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I support the technical efforts of research teams, and my peers in the paranormal community. I also

I began investigating the paranormal in May of 1988, but have been interested for even longer. Since then I have conducted research and have worked with and supported the efforts of many teams. In 2009, I began to build and modify equipment for fellow researchers in the field. Since then I create, modify, and design detection equipment, specialized lighting, lighting & camera rigs, as well as othe


In action at Burlington County Prison!

Photos from Paranormal Technical Support's post 10/25/2022

I built a sensor array to detect object that pass in front of my Kinects 3D camera because we've (me and the team) had great success with the camera. This sensor array uses radar that may hopefully help us back up some of the captures that we've aquired moving on into the future. It has been tried on my last investigation and it worked flawlessly to detect anything that passes in front of it. We didn't have any non-corporeal visitors in front of the camera though there were many amorphous objects that we did detect. I've included some pictures from captures during three different investigations for your perusal.


A 2.0 in the works.


I will be building only a few more GB-1.0 boxes, then no more. GB-2.0 only a few more as well, but this will be to make way for the 3.0!!!!

In the next few months I will be developing a prototype, then field testing will commence, so I will keep you all informed thereafter. Keep your fingers crossed, and hopefully if all goes well it will be ready before the summer.

Thank you all so much for your years of support, and please send pictures of you using your boxes!

Much love always!


I was commissioned to build this GB-1.0, someone got a cool Christmas present this year! 10/12/2016

Philly Officers Lead Ghost-Hunting In Old City

The team from Olde City Paranormal in Philadelphia at Fort Mifflin using some original Greysen Boxes and featured on CBS NEWS! John McDevitt reports.


GB -1.0




Greysen Box 1.0


I measure success not in dollars and cents but in integrity and reputation! By creating devices for friends and fellow paranormal researchers I have carved a niche in our community by building equipment that lasts, that is safe, and most importantly for a fair price. I have always prided myself on the fact that years later the devices that I create, personally and by hand, carry and continue the "intention" that mass produced equipment will never have.

If you are interested in the 'latest and greatest', there are plenty of companies that you can buy equipment from, but if you want 'tried and true' then you can always get in touch with me and I will build a piece of equipment for you or your team with pleasure!

Greysen -


I finally made myself a Greysen Box 2.0, I figured that I should have one since I build them LOL!


I never knew Chris, but I wish I did! I never met Chris, but I am honored because he is holding in his hand a "Greysen Box 1.0" and his nickname was "K2". Chris thank you so much for the honor I now feel like our spirits are connected somehow! Much love to all my brothers and sisters at GBSG - Paranormal After Party! Rest in peace brother Chris Cassella!

"Don't Stop Living Just Because You're Dead!"


New "Greysen Box 2.0" on it's way to RTL Paranormal!


Mind machines are an amazing way to tune you into the environment that you are investigating. It is a way to lower your built in psychological defense mechanisms which will help you be able to get up, close and personal with the entities at the location. Our natural defense mechanisms help us navigate through our daily lives and tend to block out things that our minds perceive to be illogical or psychologically dangerous to us, most people would benefit from the use of these mind machines while investigating a physical location (haunted environment). It can be used to tune you up before or after an investigation or even allow for prolonged deep Alpha/Theta meditation and a range of other brainwave patterns. I don't recommend these devices for the faint of heart so if you scare easily this may not be for you other than for use in daily life which these devices are very beneficial. I distribute the "Mind's Eye" ($349) and the "Galaxy" ($249) mind machines as well as portable EEG equipment to view brainwaves in real time (sold separately). Please contact me for details and as always, happy hunting!


Paranormal AfterParty Season 4, Episode 4 Virginia Begins

Check out my friends from G.S.B.G. using the "Greysen Box 2.0" Prototype during their investigation in Virginia from Season 4 Episode 4 Paranormal After Party. Enjoy! =226

A ghost hunt in Virginia gets off to a rocky start when half the team gets lost before getting to the location. The spirit of an alleged womanizer gives Stev...


Timeline Photos


"Greysen Box 2.0" Prototype released for testing today!


I can add your teams logo or a custom graphic at your request!


Let there be light!


Building a new piece of equipment specifically for demonologists and resolution specialists. Ultraviolet, Infrared, or White Light LED's, contact me for pricing and availability!


Testing new IR lighting rig for a client.


Portable paranormal workstation!

The side tables fold to become the front and back covers and two small stools can be used for extra equipment, or just sitting. Six drawers allow for all of the investigating essentials, fire extinguisher, test equipment, tools, cables and adapters, you name it! Great place to put your cases, and I have personally battle tested it over years! I am working out pricing from the manufacturer and I have been authorized for resale and will have it available on the website soon!
(Cases sold separately)


"Greysen Box" on ABC NEWS

Thanks to my friend Jeremy Rettig for testing out these devices as prototypes, and giving the KII modification ("Greysen Box") some air time on ABC NEWS, you ROCK!


The site is not done yet but the link is on this page, please feel free to participate, post or post cool devices of your own creation! We are in this together and the more we work together, the closer the ultimate answers will be!


Ovilus I modification


Multi-Purpose test equipment, Great for investigation location study and data/trend collection. Lux, Temp, Relative Humidity, dB


EEG Brain Wave Equipment and Software!

*Attention Paranormal Investigators!*

Something that I have been interested in and have begun to study the past few years is the actual investigator who is experiencing a paranormal or intuitive/psychic events in real-time in the field. I think it is important to recognize the "Human Barometer" as one of the best detection devices that we bring to bear during investigations, so now you will have the chance to actually see what the human mind is up to as we experience a paranormal event.

I have distributed Theta Wave Inducers (Mind Machines) since the early 90's and coupled their use with portable EEG (electroencephalogram) equipment to quantify the Mind Machine's ability to augment brainwaves. Now we are able to utilize this equipment to study not just the location but also the investigator themselves and their reaction to it. For the first time we are able to look at investigator's "personal experiences" and compare the brainwave trends as they happen.

Please contact me to talk more about Portable EEG equipment, Theta Wave Inducers and other equipment readily available.

Shown: The "Optima II" Portable EEG equipment and "Bio-Explorer" Software which takes understanding to the next level (Equipment Cases also available).


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GB -1.0
Greysen Box 1.0
"Greysen Box" on ABC NEWS




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