Ediger Hearing Aid Service

Ediger Hearing Aid Service


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Our practice prides itself on taking care of each patient as if they were our own family member to receive the best possible hearing outcome.

Ediger Hearing Aid Service prides itself on taking care of each patient as if they were our own family member to receive the best possible hearing outcome. We focus on continually serving the hearing needs of the Topeka, KS communities with dedicated hearing care. In this process, our practice demonstrates disciplines and values to ensure fair and personalized hearing care for each patient.

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Don't take our word for it. Read our patient testimonials to hear about their hearing loss journey and experiences. https://www.topekahearing.com/testimonials

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You deserve to have the healthiest and best sounding year! Your hearing health is essential for your overall health, and our team of hearing care professionals want to help. Schedule an appointment today. https://www.topekahearing.com/contact-us

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Your hearing loss is unique - your solution should be, too. Learn more about your hearing health and options. https://www.topekahearing.com/your-hearing

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April is #StressAwarenessMonth. How do you relieve stress? Some of our favorites include hiking, working out, reading, and sitting outside hearing the sounds of nature. https://www.topekahearing.com/your-hearing/online-hearing-test

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Many people who love their Via Edge AI hearing aids are apprehensive about switching over to Arc AI. But after they receive their new Arc AI hearing aids, they can't believe the difference in their improved hearing. Read more about other patient's experiences. https://www.topekahearing.com/testimonials

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Our hearing care professionals are here to help find the perfect treatment plan, no matter what type of hearing loss you have. Make an appointment today to learn more about your options for better hearing. https://www.topekahearing.com/contact-us

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Exposure to loud noise is the second leading cause of hearing loss. Read our blog on why protecting your hearing is crucial to your health. https://www.topekahearing.com/blog

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There are many different types of hearing loss. It's important to visit with a hearing care professional who can best create customized treatment options for you. Tap the link to learn more about your hearing. https://www.topekahearing.com/your-hearing

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Effortlessly connect with your loved ones this year by learning more about hearing loss and your treatment options. https://www.topekahearing.com/our-services

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Audibel's Arc AI hearing aids offer 2-Way Audio, making both hearing and connecting more effortless than ever before. Schedule an appointment to discuss the details with our hearing care professional. https://www.topekahearing.com/contact-us

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It's never too late to start your journey. Take our online hearing test from the comfort of your home. https://www.topekahearing.com/your-hearing/online-hearing-test

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Did you know that Audibel's Arc AI hearing aids include a Car Mode feature? Those with hearing loss may find it more challenging to hear in the car for many reasons. Read our latest blog post to learn about hearing tips in the car. https://www.topekahearing.com/blog

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We understand that everyone's hearing loss is unique, and so is your journey to better hearing. Click the link to read patient's stories, testimonials, and experiences with their new hearing aids. https://www.topekahearing.com/testimonials

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Here is your reminder to put your hearing health at the top of your to-do list. Learn about your hearing health, why it's important, and why you deserve to hear better. https://www.topekahearing.com/your-hearing

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Soak up the time with your loved ones and never miss a precious memory again. Take our online hearing test to learn about your hearing loss. https://www.topekahearing.com/our-services

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Masks make hearing harder, but Audibel's Arc AI hearing aids improve speech audibility. Learn more about these built-in features by checking out our services. https://www.topekahearing.com/contact-us

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Celebrate #WorldHearingDay by sharing why your hearing health is important to you. Comment your hearing health journey below. https://www.topekahearing.com/your-hearing

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Did you know that Arc AI offers an additional 40% reduction in noise energy in comparison to Via Edge AI? Now that’s what we call effortless hearing! Click the link to book an appointment to learn more about the new Arc AI hearing aid product line. https://www.topekahearing.com/contact-us

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This year, when you book your annual checkups, make sure to include your hearing appointment! Make your hearing health a priority in 2022. Schedule an appointment with one of our hearing care professionals today to learn about your options. https://www.topekahearing.com/our-services

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It's true - people with untreated hearing loss typically spend more money on healthcare. Read our blog to learn why you should never leave hearing loss untreated. https://www.topekahearing.com/blog

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Connect with your loved ones on a deeper level this year with new hearing aids. Everyone's hearing loss is unique and our hearing care professionals are here to be there every step of the way. http://www.topekahearing.com/contact-us

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We love hearing our patients share their experiences. Click the link to read personal stories people have experienced with their hearing aids. http://www.topekahearing.com/testimonials

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Our new Arc AI hearing aids now offer 2-Way Audio with Apple devices, making hearing and connecting more effortless than ever before. Learn about how hands free phone conversations can make your life easier. http://www.topekahearing.com/our-services

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Don’t let the things you love damage your #hearing. If you or a loved one have been affected by loud noise, contact us today to discuss treatment options. http://www.topekahearing.com/contact-us

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Wearing new #hearingaids takes time to get fully used to. That's why seeing a hearing care professional is just as important as the service itself. They can help make adjustments and tweak certain settings to help you hear your best. Read more on our blog here. http://www.topekahearing.com/blog

Timeline photos 02/11/2022

Your hearing is an essential part of your overall health. Improving your hearing not only allows you to hear sounds better around you, but reconnect with loved ones. Learn about why your hearing is just as important as the rest of your health. http://www.topekahearing.com/our-services

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The first step to #betterhearing is taking a hearing test. From the comfort of your home, take our free online hearing test to see how your hearing has changed over the years. http://www.topekahearing.com/your-hearing/online-hearing-test

Timeline photos 02/07/2022

Effortlessly connect with family and friends this year. Learn about Audibel’s new Arc AI hearing aids! http://www.topekahearing.com/our-services

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There are many factors that may result in hearing loss. Take the first step of your hearing loss journey and take our online hearing test. http://www.topekahearing.com/your-hearing/online-hearing-test

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We offer an array of hearing loss services to help our patients achieve the life they deserve. Our personalized treatments can help you hear better and live a better life. Learn from our hearing care professional by booking an appointment today. http://www.topekahearing.com/contact-us

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Hearing is now effortless with Arc AI hearing aids. Check out how your hearing may be improved with new hearing aids. http://www.topekahearing.com/your-hearing

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Did you know that Arc AI hearing aids are now compatible with Apple’s 2-Way Audio protocol on select iPhone and iPad products. This allows all Arc AI hearing aid’s microphones to be used for voice pick-up during calls. Now you can have hands-free conversations! Click here to learn more details. http://www.topekahearing.com/contact-us

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You deserve to have the healthiest, best sounding year yet! Check out our services to learn more about starting your hearing care journey. http://www.topekahearing.com/our-services

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Are you struggling with a hearing loss or do you just have earwax built up from over time? Earwax build up is common, but there are safe ways to clean your ears to prevent damaging your hearing. Read our blog to learn more. http://www.topekahearing.com/blog

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Think you might have a hearing loss? Take our online hearing test and connect with a hearing care professional to discuss treatment options. http://www.topekahearing.com/your-hearing/online-hearing-test

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