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Providing portable at-home dental services in the comfort of the patient's home or community. Our de Our dental team comes to you - wherever you are.

We solve important dental issues and reduce stress for patients and their loved ones. Our licensed professionals are highly qualified and committed to providing the best care to our patients. We are equipped with portable technology and systems that allow us to provide at-home or on-site dentistry. Our handheld digital x-ray units, custom dental chairs, and wheeled dental units make it possible to

Dental News & Blog - Read More of Our Insights | Enable Dental 15/12/2023

We have put together an amazing portfolio of Blog posts with a diverse range of topics. Check us out!

Dental News & Blog - Read More of Our Insights | Enable Dental Read about Enable Dental news, industry insights, and our helpful and informative blog posts that educate and provide helpful information.


💻 Have you read our recent blog articles? We cover a range of topics, from innovative dentistry techniques to maintaining senior oral health.

Browse now on our website. https://enabledental.com/blog/


🌟 Convenience and advanced care unite! Learn how portable dentistry is revolutionizing dental services for seniors in assisted living communities. Read our recent blog: https://enabledental.com/enable-dental-revolutionizing-portable-dentistry-for-medicare-advantage/

Visit our website for more info: https://enabledental.com/.


📚 Discover our blog for essential tips on senior oral health and the significance of regular check-ups. Read about it in our latest blog: https://enabledental.com/enable-dental-revolutionizing-portable-dentistry-for-medicare-advantage/

A healthy smile is a lifelong asset. Visit our website at https://enabledental.com/.


🗳️ We are curious about your approach: Do you arrange on-site dental services or opt for traditional clinic appointments for your residents?

Cast your vote and share your preference!


💬 We value your insights! Share your thoughts on the challenges of accessing dental care for elderly loved ones. Your input can shape our services.


🦷 Explore Enable Dental’s innovative technology, from custom dental chairs to advanced cloud systems. We’re making dental care accessible for all. Visit our website: https://enabledental.com/.


🎃 Seniors Blue Book’s Trunk or Treat – October 25th

Prepare for an evening full of fun, sweet treats, and community spirit! 🥳👻

Enable Dental, in collaboration with other local senior care providers, is hosting the Seniors Blue Book’s Trunk or Treat. We’re excited to celebrate this wholesome event with our wonderful community on October 25th at Cornerstone Caregiving in Colorado.

Mark your calendars 🗓 and bring your friends and family along for a laughter-filled night—the more, the merrier! 🍭🍬

Join us and partake in the festivities as we reinforce our devoted commitment to senior care.

Learn More: https://seniorsbluebook.com/events/community-partners-trunk-or-treat/22422


📢Join Enable Dental at the 2023 PACSTX Conference in San Marcos, TX, from Oct 17–19! 🦋 Meet us at Booth #20 to find out why we are at the forefront of dental services for unique populations, offering at-home dental care that accommodates seniors when they need it most! Learn together and experience the exciting reach of Texas providers. 💙

Book your time to speak with us and discover our innovative approach to dental health: https://enabledental.com/pacstx-conference/


Caring for Smiles: A Blog for Caregivers

Assisting seniors with oral care? Here’s how:

1. Brushing Together:
Hold their brush gently.
Guide through each stroke.
Use a soft-bristle brush and fluoride paste.

2. Flossing with Care:
Use floss holders or brushes.
Go slow, be gentle.
Patience is key.

Your care keeps their smiles bright!



🔔 Event Reminder! Tomorrow is the day! 🎉 Enable Dental will be part of the impactful Systemic Health Pavilion. See us at Booth 4950 (Kiosk 14). 💪

Together, we can minimize health disparities like never before!

Schedule a meeting at https://lnkd.in/efmtzfnd or learn more at https://enabledental.com/hlth-conference/.


🌟 Exciting News! 🌟 Enable Dental is thrilled to be highlighted in the Systemic Health Pavilion, championing oral health. 🦷

Join us at Booth 4950 (Kiosk 14) to discover how Enable Dental is making a difference! 🌐

Our commitment to health equity ensures patient-centered dental services for seniors and special need populations. 🌍 Let's work together to eliminate health disparities. See you there! 👥👩‍⚕️

To schedule a meeting click here https://lnkd.in/efmtzfnd, or just stop by. We are excited to discuss how we are filling a critical gap in Medicare Advantage programs.

Click here to learn more: https://enabledental.com/hlth-conference/


🦷 Exciting news! Join Enable Dental at the HLTH 2023 Conference! 🦷

🔵 Event: HLTH 2023 Conference
📅 Date: October 8-10
📍 Location: Las Vegas, NV
🌐 Learn More: https://www.hlth.com/2023event

At Enable Dental, we’re passionate about providing at-home dental services, especially for our senior community.
Find us at the Systemic Health Pavilion, Booth 4950-14.

Book your time to chat with us and discover our approach to dental health. 🦷💬

Join us: http://calendly.com/joycego 🦷💬


We’re curious about senior dental habits! How often do you or your loved ones visit the dentist? Cast your vote below!

🔘 Every 6 Months for Regular Check-Ups
🔘 Once a Year for Routine Dental Visits
🔘 Only When Issues Arise
🔘 Haven’t Visited in a While
🔘 Unsure/Varies

Your input gives us insights into your dental preferences. Share your choice and any thoughts in the comments!



This National Hispanic Month, 🎉 Enable Dental wants to highlight the dedication and passion our team puts into serving the Hispanic community. 💪🏼❤️

We’re committed to bringing top-notch dental services to seniors and those with mobility challenges in their own homes. Your community is our community. 🏘️

Gracias for letting us bring smiles to your homes! 😁👏


Dental appointments have never been easier to make at your skilled nursing facility with Enable Dental. Prioritizing your comfort, we bring professional dental examinations and comprensive services right to the facility. Don't wait – book an appointment today and forget about stepping outside!



Flossing challenges? Here’s a step-by-step for seniors’ healthy smiles:

1. Floss Picks Are Friends:
Opt for floss picks—they are easier to hold and provide better control.

2. Begin with Care:
Gently guide floss between teeth.
No need for tight gripping.

3. One Gap at a Time:
Focus on each tooth gap.
Glide gently, curve around each tooth.

4. Slow Is Smooth:
Take your time, don’t rush.
Avoid quick or forceful movements.

5. Smile Brightly:
After flossing, rinse gently.
Admire that clean, glowing smile.

Seniors’ oral health matters and your care makes all the difference!



Senior oral care comes with its unique challenges. In your opinion, what’s the most significant challenge? Join the conversation!

🔘 Dexterity for Brushing and Flossing
🔘 Dry Mouth and Hydration
🔘 Denture Comfort and Maintenance
🔘 Gum Sensitivity and Health
🔘 Maintaining Consistent Oral Care

Your insights shape our approach to care. Feel free to comment with your choice and any personal experiences you’d like to share!



From tooth enamel to orthodontics, "Inside Doc's Toothlopedia" has it all! Embark on a learning journey with your kids about the wonders of dentistry alongside Dr. Simons, one of our appreciated team members who just launched the latest version of her children's book.

Dr. Patricia M. A. Simons is a compassionate general dentist whose mission is to provide optimal care while educating the community. This book is perfect for you, whether you are a parent looking to create a healthy dental routine for your kids or a professional who wants to share knowledge in a fun way.

Learn more at www.toothlopedia.com/


We know that sometimes accessing dental services can be difficult, especially if your loved ones face anxiety, mobility, or cognitive challenges. That is why our experts at Enable Dental are servicing memory care facilities and private homes throughout the country, providing the convenience of on-site dental exams to patients.

We start with a comprehensive exam, go through our full-service dental capabilities, and bring a licensed clinical team on-site to your facilities. When you partner with us, you provide care and kindness to your patients. To learn more about our services, visit



Celebrate Assisted Living Week with a commitment to care.

Assisted living communities work hand in hand with healthcare and dental providers like Enable Dental to ensure that residents receive tailored care. Families can feel confident knowing that their loved ones are flourishing, independent, and safe.

Here’s to taking care of every aspect of well-being and ensuring a wonderful quality of life!

To learn more about the community and our services, visit www.enabledental.com.


🌴Join Enable Dental at the 2023 NPA Annual Conference in Miami Beach, Florida, from Sept 18-21! 🌞

Discover how we are revolutionizing dental services for unique populations, offering at-home dental care that accommodates seniors right where they need it most! Connect, learn, and experience the exciting future of dental care at Booth #207.

See you in Miami! 💙


Let’s unite for better care! Throughout Assisted Living Week and beyond, assisted living communities are teaming up with healthcare and dental providers, such as Enable Dental, to bring medical and dental services directly to residents. This powerful teamwork guarantees tailored care as residents’ requirements evolve, always keeping their overall well-being front and center. Let’s make holistic health a joint priority!

Learn more at www.enabledental.com


Our goal at Enable Dental is simple: to ensure that residents have all they require for a radiant smile, just as these communities ensure tidy living spaces and ample support. Through our dental services and the dedicated community staff, residents can face each day with confidence and ease.

Ultimately, it boils down to sharing smiles, providing care, and being integral to a truly splendid community!

Keep learning at www.enabledental.com.


As we dive into the heartwarming celebrations of Assisted Living Week, themed “Seasons of Reflection,” we’re excited to discover what truly makes assisted living communities special.

We admire the genuine bonds that hold these communities together. The staff and administration dedicate their time and effort to these residents and the partnered vendors providing unique services. Through our services at Enable Dental, residents aren’t just happy—they’re healthy, too.

Through lively group activities, captivating outings, and the simple joy of sharing meals, residents craft friendships that stand strong against the test of time. Let’s come together and fully embrace the incredible power of these meaningful connections throughout this exceptional week!

Visit www.enabledental.com for more information.


As we embrace the heartwarming spirit of Assisted Living Week, guided by the theme “Seasons of Reflection,” we’re excited to share the treasured moments woven into our assisted living community.

With the extra care we at Enable Dental provide, our commitment revolves around harmonizing residents’ comfort with their well-being. We enhance the personalized living spaces that truly feel like home with the ease of at-home, comprehensive dental care. Our focus is on enhancing and nurturing our patients’ lives. During this remarkable week, we celebrate the care and service of all those involved in assisted living communities!


Embracing the theme of “Seasons of Reflection” during Assisted Living Week, we’re excited to shed light on the incredible transformative paths each patient embarks upon as they embrace growth and progress. At the heart of assisted living communities is the commitment to nurturing independence and upholding dignity.

With our support, we elevate the efforts to ensure that comprehensive care is delivered right to the residents. Through a rich tapestry of social and recreational activities, we empower residents to shape their daily routines. As Assisted Living Week unfolds, let’s come together to applaud this holistic approach that truly enriches lives!


During Assisted Living Week, we’re excited to highlight how our communities are enhancing the lives of residents. With at-home dental services by Enable Dental as a premier offering, we’re proud to bring personalized care plans right to our residents’ doorstep.

This approach keeps seniors in their community’s comfort while receiving top-notch care tailored to their preferences. It’s all about making life easier and more enjoyable for our seniors! Join us in celebrating Assisted Living Week and the innovations transforming senior living!
Visit our website and discover more information at www.enabledental.com.


Prepare for Assisted Living Week: Embrace the Season of Reflection with us! Stay connected as we highlight the advantages of portable dental services within assisted living communities. Don’t miss out!

To learn more, visit https://enabledental.com.


Senior oral health is essential. What’s the most pressing concern, in your opinion? Share your thoughts!

🔘 Gum Disease Prevention
🔘 Maintaining Denture Health
🔘 Dry Mouth Management
🔘 Preventing Tooth Decay
🔘 Regular Dental Check-Ups

Your insights help us tailor our care to your needs. Comment with your choice and any experiences you’d like to share!


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