Lunatix Comix, Topeka, KS Videos

Videos by Lunatix Comix in Topeka. Topeka comic shop with current issues, back issues, and graded issues, some collectibles and games.

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Sorry about the Monday. It is Friday/Saturday/Sunday.

Open again tomorrow 12-6

WICKED good turnout thus far.
Just half of the customers we had after the 9:30 onslaught! Lunatix deals are CRAZY!{)} Stop in & see what you see & but what you need.

I’m an idiot & SAID ten to ten but it is Open Saturday 10-8:00 Sunday 12-6

Stay tuned

A walkabout…
Don’t let this deal get away!

Half off all front of shop slabs fire sale!!!
A small sampling for the 50% flash sale…

Second Year Anniversary!{)}
‘Caps & Comix’ day is upon us as is our anniversary sale!!! If you can guess how many licks, I’ll give ya 10% off. The comics part is the three slabs shown in video that will be drawn for after closing tonight by the illustrious Luke R. Any purchase over $20 gets you AN entry(one per person). BOGO Free sale is happening meow through the end of November.

We have Marvel!!!


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Last minute Christmas gift idea for your family's grogu fans....

Clayton Crain Signing Event Unboxing