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Guessing 4000 coffee beans in t he Jar.
Hi all. Miss you. I fou nd a dentist here and she remin ds me a lot of Adele. H er assistant is really nice. They a re just about a mile up fr om where I am . But sti ll, Tyson's Dental will always be my favori te.
Tysons Dental Rehobot retreat
Tysons dental Rehobot retreat
Yesterday Dr. Alex and his te am installed my very first 3D-printed cro wn in their office! The experience a nd technology is akin to visiting a NA SA building, I think. All done in o ne trip and very happy with t he results.

Thank you Dr. Alex a nd your team for professionalism and perfectioni sm -- the two qualities I usual ly find only in those professionals w ho truly love what they do!
Something interesting to read. An iss ue I have problems with.

Panthera Dental Like Tyson Dental Associat es!
I wanted to say a ve ry big thank you to Martha, w ho took such good care of me, following a procedure.
Dr. Adele Michael has been my denti st for 13 plus years. I wouldn 't consider anyone else when it com es to my teeth. I ha te the dentist, like everyone else, b ut she puts you at ease, a nd she has a very delicate tou ch. She is meticulous in h er work and really genuinely cares abo ut her patients. I am so luc ky to have found her!
Dear Friends,

We would like to tha nk each and every one of y ou for being part of the Heaven ly Hundred Commemoration Evening, that took pla ce on February 19, 2016, at t he Embassy of Ukraine in the U SA. Two years ago Ukraine lost ma ny men and women. They sacrificed the ir lives for better Ukraine. For Fr ee Ukraine. Free of corruption and Sovi et influence. These people did not pl an to die, but they were rea dy to fight to death. They believ ed they will make a difference, ev en if the price was their liv es. It was a very somb er reason to gather, but we mu st always remember the sacrifice of t he Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred, a nd we must always strive to ma ke sure that they did not d ie in vain, that their goals wi ll become reality, and that it wi ll happen soon.

First of all, we wa nt to thank all the guests w ho attended this charitable commemoration evening, a nd also generously bade on the aucti on items. We also want to tha nk our amazing performers, Dr. Solomia Gorokhivs ka (violin), Dr. Andrei Pidkivka (flute) a nd Prof. Andrew Kraus (piano), who donat ed their time and talent for th is important cause. Please visit Gerdan’s websi te to follow their performance schedule at www.Gerdan.in fo. Prof. Andrew Kraus’s website is www.andrewkraus.com.

We also want to thank the Embas sy of Ukraine for hosting the eve nt and co-organizing with with us. Tha nk you also for donating beautiful aucti on items to benefit Roman Kubyshkin, a wound ed Ukrainian soldier from Pravyj Sector w ho is in urgent need of surge ry. More info about Roman will be post ed in a separate post. Additionally, tha nk you to our corporate donor Dr. Alex Osinovsky at Tyson’s Tysons Dent al and our legal advisor, Ismail Shahtakhtins ki at I.S. Law Firm, PLLC - L aw Offices of Ismail Shahtakhtinski.

At the chari ty concert United Help Ukraine raised a tot al of $8,018. The proceeds will benef it a number of initiatives:

$4,000 wi ll go towards another Medical Container a nd a request for medicine from Lv iv Hospital;
$1,758 from the auction items a nd donations during the event will go towa rd the cost of surgery f or Roman Kubyshkin (total cost of surge ry is approximately $2,300);
$825 from three aucti on items donated by a group of voluntee rs will go to purchase Homeostatic medici ne for the Heroes currently at t he front lines protecting Ukraine from Russia ’s invasion;
$785 from the auction items – paintin gs by children to help wounded soldie rs from Donbas battalion (video on t he paintings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-Gm61W9tpU);
$650 from the auction ite ms donated by the volunteers from 3 rd Sotnya to provide humanitarian aid to servi ng and wounded soldiers.

We also have to no te that $1,130 of the total procee ds has not been collected yet. Th is is from the auction items th at received bids and we expect to recei ve payment next week.

Thank you again everyo ne who came and supported! Slava Ukrai ni!
I'm interested in getting veneers. A re they super expensive?
Been going to Dr. Alex f or so long I don't remember h ow long it's been:-). Wouldn't go anywhe re else.

Tysons Dental Associates is a cosmet ic dentistry practice specializing in a wi de variety of dental services for t he whole family.

Operating as usual

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Clean Up Your Room Day mig ht be for kids, but a l ot of adults need a day li ke this too.
Share your "before and aft er" if you dare!!😁

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🥰 Happy Mother's Day! Thank y ou to all of the mothers f or their support, encouragement, and unconditional love! 💖

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Did you know that Mark Hami ll (aka Luke Skywalker) married his dent al hygienist?
💫 Happy Star Wars Day! 💫

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🍎👩‍🏫📚 This Teacher Appreciation Week, we s ay "Thank you" to all the teache rs who opened our minds and help ed us grow. Tag your teacher a nd share how they impacted your li fe in a positive way!

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Friday - Fun Day! Have a gre at weekend! 😂😂😂

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🐴 Fact or Myth 🦄: G um Disease Is Only a Concern f or Your Mouth
Myth: The bacteria prese nt in gum disease can spread to oth er parts of your body, and the re are more and more studies th at have connected gum disease to whole-bo dy health concerns. Read more here - https://tinyurl.com/24vak49d

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Happy Earth Day! 🌎 Reusi ng and repurposing is an excellent w ay to help reduce trash. Share wi th us your favorite earth-friendly tip, proje ct or craft.

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Happy Passover! Wishing you all prosperi ty, joy, and peace!

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🐱Everyone share a picture of yo ur pet for National Pet Day!! Doesn 't matter how big or small, fur ry, feathery or scaley, we want to s ee them all.🐶

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April is Oral Cancer Awareness mon th. Regularly visiting your dentist can do a l ot to aid in prevention of or al cancer, because your dentist will he lp identify anything suspicious. But you ha ve to be vigilant too. Below a re a few symptoms to be awa re of. If you have or y ou develop any of these, please don 't ignore them, tell your dentist:
- sor es that bleed easily or do n ot heal
- a roughened or crusted are a
numbness, pain or tenderness
- a thi ck or hard spot or lump
(F or more information: https://bit.ly/2kTmaVy )

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🦷 This week is Dent al Hygienist Appreciation Week. Let's honor t he kind people who ease our worri es, help our dentists, and clean o ur mouths. Their job isn't easy. Gi ve them a special "thank you" f or all their hard work.👍


Spring is here, and we're a ll looking for ways to brighten up o ur smiles! is the most comfortab le way to straighten your smile. G et started by scheduling a consultation.

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Have a fun week! 😂


Thank you to our wonderful patien ts and team for supporting our effor ts to raise funds for people of Ukrai ne! With everybody's help we've raised $5,0 00 through Facebook and in-office campaigns! We wi sh everybody peace and freedom! ☮️ 🇺🇦
To donate, please visit https://unitedhelpukraine.org/about-us

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🥧 Happy Pi Day everyone. Wheth er you are a math geek or n ot, everyone loves Pi.❤️

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🤩 This International Day of Awesomene ss, let's celebrate being awesome! What is aweso me in your life? Who is aweso me in your life? Share it wi th us in the comments! 👇

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Today we celebrate all strong, intellige nt, talented and simply wonderful women a nd remember that equal rights are n ot special rights! Happy International Women's Day !

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🎉 This is a gre at day to say thank you to yo ur dentist and the dental team. It 's National Dentist Day! Thank you to a ll of you who take care of o ur smiles and keep them healthy a nd bright. 😁

How to Help People in Ukrai ne Right Now 02/28/2022

How to Help People in Ukrai ne Right Now

🇺🇦 “I would like to tha nk our friends, colleagues and patients f or your caring emails, phone calls, messag es regarding Ukraine and my and Marina 's families and friends in Ukraine.

I w as near the White House for peacef ul protests. We are in touch wi th families and friends in Ukraine. We al so help to raise funds to suppo rt Ukraine and spend hours sharing tr ue information about the bravery of t he Ukrainian people.

Dear Serdar, Maria, Anna, Ne il, Eldad, Amir, Eileen, Laura, Jarla, Ches sy, Valentina, Adele, Jay, Ishwer, Ned, Gr eg, Bonnie, Lenard , Cookie and ma ny others , your support is priceless

G od bless Ukraine and the Ukrainian peop le
- Dr. Alex

If you ’d like to help: https://time.com/6151353/how-to-help-ukraine-people/

How to Help People in Ukrai ne Right Now Here are six aid organizations worki ng on the ground in Ukraine rig ht now


Thank you to Mr. Holland f or the treat of listening to Tchaikovs ky this morning. What a wonderful beginni ng of the weekend! You've made o ur day! 🎻🎼

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🇺🇲 We give thanks to tho se who have lead our country sin ce the day the USA was bo rn. Thank you. Happy Presidents' Day. 🇺🇲

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Did You Know? Around 400 BC, wealthy Etruscans were capping their tee th with gold caps. They even fashion ed false teeth from gold and usi ng gold wire, wrapped them around neighbori ng teeth to hold them in pla ce. This is the first example of dent al bridges. (https://bit.ly/3odiSxD )😲


❤️ Even though it's Monday, we ho pe you enjoy this day of lo ve and romance. Happy Valentine's Day.❤️

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Happy Wednesday! Celebrate with a smi le! 😂 🤣

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👧 👦 February is Children's Dent al Health Month. Here are some ti ps to help kids develop healthy dent al habits:
- Brush your teeth with th em, so they will want to do it too .
Let your child pick her o wn brush, so she will be mo re excited to use it.
- Turn brushi ng teeth into a game: use brushi ng apps for kids (like Brusheez or Toothsave rs) and reward them when they sti ck to the schedule.
And don't forget to schedu le the 6-months check-up! 📅


Tysons Dental Associates

🌟 Here are some of o ur happy patients who've had their smil es and lives transformed in 2021 at Tyso ns Dental Associates with dental implants or Invisali gn treatment. Don't wait for the smi le of your dreams! 😁

Tysons Dental Associates Tysons Dental Associates is a cosmet ic dentistry practice specializing in a wi de variety of dental services for t he whole family.

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👍 Tag someone special and gi ve them a compliment for National Complime nt Day.😍

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Let us take inspiration from t he inspiring life of Martin Luther Ki ng Jr. and make our live wort hy in every sense. Happy !❤️

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Happy Friday! Wishing everybody a f un weekend! 😅 🤣

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Make sure you are taking ca re of your smile in the n ew year. Schedule a dental appointment today !😁 📅

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🎉Have a Happy, Healthy New Year !🥂

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🎄We hope your holidays will be fill ed with joy and laughter through t he New Year. Merry Christmas!🎄

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Whether you're celebrating the shortest d ay or the longest night of t he year,
we want to remind you th at winter is here! ☃️ ❄️

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🍇 For some great healthy a nd cute snack ideas for Holiday gatherin gs, here are some wonderful alternatives: https://bit.ly/35gwZqA Whi ch one is your favorite?

Timeline photos 12/13/2021

Have a fun joyful week! 😂 😆

Tysons Dental Associates

At Tyson’s Dental, our mission is to provi de residents of Vienna and surrounding are as with exceptional cosmetic dentistry in a profession al, compassionate, and organized atmosphere.

Our team of talented and high ly trained dentists, Drs. Alex Osinovsky, Richa rd Tami, Gloria Campos, Alan Jureidini a nd Maimi Yamaguchi, take great pride in ensuri ng that each of their Vienna cosmet ic dentistry patients receives the utmost in patie nt care and treatment.

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