Abby Meadows Tallow Shop

Abby Meadows Tallow Shop

Tallow based products from grassfed cows and ingredients from local small business partners.



Once again we are blown away here at Abby Meadows

You guys have blessed us and sold us out of quite a few things!

We are working hard behind the scenes for another restock of some of your favorites.

Stay tuned for our restock date announcement!

📣 theres going to be an extra special surprise during this restock!



Hey everyone! Please reach out if you need something during this timeframe and well work it out 🙂 thank you! -Lauren


Revisiting New Jersey and California today, adding Montana to our map!

Where do you want to see Abby Meadows next?

Working on international shipping atm 🤫

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Its time!

🪴Our newest “Goats, Oats and Honey” soap is now live in our shop!

🪴Many of you have asked for a soap to help with eczema and although we cannot make medical claims to the efficacy of this soap, we threw the kitchen sink of gentle, moisturizing ingredients into these bars!

🪴With goat milk, oats and honey, these tallow bars are sure to be your new favorite soap!

🪴These can be found in both our artisan collection and tiny tallow collection. Grab yours today, theyre not going to last long!


🌱I know this post is not the norm you see here on Abby Meadows Tallow, but we all know theres a person behind this page and business, and she carries a story too…

🌱I’ve had a lot of you interested in my story, more than tallow.

🌱After a lot of thought and prayer Ive decided to share that part of my life with you in hopes that it may help someone else.

🌱I’ve had a lot of you reach out since we have been radio silent for a bit and Id like to share everything is ok, just needed to take some personal time…

🌱After an almost 10 year long journey for answers related to my health, Monday I FINALLY received answers that are far too much to explain in this one post.

🌱So if you are here for our tallow, this page will stay 100% tallow related 🙂

🌱But if you’re a woman, a mom, a wife, have suffered from chronic illness, are looking for support and encouragement in your life and want to join me on my journey of healing…

🌱Come give us a follow as we get this started! Hope to see you there!


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We are SO excited to announce…

The Abby Meadows Tallow Affiliate Program!

We have had a lot of request for this on and are happy to be bringing you alongside our tallow journey!

If you love our tallow and want to earn while sharing about it, this program is for you!

You do not need to be an influencer, a full time content creator or super tech savvy.

You work at your own pace and share as little or as much as you’d like!

Feel free to DM us with any questions, we look forward to you joining our team!


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🌱You guys have been amazing and once again sold us out of most product...

🌱So in response we are offering our BIGGEST restock to date!

🌱Back in stock are some of your favorites such as Retreat Whipped Tallow Butter and Peppermint Tallow Sugar Scrub...

🌱Some new products like our Calendula Tallow Salve and Vanilla Lip Balm..

🌱Some of your favorites with a new twist! We are very excited to announce that we are now sourcing our Lavender Essential Oil from Kim's Lavender fields are a little piece of heaven on earth, please go check her page out and see all the beautiful things she does with her Lavender!

🌱Happy Shopping! Please reach out with any questions. As always, I appreciate you all!


**If we have spoken about an out of stock item over the last 2 weeks, I have set aside product for you and will be emailing shortly.


🌱In 2024 we have a goal of sharing Abby Meadows in every state of the USA.

🌱We thought it would be fun to bring you along that journey!

🌱Just over 2 weeks into January and we already have quite the map going and are so excited where our tallow will go next!

❓Where are you from?!


Couldn’t be happier to be joining this platform which supports our values, American made products and freedom 🇺🇸

If you haven’t checked out yet, why not?!

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