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Although computers have changed a lot over the last few years, we keep our hand on the pulse of the latest technologies and learn about the newest hardware and software issues so that we can be there whenever you need us.


The problem with many of the accounting software programs available on the market is that they won’t always provide the level of analytics to your other systems. Let’s talk about the difficulties these applications create and how we might be able to help.


Macs were the most popular computer during much of the 1980s and into the 1990s- perhaps due to the familiarity many users had with them when they were in their school years. In fact, many educators prefer Macs even today


The wrong malware or virus can not only cause problems, it could shut down your entire company. The threats from these are constantly changing, but don’t worry. IT services is on top of these changes and will help protect you as much as possible.


Whether you’re a student or running a business, your computer may be the one piece of equipment you simply can’t function without. If your computer isn’t performing the way you need it to, rest assured that we’ll do everything we can to get it working again.


Now, the Department of Energy’s Intelligence branch amasses information on nuclear weapons and energy in other countries, science and technology, the security of our energy systems abroad, and safety.


Although having a backup system in place is the single best way to protect your data and files, you may not always be able to back up every few minutes. If your computer is causing too many problems, we’re always ready to do what we can to fix it.


If you require your employees to store their electronic information on your server, a server outage could put a halt to their ability to work. If you’ve been having server issues, we can help.


Never keep a hot computer running. If you notice any part of the computer beginning to feel hotter to the touch than usual, turn it off immediately and unplug the power. Then take it to a technician for repair.


What is SoS? The acronym refers to Systems of Systems, which is defined by the DOD as "a set or arrangement of systems that results when independent and useful systems are integrated into a larger system that delivers unique capabilities.”


Computers are extremely helpful- but they can also be quite fickle. Getting the right repair when they are being difficult can be a pain, too. Specialized and continual training in the latest upgrades and the latest programs are necessary- and only the pros have that. That’s why they’re your best choice.


One of the best ways to reduce your business’s labor costs is through outsourcing your IT needs. Hiring, training, and maintaining an IT staff can quickly get very expensive, and it’s hard to ensure that temporary workers can meet your needs and expectations.


Malware is the most common type of computer software that can disable or ruin a computer. It often looks like a security update, and once a user clicks to update, the malware is downloaded, and it can be extremely dangerous to your computer.


Did you know that telecommunication connections and switchboards were primarily created for transmitting vocal data? Once certain add-ons are built into the system, information can also be sent through these networks.


If you’ve had your computer break down in the past when you needed it most, you may already be familiar with the inconvenience it causes. For this reason, it’s always best to back up your work to an external source, such as a thumb drive or external hard drive.


We recognize that any loss of data can be catastrophic to your business operations. If your IT department has done everything they know to retrieve the data, it’s time to call in an outside professional to provide a fresh perspective.


It’s important to remember that your computer can be a highly delicate machine when you use it in a rough manner. If you’ve recently spilled something on your computer or dropped it, you may have to bring it in, so that we can get it running again.


We realize how difficult it can be to find applications that are a perfect fit for your business without customization. Let’s talk about the challenges your current applications provide so we can create the solutions.


A hack to help cool down your laptop: open an egg carton and place your laptop in front of this, so that air can flow beneath the computer.


Who needs IT services? You do if you own a small business. The National Federation of Independent Business states: “Information technology (IT) has revolutionized business conduct throughout the world … Those effects have presented small business owners opportunities as well as problems.”


Sometimes your computer’s registry isn’t working efficiently and needs to be scanned and checked. Your registry is the central part of your computer, think of it as a command center for your CPU’s entire operation.


A Hungarian man working for Thomas Edison, Tivadar Puskás, was the first person in history who had the idea to exchange information by telephone. We all have heard of Alexander Graham Bell, but few people have heard of Tivadar.


One of the most common computer repair issues is with wireless connections. If your wireless network is dead, your router, cable, or DSL modem probably crashed. It happens. Reboot the gadgets by unplugging them for 30 seconds, then plugging them back in. That usually solves the problem.


While you may comfortable making basic repairs to computer systems, more complicated issues can take a great deal of time to evaluate and determine the best course of action. When you can’t afford for your systems to stay offline for the amount of time it will take you to make the repair, we may be able to offer a speedier solution.


The world's first computer, called the Z1, was invented by Konrad Zuse in 1936. His next invention, the Z2 was finished in 1939 and was the first fully functioning electro-mechanical computer.


The INCOSE or the International Council on Systems Engineering, was formed in 1990 with the mission to "disseminate the inter-disciplinary principles and practices that enable the realization of successful systems." This non-profit organization has since grown to include over 6000 systems engineering professionals.


One quick tip for speeding up a newer PC is to remove the pre-installed programs, or bloatware, that came with it. The more trial programs and other junk you don't use that can be removed, the faster your computer will run.


Did you know that, by outsourcing your IT systems and services, you can create a more equitable playing field between your small firm and larger competitors? With IT outsourcing, you can enjoy a cutting-edge systems without all the expenses that in-house development and maintenance entail.


So what type of maintenance is recommended for Mac computers? Although minimal maintenance is needed for this type of computer, you will need to perform regular software updates, arrange for regular backups, and consistent physical cleaning of all its components.


As it is used for a wide range of applications, there are quite naturally, many forms of systems engineering. Some of these different types deal with include computer systems, control systems, electrical systems, management systems, mechanical systems and software systems.


Be sure to set up a schedule that regularly scans your computer and reminds you to perform simply maintenance to your system. We recommend that you run your disc defregmenter and disc clean up on a regular basis, so be sure to add those to your schedule.


An IT services firm will be able to tailor your technological capabilities with your specific business objectives. They can start with standard components and then customize and tailor them for your business.


Does it ever feel like troubleshooting one computer issue causes a dozen more to pop up? Let’s talk about what issues your laptop is experiencing so that we can help you get everything working without the frustration.


Private contractors like us fill a variety of roles: we train IC organizations as well as Combatant Commands, and we also deal with various needs and requests made by the intelligence community.


The bane of any Mac is water and other liquids. If there is a spilling incident, call us right away, let us know what was spilled, and we will tell you how to handle the computer as you are preparing to bring it to us. A Mac dying by drowning is not a given.



5220 SW 17th St
Topeka, KS

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Monday 8am - 5pm
Tuesday 8am - 5pm
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