Alabama State Association of Letter Carriers

Alabama State Association of Letter Carriers


Reminder to all Branch Presidents that Food Drive registration is now live and available through the member portal at the NALC website. Be sure to to include your numbers for cards. Please remember the small offices that your branch may take care of. See y’all in Tunica.
Merry Christmas brothers & sisters! Earn coin while delivering! Check out this free app 👆 It pays to walk! - Andy Branch 3 NALC, Buffalo, NY
Just a suggestion from a fellow Alabama letter carrier. All carriers such contact your Congressmen or women and ask them , due to the recent events of this past week, that because of all employees of the USPS across this great county the USPS is not for sale. Because we are 1 company everyone across the country knew exactly what to do to find these packages that the mail bomber sent and how to find them, thus helping get this man captured

Labor organization.

Operating as usual


This is a better picture of the application that must be back in by May 1, 2022


This is the Alabama State Auxiliary Scholarship Application must be back in by May 1, 2022


Good Morning to all Branch Presidents I need a list of your delegates to the State Convention. Due to Covid related issues. The State of Alabama cannot conduct a convention in June 2021 due to CDC guidelines. Therefore I need a delegate list that includes the delegates name, email address, home address and phone number that each delegate can be reached at. I need this information no later than February 28. I have text the branch Presidents several times some still have not responded. Anniston Tuscaloosa Birmingham and Mobile I have received your information thank you. Please email me this information or mail it to me at [email protected] or 1550 Floyd Bradford Road Trussville Al 35173. I have wrote President Rolando and he has replied about how to conduct our officer election. We will have a Zoom meeting with all delegates in March to address this issue. Also if your branch members have children that are graduating from high school. Please remind them that they can apply for the State Scholarship by May1st. Also we are asking each branch to make a donation to our State Scholarship the scholarship is given each year faithfully so please contribute as a branch. Thank you and have a great weekend please be safe. Also if your branch have not registered for the food drive please do so


From MDA to Branch 530. This really made my heart smile


I would like to thank President Rolando and all National officers and everyone that worked towards a contract for us. You all did a great job. At no time will everyone be pleased but the majority rules. No matter what the outcome someone will always complain but they couldn’t have done any better. And someone going to always feel like they got left out or overlooked. You can’t make everyone happy. So again thank you and keep the good work up. Remember the more some people get the more they want and some people never appreciate the sacrifices others make on they behalf. In this world today too many people feel entitled so hold your head up and keep doing the best you can for the good of the service. Thank You and happy thanksgiving to you all


Tentative agreement


Tentative agreement our contract 09/18/2020

Federal Judge Rules Trump and Louis DeJoy Waged ‘Politically Motivated Attack’ Against USPS, Will Rescind Recent Changes

This Chief U.S. District Judge Stanley A. Bastian, a Barack Obama appointee, determined that President Donald Trump and U.S. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy were "involved in a politically motivated attack on the efficiency of the Postal Service" in an oral bench ruling.


Coming to you soon. Starting in BIRMINGHAM next Saturday. I already see an Article 5 and Article 34 violation. No union input and no 15 day notice before implementation. Follow instructions and make it do what it do. Here we go. Starting in Hoover, GSCF and DTCF 07/12/2020

Meet the new boss... better than the old boss? - Postal Times

Get ready people the fight has begun These are some of the first wave of changes that will be coming to the USPS this year. Many of the changes are are good and should have been done years ago. We all need to embrace these changes to keep the USPS in service. The PMG said this.. 05/17/2020

Home | Heroes Delivering

Please tell all your family and friends to go on this site and let our legislators know we support saving the USPS. Our letter carriers deliver for us. Now it's time for us to deliver to them.


Action Needed. Go to the NALC App and go to take action and follow the link to inform Congress that they must strengthen and protect the Postal Service during the COVID-19 crisis. All American leaders, Democrats and Republicans alike, should work together to ensure that this pandemic does not destroy the USPostal Service


MOU for COVID-19


I called the Postmaster of Tuscaloosa he did not answer. Trying to see what precautions they are taking for the safety of the other workers there. Found out they have not washed the truck she drives nor have they cleaned the post office. Just passed out masks today. I’m trying to contact DM and others about this matter. Until then make safety your priority. Article 14 of the National Agreement. Sending this to the NBA office so they can contact Area. Management trying to keep this on the low but they need to take action. I spoke with the Postmaster the carrier had not been to work before getting ill. They are taking all necessary precautions they put out gloves and inform all to use hand sanitizers and they are monitoring the situation


Please keep David Alexander our past state treasurer and Anniston member in your prayers his mother passed


Please call


Please call


Please contact your Representative and ask them to sign on H.R.2382. Call today we need they support. Thanks in advance


Had a good time with Branch 106 on Veterans Day at their Mayor Reed Labor Breakfast thanks for the invite.


Good afternoon all I’m checking on our co workers in Mobile. I know Gene Coker has house damages but is everyone else okay. I need to make a report to Christina Davidson Matty Rose and Steve Lassan for the Disaster Relief Foundation of NALC. If you know of anyone that’s not on our page please contact me. 205-514-4733 for assistance or call NALC and ask for Disaster Relief 09/04/2019

National Association of Letter Carriers AFL-CIO The National Association of Letter Carriers, NALC, is the national labor union of city delivery letter carriers employed by the United States Postal Service.


National Association of Letter Carriers

On behalf of the NALC and National Officers, we would like to wish everyone a happy Labor Day! 08/02/2019

Postal Supervisor and His Half-Brother Charged in Theft of $240,000 from USPS Trucks

Man why DOJ Press Release - July 27, 2019 LOS ANGELES – A United States Postal Service employee and his half-brother were arraigned this morning after being indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of participating in a conspiracy that caused nearly a quarter million dollars in losses in two armed robb...


Thanks to everyone for your support during this bereavement time for Donald Carlson. For every prayer, flower, Word of encouragement, phone call. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.


Donald Carlson funeral arrangements is Wednesday at 10 visitation and 11 service at Curtis and Son funeral home 1315 Talladega HWY Sylacauga Al 35150.


We are the greatest again


All hands on deck. Carriers delivering the cards and bags and customers putting food at their boxes so we can deliver to the Foodbank everything stays in the community. Thank you in advance for the very important role you played in making this food drive a success


Listen All!! Injury Comp is not OWCP. They cannot accept or deny your claim. They are working with management to try and get your claim denied. Stop trusting them and talk with your union rep about what’s going on with you so we may assist you in getting your claim accepted. And when I tell you to get certain paperwork it is to benefit you. Also your restrictions are 24 hours not just at work. If you have no driving it’s no driving you can’t drive anywhere. If you have no lifting it’s no lifting everywhere not just at work. If your doctor feel like you can drive to work he need to specifically say drive for 30 minutes home and back. Don’t get caught doing something your doctor says you can’t do. This can cause you your job. Stop thinking I’m trying to hurt you when I’m trying to help you. I get no benefit from harming you. My job as OWCP Rep is to assist you but if you don’t listen to me then it’s on you. Because in OWCP the employee-that’s you have the burden of proof. So don’t wait until your claim is denied you need to contact me in the beginning. I have told you all this several times especially Branch 530. But it’s your choice who you trust but don’t wait until Injury Comp mess you up to come calling the union.


Congratulations to Clarence Harris on His retirement from the Postal Service Zone 5 Downtown Carrier Facility. Enjoy your best life


Alabama State Legislative Liasons on Capital Hill Day 1 representing Letter Carriers


Antonia, here an update on Allen - he sleeps nearly ALL the time, the Neuro Doctors said he would due to his brain healing. Vision loss and hearing may or may not come back, this is his biggest roadblock. He's still very weak and has to use a walker. Short term memory loss keeps him confused all the time, but, thank the Lord he still has ALL of his long term memory please keep praying for him


Good morning All. Letting you know National Vice President Lew Drass mother passed. Please keep him and his family in your prayers. He works so hard for letter carriers so take a little time and say a prayer for him. He was a past state president and our NBA and several other positions he just always been there for us so let’s try and return the love. I will get details and inform you. Going to send flowers from Alabama State Association.

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