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Custom built furniture

Photos from BK Rustics's post 09/10/2020

We didn’tοΏΌ quite get enough people to play to make it worth the materials or time. We will cancel this game and maybe in the future we will try a smaller game! 😊

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Tomorrow is the live spinning 😬😬😬 comment your number if you would like to play! There will be Three chances to win!! If you have spots already, please pay via Facebook pay or Venmo πŸ₯°

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We are drawing Friday 😬😬😬 get your spot if you would like a chance to win. If you already have a spot please pay via Facebook pay or Venmo, thank you! My Venmo is -Kirby

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We still have plenty of spots left! If we can get a few more people to play we will go ahead and do a live spinning for a winner Friday evening 🎊🎊 Tag some friends or share and let’s see who’s going to win 😬

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It’s time for our first game!

🌟 This game will have 40 spots available, you may buy as many spots as you would like. The spots are $15.00 each.

🌟 You will have three chances to win, the first winner of the spinning will receive the furniture piece posted for This game, the second winner chosen will win the β€œLove Never Fails” picture. Third person chosen will win a free spot for the next game.

🌟 If you want to play, comment what number you want.

🌟 Payments may be made through Facebook pay or Venmo. Payments will be collected on the day of the drawing or possibly the day before.

🌟 Until we see how this goes and how many people are interested, please do not pay until the spots are full.

🌟 This piece is 61/2 ft tall, 4ft wide and 14 inches deep.

🌟 Local delivery will be available

Good luck and let’s have fun! We will do a live spinning when the game is full ☺️

2. Natasha Hubbard
3. Samantha Lewis Bishop
11. Bridgett Engel
13. Ginny Chestnut
17. Cassie Marie
21. Samantha Lewis Bishop
22. Heather Carpenter
23. Natasha Hubbard
25. Deanna Crank
32. Heather Carpenter
36. Cassie Marie
39. Ginny Chestnut

Photos from BK Rustics's post 27/09/2020

Who would be interested in doing a raffle game on a piece similar to this? You can buy as many spots as you want. There would only be 40 spot available so the chances of winning would be good. There would also be a second chance to win another item such as some sort of farmhouse Decor . I think it would be super fun! Comment or like this post if you would be interested πŸ₯° P.S. This game would be all online, there will be a live spinning to pick the winner.

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This Beauty is available 😍😍 absolutely  gorgeous! *SOLD*


The winner of the giveaway is...Bryanna Layne Bussell Mullins πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Congratulations!!! 🎊 Thank you to everyone who shared this post and liked my page! Will definitely be doing more giveaways in the future.

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Console table, 42” long, 33” tall. $95.00 *SOLD*


Will be doing the giveaway tomorrow, so be on the lookout 😬


Hey y’all! Hope everyone is doing good and healthy! Just wanted to let you know I have not forgotten the giveaway, As soon as this calms down we will draw a winner! I’ve had a couple requests for some orders, as of now I will not be meeting anyone for pick up, we will continue to build and post when it’s safe for us both! Stay healthy 😊

Photos from BK Rustics's post 30/03/2020

Absolutely in love with this piece! 76” tall, 35” long and 14 1/2” wide. Pictures do not do justice for how beautiful it is 😍 This piece is available, message me if interested! *sold*

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Staining and finishing options (only one coat) 😍 what’s your favorite?

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Quilt ladder, so many options for these, you can hang pictures, farmhouse decor, options are endless 😍 ( I don’t have quilts, so I attached a picture for an idea) $45.00 *SOLD*

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Ok y’all, I’m doing a give away on this beauty! To be entered to must follow these three steps...
1. Like this page
2. Tag three friends
3. Share this post
I will do a drawing in two weeks! 😬

Photos from BK Rustics's post 24/03/2020

Here are some pieces I have made so far, A lot more to come! 😍 See anything you would like a quote on, send me message!