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For real.
Looking for YouTube vid feedback, as always! :) In my opinion, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 is one of the most essential retro games out there!
A humble submission.
This week, in honor of the Royals being not-garbage, here's my nostalgic-personal-favorite retro baseball game!
Super Smash Bros turns 22 (US) in April, & the OG on the N64 is still enjoyable to this day! I'd love your feedback on my latest video, a little quickie-review honoring this essential retro classic!
Sooo I rolled a 20 on my strength check....
I'm on a serious Nintendo Switch kick lately, so here are some more cheap Switch games that don't suck, specifically from my favorite genre that maybe doesn't even count as a genre, compilation games!

Even Heather Schaller makes a few appearances, kind of!

Any other cheapskate Nintendo Switch owners out there? This week I pulled down a few that, while pretty run-of-the-mill cheapo stuff, don't TOTALLY suck.

(PS, I'm betting you can get them all at Gamers HQ...)

Gaming. It's what we do. It's who we are. Our team of local experts are on standby take care of your every need. Cash/credit Trade-ins. Repairs. Retro.

Current gen. Action Figures. Gaming/hardware suggestions and advice. See you on the inside. A true home away from home for people that love and cherish everything video game related.

Operating as usual

Photos from Gamers HQ's post 05/06/2022

💖These titles have JUST been lowered by $5 each. New prices are on each title!

❤️‍🔥TONS of new software and hardware is hitting the shelves right now don't miss your chance!

Don't forget: FREE super fast shipping on all orders $19.99 and up at


Just a little quickie shop update😊

Photos from Out of Mana's post 04/30/2022

Here's to a magical weekend filled with delicious food and delightful company🍖🍻


It's SPICY sauce time!

WAY TOO MANY DELIGHTFUL GAME STUFFS (🥰but I'm gonna try my best loves🥰)

Stay tuned for a hidden giveaway???


We need to know... do you drink coffee?


Hey everyone, just a brief update regarding the recent changes.

- The watchlist is being removed. If you are currently on the watchlist, it no longer is available.

This was not an easy decesion by a long shot, however we are simply over tasked and have been unable to keep up. Until we can change the way we do it, It is more responsible of us to remove it so that we don't let anyone down by not providing your watched item, or giving it to the wrong person in order.

Our goal is that will offer the ability to create your watch list. When an item is added in stock, or out of stock, you can add it to your watch list to keep an eye out for it automatically. Be sure to have an account here, or be signed up to our newsletter at to get updates on when these changes become available.


We have to burn it down!


Colossal amounts of delicious trades have arrived!


Is the game seriously THIS messed up?? LAWD
Save 20% on your first purchase using code MEME20 when shopping for your next video game at

- R


I have a habbit of deleting files when I return to games I haven't played in a while.

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You guys want events right? Well so do we, but to do that - we need an extra set of hands! We're hiring for a brand new position at the HQ: Event Manager.

The event manager MUST be:
21+ years of age
Weekend availability
*Highly Socialable
Have an Aptitude for video games.

If you're a creative thinker, want to hangout with the Gamers HQ community, and be a part of the next step of the HQ then this position is for you. The Event Manager is responsible for the following tasks:

- Managing appointment bookings online (Completing payments)
- Contacting bookings for private events, birthday parties.
- Setting up the gaming lounge for birthday parties and private events.
- Managing tournament software such as Challonge/
- Communicating with lounge management & marketing
- Providing assistance where needed during private parties/events.
- Posting content regarding events on social media platforms.
- Gathering feedback and concerns
- Cleaning the Lounge before/after events
- Making sure consoles are up to date and games ready to go.
- & more

The Events Manager will also be present during all core events and private birthday parties as a host, which means you will be able to hangout with all our local gamers and talk about video games and help create new ways to get together and play. We're excited to bring back events, and can't wait to meet the next potential member of our team.

Apply with your resume sent to [email protected]!

Photos from Gamers HQ's post 04/20/2022

Which game did this instantly remind you of?
My goodness is this not every adventure game I grew up playing.
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Its only Tuesday.. We could really go with some game time. What is everyone playing tonight?
- R


What's your plans for todays weather?
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- R


Celebrate the Easter weekend, with 20% OFF your first game purchase online at using CODE: EASTER20. Discount expires on Monday, 4/18/20!

Photos from Out of Mana's post 04/15/2022

Good night Topeka. We love y'all😌

-Happy Gaming🛌


WE'RE CLOSED this Sunday (04/17/22) for egg hunting. Back opened Monday (04/18/22)❤🥚


Ouch. Lmao. Too good to not post.

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cred: martin rosner


If you aren't already in the know, now is your chance to be! Our newsletter has been live for about a month, and we've already sent out over 5,000 emails mixed with discounts, shop updates, and more.

Subscribe to get updates sent via SMS or Email at and let us know what kind of goodies you want us to send you!


What game has you feeling like this these days?

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-Always travel next to your favorite companions on your greatest adventures😊


Treat your game collection the same way? Just buy uh...more? Yea buy more.
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Old but gold.
- R


Shop update AND $50 HQ Credit Giveaway!

Comment your FAVORITE system to enter!


Not only do we REPAIR controllers, and consoles in the Topeka area, but we also take in BROKEN controllers, consoles and other gaming items for CASH & CREDIT!

SO DONT THROW OUT THOSE RAGE PILES, bring them in to the HQ! haha. :)

send us an email at [email protected], visit, or give us a call at 785-271-0497 for pricing information!


:( metapod.
- R


What game can you ALWAYS go back to and replay?

For me it's probably Ridge Racer 64, or Pokemon titles.
- R


NEW RELEASES! And we're SUPER STOCKED on consoles! Don't miss out!

Thanks to everyone that viewed, commented, and shared!

We've got TWO winners for a $50 HQ Credit. It never expires but must be used in store. Can be used on ANYTHING we sell inside the shop. AND THE WINNERS ARE: Peridox Pleasant AND Bryce Shorts!


Any RPG ever.

What did you folks play this weekend?
- R


Announcing the HQ going completely digital!(this is a joke cause I know some folks don't know what day it is)

Buy your games online, your consoles online, download your consoles to your smart phone, download our digital blood giving app that helps you stay entirely still without moving so you never need to leave the digital world! And its all free to play with a one time monthly purchase of 59.99 for the battlepass for 3 cool skins , that will vanish when we cut the digital servers to move on to the next project leaving your soul locked in the digital space forever! Did i say the word digital enough yet?

Stay safe and happy april fools! Don't do anything we would do.
- Ryan


What's your thoughts on how mob scaling/boss difficulties in a game should be?

I have mixed feelings about my strong desire to do all the sidequests, then upset that the boss was too easy.

Some games provide solutions to this by scaling difficulty according to your power rating to keep bosses difficult, but casual mobs and grinds easier. Sometimes even the casual mobs are scaled (which i loathe).

All-new PlayStation Plus launches in June with 700+ games and more value than ever 03/29/2022

All-new PlayStation Plus launches in June with 700+ games and more value than ever

It's Sony Gamepass time!

FINALLY, we can STREAM all our favorite PS3 titles that we already bought.

3 different tiers.

Thankfully, they're keeping the $59.99 Standard PS PLus tier.

All-new PlayStation Plus launches in June with 700+ games and more value than ever PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now come together; players can choose from three flexible options.


Stay a while, and tell us what games you played this weekend?
- R


This is what adult money looks like.
- R

Our Story

We offer a gaming lounge to rent out by the hour - only $2.99 per hour per person, or $3.99 for a larger TV!

Come stop in to take a look!

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Retro to current gen video games! Full service console Gaming lounge!



2027 SW Gage Blvd
Topeka, KS

General information

At Gamers you have many options when it comes to gaming. We offer wonderful cash and trade in prices on pretty much anything and everything Video Game related.

Got some free time? Chill out in our Gaming lounge with a few friends and enjoy the newest releases across all current gen consoles.

Opening Hours

Monday 11am - 7pm
Tuesday 11am - 7pm
Wednesday 11am - 7pm
Thursday 11am - 7pm
Friday 11am - 7pm
Saturday 11am - 7pm
Sunday 12pm - 5pm

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