White Lakes Mall

White Lakes Mall


Are you going to issue a statement on your demise?
Oh no! How will I use my gift certificates I got for Christmas?
What did White Lakes mall look like in 1970 the last time before the Chiefs won the Super Bowl.
Any special year end sales?
How are the holiday sales figures this year?
Slumber party!!!

Friday Funday at White Lakes! Lunch Date at the Lakes!! THIS is how we end the week right!!! This Jackson County girl is enjoying the big city at White Lakes! A friend said they had great funnel cakes but I can’t find them! Wish I had a funnel cake and could Wash it down with Orange Julius! #whitelakesforever

The obviously satirical home on Facebook for the revitalized and reinvigorated White Lakes Mall. Which means it's really nice in here. Honestly.

Operating as usual





Happy Memorial Day! Never forget their ultimate sacrifice. ❤️

Happy Memorial Day! Never forget their ultimate sacrifice. ❤️


Fine. You didn't want to love us. Now nobody will be able to. Goodbye cruel world!!!

wibw.com 05/28/2020

Homeless build camp inside White Lakes Mall

Fake! We now have so many new “stores” for you to visit! Never-Fact-Check Shady Ralph Hipp is at it again!!!!!

wibw.com The abandoned White Lakes Mall has new residents and the people in charge of selling the building are concerned squatters on the property may get hurt.

wibw.com 05/05/2020

Stores in West Ridge Mall re-open after stay-at-home order

We've been social distancing since before this started. Other malls can try to emulate, but they won't match our dedication!

wibw.com Nearly every shop was forced to close its doors - until Monday.


Congratulations to the Kansas City Royals on their World Series victory!!! Come celebrate with White Lakes Mall!!!


It's with great sadness that we morn the loss of our good friend and one-time store owner Robert "Kid" Ritchie. Bob used to own the shoe store in the west end of the mall. He always took great pride in his store and the Topeka community.

Bob Ritchie (January 17, 1971 - October 4, 2019)

wibw.com 05/14/2019

Homeless build camp inside White Lakes Mall

They've got some great things for sale! Come see the new "stores" and do some "shopping" at White Lakes!

wibw.com The abandoned White Lakes Mall has new residents and the people in charge of selling the building are concerned squatters on the property may get hurt.


Topeka Capital-Journal

Look at that beautiful picture in the paper. Everything's coming up White Lakes!

Four Topeka city councilmen said Tuesday evening they could support the city government’s seeking to use tax-increment financing to attract development to specific places where developers currently show no interest, such as White Lakes Center. Also, the council learned Petco plans to move out of its store at 1930 S.W. Wanamaker Road and into a new site at the southeast corner of S.W. 17th and Wanamaker Road.

wibw.com 02/21/2019

West Ridge Mall owners taking steps to dump the property

Step 1: Get rid of the competition
Step 2: Comeback!

wibw.com West Ridge Mall owner Washington Prime Group plans to let its lender take control of the property in the coming months, saving millions of dollars in the process.


Topeka Capital-Journal

Look at that beautiful picture. Front page news, baby! White Lakes is the place to be!

In our latest Topeka business watch, our reporter Morgan Chilson says White Lakes is still in limbo.



While West Ridge Mall keeps losing stores, we haven't had a single store change in years. Who's business plan wasn't "well thought out" now, Greg?



wibw.com 03/15/2018

Deal made to buy White Lakes Mall

I'm offering a counterbid of 4 corn dogs and a 1997 Corolla. #keepwhitelakeslocal

wibw.com The reported buyer, David Christie, also bought Villa West Shopping Center


Happy Chinese New Year! Or for our friends who speak Mandarin:

지친 하루 끝에 마시는 시원한 맥주 한 모금. 이보다 더한 위로가 있을까. 거기에 맛과 향이 가득하다면 더더욱.

media0.giphy.com 12/22/2017


Scheduled Facebook Post 12/25/2017 9:12am.

Merry Christmas!



This weekend, huge sale on Keurig coffee makers. Come buy one and join our protest in the parking lot at 4:30 Sunday afternoon. #BoycottKeurig


Sad news.


We had 50% more customers than normal tonight!
Lyin' WIBW Ralph Hipp still spreading #FakeNews
West Ridge Mall very scared. Very.

Anniversary date night! Thanks White Lakes!

lpzoo.org 07/20/2017

Lincoln Park Zoo

Lincoln Park had a hanging. Utterly unacceptable. I thought we were past such barbarism in America. Call them RIGHT NOW and complain.

lpzoo.org Mating. Meals. Molting! Get the scoop on what’s happening among our African penguin colony with our new blog series, “All My Penguins.” Learn who’s who, then meet a penguin in person with a Malott Family Penguin Encounter.


Where would you rather shop? Thout so.


Despite the lack of stores or customers covfefe


Take a look at the great job our new landscaping company did!


Our Easter egg hunt is next weekend. Scheduling errors.

Thanks Governor Sam Brownback for coming by the Easter Egg hunt this morning. He's been a friend of White Lakes for years and always mentions how much he loves our business model. #4MoreYears!


It's only condemned if you're a p***y. Come on in. We have specials.
Like live rats and yet to be reclaimed wood floors.


Shopping in McPherson

McPherson is obviously fealing the heat from White Lakes competition.



We all remember how Michael Douglas got throat cancer, right?

Legendary K-State Football Coach Bill Snyder has been diagnosed with throat cancer. Medical teams in the Kansas City area and Houston, Texas, have "projected positive outcomes."


wpxi.com 01/19/2017

Pittsburgh Mills mall sold to bank for $100 at foreclosure auction


wpxi.com The 1.1million-square-foot Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills was bought by Wells Fargo Bank, which foreclosed on it last year.

www.rsvlts.com 01/06/2017

This Is What American Malls Looked Like In 1989 [50 Photos]

Make malls great again.

www.rsvlts.com Throughout the 1980s malls became increasing central to American popular culture, dominating the social life of a large swath of the population. In 1989 Michael Galinsky, a twenty-year-old photographer, drove across the country recording this change: the spaces, textures and pace that defined this e...


Timeline Photos


Sure, if you want to waste your cash on blood diamonds instead of making a difference for people like Santa Glitter.
Just more typical 1% bu****it from Wanamaker.

Get that perfect look, and glam it up for NYE! Francesca's has your must have party fashions!


RIP George Michael. 2016 is just the worst.


We're in the process of scheduling this year's Santa photos for the kids. Keep checking our page for when we lock down the details. This was such a hit last year, we're hoping to have him here for a longer period of time this year!!!!!!
Any businesses interested in being a sponsor please send us a message. Anyone interested in being an elf, please apply in person.

We hate to brag, but we're absolutely thrilled about the Mall Santa we were able to get for this year.
Santa (she likes to go by "Santa Glitter") will be at White Lakes Mall tomorrow from 2am-5am and 8pm-11pm! He'll be handing out special treats for the children*
Merry Christmas!


How to cyber monday?


The liberal media led by WIBW Ralph Hipp will do whatever it can to discredit entrepreneurial spirit in Topeka. Unbelievable. How much is he in the pocket of West Ridge Mall???!!


West Ridge businesses hiring for more than 120 jobs | Cjonline.com Mobile

Why our mall is the best mall: our employee has been with us for decades. No turnover here!

m.cjonline.com Retailers at West Ridge Mall are looking to fill more than 120 full-time, part-time and seasonal jobs at a job fair Tuesday.




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