish these connections, cultivating a heartfelt community.

**Energy: The Essence of All**

I often emphasize the significance of energy in our lives – encompassing our body, mind, spirit, and even our homes. How does your home's energy feel? Beyond the physical, it's essential to maintain a high vibrational energy within our living spaces. For those who've sensed negative energies, I offer guidance to cleanse and rejuvenate their homes' vibes. I recall a recent experience where I identified a lingering spirit in a client's home, leading to a transformative change in the house's ambiance. Energy is everywhere, most importantly, within our spirits.

**Exciting Upcoming Opportunities and Classes**

Mark your calendars for two upcoming live classes: *Mediumship Training* from October 20-22 and *Intuitive 101 Training* on November 11-12, both in the Springs. I'm also thrilled to share my acceptance into a 2.5-year Certification Program with the esteemed Joe Shiel, a renowned evidential medium and Spirit Artist. This exclusive opportunity will see me travel to New Jersey for intensive training. I eagerly await to bring back and share this enriched knowledge with all of you.

If you're seeking a reading or healing session, you know how to reach me. In the interim, I send love, light, and a gentle reminder to stay present and trust in your unique journey on this Earth.

Carm O

Our latest news Click here for an update from Carm OSullivan, Heart to Heart Medium!


Medium class coming up

October 20-22


Mediumship training in Colorado Springs October 20-22!


Missing my spiritual sister. What do two mediums have in common?……love of the work!

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Be the light in the woods, be the river that flows direction, be the wind that brings air to your lungs! Just be present !


I have two seats available for my Intuitive training class on July 29th-30 9:30-4 pm held in Newport Beach, California. Step into your gifts and live your best life. Love to help your journey ! IM if interested.


The message for all is Love. It’s all about love this lifetime. Love yourself and love your neighbor. Be the light!


The moons pull was amazing last night!



Intuitive training class “raise your vibration “. A beautiful group of students so much fun, laughter and knowledge! Thank you all!


Will be teaching my amazing Raising Your Vibration Intuitive workshop in person in Newport Beach California. My roots are from this area. I already have 6 students and more coming limited seating…. Come learn how to live in the intuitive heart.


Bring a friend and get a $50 discount each! What Clair is your special go too? Come and find out!

Psychic Medium Carm OSullivan Carm OSullivan is an Evidential Psychic Medium and Certified Healing Touch Practitioner/Medical Reiki


Lovely Texas

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