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Simplified Sanctuary specializes in simplifying living spaces through de-cluttering & organizing. Serving Sioux City, IA + surrounding areas


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One of the best perks my clients love is Shopping Assistance. We have so much fun shopping together! And the best part? With a bundle purchase, 2 hours of Shopping Assistance is included to take a little of the stress from you!


there is one more happy mama in South Dakota after this complete basement declutter! Temporary storage solutions for during a basement remodel - do not be afraid to use what you have for temporary solutions!

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we got a phone call from a mama looking for help with decluttering the basement before they remodel. this is the progress so far, but we sure love to see happy mamas! the best part was when mama said, “I can see the floor + I can finally breath in here!” 💛

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after a very looong (mama’s, am I right? 😉) winter break, school is back in session!

a before & after of a couple home school stations. what is better than plunging into 2022 than feeling prepared for all the subjects!


Megan is one of my closest friends & a little over a year ago, we both started our own small businesses.

Megan is the woman behind Tend Wellness Co.
Tend is an Integrative Wellness Practice that Megan started to help others get curious about how good their lives could really get; with the intention that by Tending to What Matters in their life (relationships, spirituality, nutrition) they could start living with more purpose and joy each day.

"Tend Wellness Co. is an extension of me & what I value most. I am profoundly curious about our human experience. I try to ask the good questions. I tend to think deeply. I hope to create truer bonds, sustainable change, and endless optimism about how good this could all get for you all." - Megan

Her next coaching session will be rolling out mid-year, but in the mean time, she's offered up a great blog post posing reflecting questions on how we've spent our time in 2021 as we move toward the goodness that 2022 has to offer!


organizing bookshelves 🌈 can be so therapeutic. this storage room got a very good decluttering!

Organizing Through Loss and Grief 22/12/2021

Organizing Through Loss and Grief

I recently had the privilege of writing a guest blog post for Organizers Connect that was published almost 2 weeks ago!

Organizing through loss & grief (not only with myself but as I've witnessed first hand with some of my clients this year) teaches us that we can still live a peaceful life amidst our grief.

As a Professional Organizer, I have the honor or celebrating through the grief & the glories with my clients and that is something that leaves me speechless every time.

So, sit back, tap on the link & take an inside look of some behind the scenes of a process that brings restoration to a grieving soul.

Organizing Through Loss and Grief Helping clients by organizing through grief and loss can be tricky. Here, Jesica Hernandez, pro organizer helps us help clients.


want to tame your children’s toy room but don’t know how? we can help make the process simple so the kids can keep it that way!

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we are all about making grandma’s dreams come true too! ✨ this 5 year old is in for a surprise when she visits her grandma this weekend!

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wow, talk about a night & day difference, y’all!

this space started out at ‘during move-in; just throw it all in the room!’ to a breathable, simplified office closet where everything has its own home.

bin clips & labels should be arriving any day now; then this space will feel complete!

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we are Team Decant all the things in order to achieve a simplified design!

we love to encourage our clients to decant whenever possible to eliminate product packaging.

not only does this decrease visual clutter, but it eliminates overbuying product & let’s be honest, the glass jars are so pretty! 😉

are you team decant or no? tell us why or why not in the comment section; we want to hear from you!👇🏽

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I am in love with these little 🌈’s my niece picked out for her bedroom 💕 a girl after my own heart 😅

Timeline photos 09/08/2021


Mmhmm 🌼 Just because it's what you've always done doesn't mean it's what you have to keep doing. Let's break the cycle and step away from the things that no longer bring us joy. Quote - Dr. Mariel Buquè


🖍 B A C K T O S C H O O L is right around the corner already!

Home School Mamas, are you thinking ahead or still in vaca mode?

Teachers! If you’re feeling overwhelmed with space planning + supply organization, how can I support you to get the school year started off right? 😁


hello friends & new faces,
today I want to speak to you from a place that hardly anyone is talking about right now. because the sun ☀️ ain’t always shining around these parts & the rainbow 🌈 on the other side feels like a mountain to climb.

today, let’s have an honest conversation about organizing thru loss & grief.

there are phases to an organizing journey & grief clutter is absolutely a real thing that people struggle with. maybe we’re not even aware of it until the overwhelm tips out of our cups.

grief clutter looks like a neglected home or business beginning to pile high w/ clutter in all the corners, on the table, on counters & hiding in the cupboards.

I found myself stuck in grief clutter when our beautiful Bailey dog passed away unexpectedly earlier this year. I felt swallowed alive by the high piles forming in my home. eventually I shut down from the intensity of my grief.

keeping the home organized & breathable was literally the last thing on my ‘to-do’ list. my mental health began threatening to really suffer & I reached for help from another Professional Organizer w/ expertise in this.

how do I get started? I don’t even care about the mess anymore. what is the point? I asked.

it’s important to recognize that no matter who the suffering one is, it’s brave to reach for help. we never fully feel ready & the growth begins when we dive in.

grief clutter is not something we just ‘snap out of’. it’s a gradual & intentional process that we get to choose to work thru.

ready or not? start w/ what you can tolerate; maybe 1/2 a shelf, or small corner of your home/business. that’s progress. maybe tomorrow, tackle another small space but, only take on what you’re able to tolerate in the moment.

if you recognize that you’ve been stuck, give yourself permission to begin unburdening the grief you’re carrying. your process & time frame for moving thru loss is respected & honored here in this space.

maybe even together, we can look to make our way through it. 💕

celebrate through your grief & your glories. celebrate today by opening yourself up to the possibility of change, & of freeing yourself from whatever is keeping you stuck. ✨🌈💛

📸: Katie Wictor Co.


✨ small business promo ✨ promo code in comments ✨

whatever it may be, if your business space is being neglected, I am your woman for fresh eyes in space planning + new organization processes that maximize efficiency, functionality + accessibility in your business.

Let’s work together to simplify every area of your life!


I get it from my Mama!

Mama taught me young; the importance of keeping the things you own in order within the spaces you’re given.

a single mom of 5 very stubborn kids + juggling a full time job along with our school activities; she still managed to always have the house in order...with my help 😉

happy Mother’s Day to my biggest fan + superhero ⭐️💕


I’d be lost without my label makers 😅

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getting organized is NOT a one-size-fits-all. putting items in their homes has to realistically work for YOU or it will not stay organized.

declutter, categorize, organize.


hello, beautiful friends + family!

I am Jesica, the professional organizer + creator of ‘Simplified Sanctuary’ working behind the scenes here at .sanctuary

I am from Iowa + my partner + I have 3 of the cutest rescue boy labradors. their sister, our rescue princess Bailey, will continue to always live in our hearts 🌈.

When I founded Simplified Sanctuary, I set out to work alongside busy mama’s + professionals to create a place of safety in your home where you return to after the adventures of the day; a quiet + simple place where you fill up on the energy to make plans for tomorrow without worry of the surrounding physical chaos in your home.

I have learned that organizing is about more than just re-arranging the things that we own. Our things and the weight of them tell of our relationships, our emotions, our past, and our future. I've learned to connect both worlds of professional organizing and mental health to provide transformation and relief into the spaces that we live in.

Your sanctuary is your somewhere to start from; let’s simplify it together!

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sort. simplify. organize.


the hardest part is to just get started 🤍



on any day that I am able to help just one more person relieve their burdens, simplify their mess stress, or bring calmness to their surroundings IS the BEST. DAY. EVER!


Spring is {almost} in the air!

any spring cleaners out there as excited as I am for all things ‘Spring Cleaning”? ☺️ now is the time to declutter your homes + make it a minimalist oasis!

is your home begging you for some spring cleaning love? I’d love to help you put those winter blues behind you + simplify your sanctuary for this new season approaching.

available now until May 1st, I am offering a Spring Cleaning Organization Bundle that you do not want to miss out on! check out the details on my website, 🤍


via Sarah Alter of Moment Consulting 💛


the emotional + physical relief that falls off of my clients shoulders after a good de-cluttering + organizing session is why I love + take pride in what I do!

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Ohhh, the happy feels of organized spices!

spice jars are from the one & only, Hobby Lobby! last photo is the [ before ]🤍


mail, set, go!

a quick addition for my client to have less mess stress for mail, keys + mask at the tip of her fingers!


today is ‘I want you to be happy’ day ♥️

today, consider someone else’s happiness from their point of view.


🪴🌿🍃 “spring cleaning” is my favorite transitional season in my life where I feel most alive in my current journey + take inventory in all the ways... emotional, mental, moral, spiritual, and physical inventory.

how do you make room for this next season in your life? 🤍


I picked up a new book today, anyone else? ☺️


Need some organizing help?

I’m offering TWO more virtual organizing sessions for this month at a discounted rate!

Message me to reserve your session now!

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this project began as an empty room! my client asked for my help in creating a shared closet / vanity space as well as a space for her to relax.

with each section worked on, I was able to show my client quick + easy tips to maintaining organization in this room.

we had so much fun working on this together!

video of the full room in comments 👇🏽🤍

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