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KSKX-my dads first “real” radio job and the reason we moved to Topeka in the 80s. This would look great on a t-shirt!
Got bored at work. This is what I created in 10 minutes. I might have to rework this one and print it up myself. I like the idea of a vintage 1980s professional wrestling T-Shirt. Check out Andre the Giant!
Cooper, these tshirts are all very interesting, but here's a better one.
These are great, Cooper!

Topeka the way I like to remember it. Shirts and other gear from Topeka businesses "of a certain age

Shirts, stickers and other gear from Topeka businesses "of a certain age."


Birthday girl (extra Topeka Cool Points for working at Mother Earth Records) lets the world know she’s great 🌊🌊

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You never know whats gonna be popular. This (I thought) hilarious Long John Silvers shirt was an ad I found in the back of an early-80s Topeka West yearbook. Turns out to be a top seller. Maybe Long John Silvers is having a moment. My friend Shane Etzenhouser used to go in an ask for a plate of “floaties,” the pieces of fried whatever that gather on top of the oil. Gross. 🎣🎣

Photos from Top City Motherland's post 06/26/2022

Absolutely LOVING these pictures of a Mustang Show at White Lakes Mall in 1986. The cars are cool enough, but seeing some of the stores in their 80s prime is priceless. Jeans West! Hickory Farms! No Orange Julius, Kay Bee Toys or the Electric Organ Store in the corner, but you cant have everything. Always plenty of nostalgic Mall Gear for 70s and 80s kids at WHITE LAKES FOREVER!

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Latest (from 1952) before and after some cleanup.


I have a big soft spot for the Fairlawn Mall. I remember buying a Casio keyboard at Venture that could record its own drum loops. I kept it for 30 years. My first job application was to the little cafe thats still there (I also applied at Baskin Robbins on 21st and they called me back first). We got family poraits at the Olan Mills, used to go see Santa there, and I used to play Asteroids at the machine outside the movie theatre. Like all malls its almost dead today, but lets pour one out for a real survivor. 🏁🏁


Shirts, hoodies, tote bags, throw pillows , stickers, baby onesies...with over 100 vintage Topeka designs. The whole gang at is ON SALE from May 11-16. Take a look, get a deal, share Topeka Love. ❤️

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Latest. Always wanted to do something with the famous spinning downtown billboard, and came across this book of food ration coupons from the 50s (I think). “ButterKrust is good bread.” Darn tootin. On sale for three days at 🍞🍞

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The alpha and the omega—Mother Earth Records, 6th & Topeka. The whole vibe of Top City Motherland, and the best job I’ll ever have (senior year at THS). I wanted to get this one so perfect I did three designs, and got permission from Don Flesher & Family to carry the name on. Fun fact, the yellow sign hangs on the wall today at Top City Music.

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Latest. Represent the coolest vibe on the Southwest Side. Every kid in Topeka can sleep better knowing Santa’s on that roof. 🎅🏼👋🏼


Welp….I tried.


Happy Topeka Easter! Apparently back in the day it was more like Halloween, giving kids nightmares.🐰🥚


Everything is ON SALE at 13 dollar shirts, plus hoodies, coffee mugs, baby onesies, phone cases, throw pillows—name it. New designs too. Take a look, get a deal, spread Topeka Love ❤️❤️


Picture of Macys downtown, from the Kansas Historical Archives. Note white gloves for handling…

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More little gems from the vault. 🚲🚲


1960 Topeka yellow pages 🪗🪗

Photos from Top City Motherland's post 04/10/2022

Where White Lakes used to be.


Its April and the sales are set. Topekans love bargains, so pick out your favorites and BIDE YOUR TIME. 💸💸

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The Old School Collection is rounding out, thanks to contributions from former students. Come and get the crestview Roadrunners! Beep beep! 🦅🦅

Photos from Top City Motherland's post 02/13/2022

Its Superbowl Sunday but I realized there are no football related items at—so here is Showbiz Pizza, because everybody loves pizza. Enjoy the game! 🏈🍕


A good Topekan never buys anything when a sale is coming up—and theres always a sale coming up. Mark your shopping calendars to get new Top City designs when tshirts are just 13 bucks!💰💰

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The White Lakes Collection at— available on shirts, hoodies, magnets, phone cases, throw pillows, totebags, TWO kinds of masks… may the Old Girl live on in our hearts.🌊🌊

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When started, who would have guessed there’d be THREE roller rinks with great logos? Theres also four drive-ins, eight radio stations, three pizza places and six schools. Shop almost 100 Topeka businesses “of a certain age”—everything’s ON SALE NOW.🛼🛼

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Attention all Robinson Raiders—we have an updated and MUCH IMPROVED logo on, thanks to mega booster alumni . This cool gold logo is on sale (along with everything else) through Dec 19. Its short notice, gotta get it shipped soon for Xmas. But you Raiders are tough. 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️


Everything’s gonna be alright everybody.🎅🏾🎅🏼🎄

T-Shirts by TopCityMotherland | TeePublic 12/10/2021

T-Shirts by TopCityMotherland | TeePublic

Shop for Topeka Lovers everywhere at Almost 100 vintage logos (Por'e Richards, the Adventure Center, Showbiz Pizza) to go on tshirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, tote bags, phone cases, baby onesies—even masks. EVERYTHING ON SALE THROUGH DEC 19. Just allow time for shipping. Top City Forever!

T-Shirts by TopCityMotherland | TeePublic Shop t-shirts, phone cases, hoodies, art prints, notebooks and mugs created by independent artists from around the globe.


Well this is much less complicated than usual. Looks like everything at will be on sale all month. So get Xmas shopping done for all the Topeka Lovers on your list. Shipping does take a few days, so plan accordingly.🎄🎄


I know I said the sale at was wrapping up, but get this—it isnt. You may have gotten 600 emails about it being Cyber Monday, so the Parade of Deals ($13 tshirts etc) on [email protected] Gear is on till midnight (at least)!


Wrapping up the Topeka Long Weekend Parade, where EVERYTHING’S ON SALE at $13 shirts and lots of other gear like phone cases, throw pillows and baby onesies. Take a look, get a deal, share Top City Love 🦃🦃


The parade of $13 shirts continues all weekend at Shop for all the Topeka Lovers on your list.🦃🦃


The parade continues—its Black Friday (aka “Delete Emails Day”) but any smart shopper knows EVERYTHING is ON SALE ALL WEEKEND through Sunday.


Its a beautiful day for the parade of Topeka designs on sale ALL WEEKEND at Almost 100 of these Top City loving characters, with full marching bands from across the country.🦃🦃


Happy Thanksgiving to all the Topeka Lovers out there. Almost 100 designs at are all on sale ($13 shirts etc) through the WHOLE LONG WEEKEND, so turkey it up.🦃🦃


Phone cases! Call or text other Topeka loving friends, and talk about Topeka. The site has SO MANY cases, for iPhones 6 to 13, and Galaxy 7 and 8. Did you know that? I bet you didnt. And gift season will be here REALLY soon. Every design has a ton of gear it can go on—look for “phone cases” on each page. 🎁🎁


The immortal video (from WIBW’s Doug Brown) from Cruisin Topeka Blvd in the 80s. I cant love this any more.🤘🏼 🤘🏼

Photos from Top City Motherland's post 10/18/2021

Everybody Loves P’ore Richards. Get a shirt, sticker or tote bag in black or white, day or night.🍺🍺


What my non-Topeka friends call me.🎈🎈


The secret handshake and the all-seeing eye. The world of Topeka is bound by secret knots. 🪢


Happy America's Birthday, Top City! The 50th Annual Collins Park Parade is today.🇺🇸💥


When you look through old Topeka advertising, you see all kinds of odd stuff—but they cant all be tshirts 🍕🍕

Photos from Top City Motherland's post 06/16/2021

🎶🎵It’s been a while for brand new additions, but here’s something that’s been requested a few times. KEWI, Topeka’s Top Tunes. This is from 1964. Crank the AM radio all summer.🎵🎶


Learning two of life’s great skills—squatting and gobbling. TopCityMotherland has baby onesies for all designs. Turn more babies into Topeka Lovers from Day 1. 🦃🦃

Photos from Top City Motherland's post 02/05/2021

I hope the giant sign for Topper Drive In (with a second location on Hwy 75) is somehwere safe today. 🐓🐓

Photos from Top City Motherland's post 02/03/2021

The Squat n Gobble, widely considered to be the greatest fine restaurant name of all time, was at 3110 S Topeka Blvd, down the street from Holliday Square. Today it’s a Line X store-not as good a name, but what could be? 🦃🦃

Photos from Top City Motherland's post 02/03/2021

There may never be another place with a name as good as The Squat n Gobble. “Dine by Candlelight.” I mean that’s just gold right there. 🦃🦃


Wish us luck in 2021, Brookwood Santa. Great photo in THG today from Tim Robitaille, along with thanks to the Robb Company for every Topekan’s favorite tradition.🎅🏼🎅🏾❤️ #2021


Found another great old Chamber of Commerce video. This would make a perfect ironic shirt for me to wear everywhere.

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The immortal video (from WIBW’s Doug Brown) from Cruisin Topeka Blvd in the 80s. I cant love this any more.🤘🏼   🤘🏼.#WIBW...
🕶🎬🎥One last clip from the TV movie Dead Before Dawn, which is absolute dreck, starring Cheryl Ladd, the guy from Police ...
🍔🐳❤️SMAKS is brand new at Our first front/back design, a new feature for teepublic. Get the splot...



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