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Refurbished, Vintage , antiques, Collectables, shabby chic, and farmhouse love.➡ online/mobile store Ashley Luzier, Owner/Operator


Please keep Ashley in your prayers. She was going on her evening bike ride when a vehicle traveling 40+ MPH on Gage Blvd hit her from behind. Bystanders reported the vehicle had no headlights on and they did not stop. The police officers reported that someone was able to collect a plate number and that they should be able to locate the individuals with the information everyone reported on scene.

We would like to thank all the people who stopped to help, TPD, Fire, AMR and Stormont-vail hospital for taking fabulous care of Ash.

If anyone has any information on the individuals driving the vehicle that took off please let us know or contact Topeka PD.

On 01/18/2023 around 8:30-9:00P.M. in Topeka,Kansas on Gage Blvd 12th Street right in front of McDonalds. Silver SUV with 30 day tags

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Anyone know the gentleman in this picture? The two lady’s have been identified. They ransacked my items and stole many things. This is what I dealt with many times in North Topeka while trying to open my store.


Announcing that TrAsHy TrEaSuReS will NOT be opening at the 511 NW Morse Location. I truly felt this would be a great location with a lot of potential. Unfortunately, I was mistaken! Being robbed 3 times, many outdoor items stolen, personal items taken, decor moved or ruined, constant unwanted visitors, neighbors helping themselves to items, my truck keys taken, and catching the same girl multiple times on camera attempting to break in and stealing stuff off the front  porch while a TPD officer sat in the store Parking lot watching her pilfer, has a conversation w/her, she walks off, and the officer goes the other Way. Being  threatened by criminals who want to hook credit card fraud devices to my POS system for customers information to be stolen and I refused andnow deal with threats towards myself and family. Constant  illegal activity in the area and in my parking lot. Being watched and followed so that my HOME could be robbed. I came home twice to find my home robbed and by the same individuals who did no jail time for even the first time they did it. It amazes me what SOME North Topeka residents get away with.

The kids started To show concern and signs of being uncomfortable so, I decided it was best for the store, my kids, customers, and vendors( ones renting rooms) deserve a better atmosphere where more positivity takes place. I Held my ground and gave a good fight but soon realized I was fighting a battle that would never end. I am sorry for the ones i let down and the citizens of North Topeka who looked forward to a new astonishing place. Please know, I am not giving up, just simply making a positive and healthy change for my business to grow and customers to enjoy.

I spent many hours, sleepless nights, thoughts, and tears into this palace. It truly makes me sad that the Topeka Resources towards or for new business owners is slim to none. I really hope that others starting a business or dreams of doing so someday will benefit by receiving more assistance or guidance from what I had to experience and trust me, I will share.
I appreciate the ones who helped decorate, shared knowledge, gave their support, and who continue to stand in my courner.
I will be announcing the new Location soon!
Please follow the TrAsHy TrEaSurEs page ReFuRbThATtUrD or my personal page for updates, online sales, online action, giveaways, and the announcement of the new location.
This is the end of my 511 chapter but the beginning of the rest of my story.

Owner/operator, Ashley Luzier
[email protected]
785-517-4707 (B)


It was a great day hunting for
TrEaSureS. A lot of fun projects/Events ahead...
Post your favorite finds through the week and you could be a lucky winner of our DaY 1- giveaway. I won the best dumpster diver find . Some can't believe the neat stuff I come across but today Is proof.
I love my new stuff and hope y "all can have fun making someones trash your treasure.

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All who  inquired about mounts—-They are here and available. Even have a 26 point and he’s handsome.

TrAsHy TrEaSuReS is still under renovations at the store but open for online sales, booths available for rent/viewings , and pickup orders. this is by appointment only.

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I’m getting closer to being able to host an open house for interested store owners looking for a new place.
I did all the art and signs for The store so, it made me smile really big seeing my first item going up. oh, kids loft/tree house being started now...

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I feel like I’m making astonishing progress... This section of the store/painting has taking me some time to do but, I just love how it’s turning out.. Next, pulling carpet. Then, ventage up the concrete floors. —-outdoor remodel and finally, my favorite, decorate TrAsY TrEaSuReS so we can OpEN...
Again, Thank you to all who have stoped by, put walls up, your support, and showing love.
Don’t forget to like and share the TrAsHy TrEaSuReS FB page...

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Starting the floors tonight 🤗


Thank you Sallie Easley for the wonderful donations. I can’t believe how generously you were. I will cherish each piece and have fun creating things with all the items you gave to me. God bless you and may your retirement days be filled with happiness and the kind of memories we all wish we could make. Much love you to you!


Thank you First Church for your donation. We will create something awesome out of these. I bet a lot of people don’t know what can be done with these 😉


Anyone that is artistic and who would like to or knows someone who would enjoy painting a mural on the wall of my building TrEaSuReS? Let me know 🤗 we will be starting outside Renovations next week..

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My babies sure are a big help! We want TrAsHy TrEaSuReS to be open already... Keep checking in on here because soon we will start raffles —— maybe for a booth that’s rent free to you for 5 months??? Wish I had that as an option when I found my joy in refurbishing... What else would one like to see raffled off? Proceeds go towards helping men and woman in the community pursue their dreams of being a business owner. If I can do it, anyone can do it.

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Sneak peek... I’d say, I’m making good progress!!! Can’t wait to share with everyone 💕 this booth is ready for viewing

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Okay! Okay! Okay! Just a sneak peek at my
Office/refurb room.

Photos from Trashy Treasures's post 11/10/2021

getting the business up and going with renovations going Great!

Phase 2 starting soon ...

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Phase 1 has started! Taking apart someone else’s creation and that stayed alive for many years here in Topeka has inspired me even more. My dream is unraveling and I have the best little helpers.

Photos from Trashy Treasures's post 11/06/2021

Phase one has started!!!!

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TrAsHy TrEaSuReS has a home and It was finalized today.

TrAsHy TrEaSuReS will be opening the doors as soon as this turd gets refurbed by the proud new owner and operator, myself.

Are you looking for a space to sell your collectibles, art, refurbed furniture, DIY projects, antiques, vintage, and/or your cool stuff??? please contact me for booth rental information.

Tossed and Found:
If you think it’s a turd I might think it’s a TrEaSuRe... Donation location will be found at the Store..leave your name attached to the turd and be sure to check in on the FB page to see how TrAsHy TrEaSuReS refurbed your turd. You may just win the biggest turd drop off for the month.

Keeping it alive:
Every item I’ve ever purchased and recreated has a good story and I love sharing them with others. I want to help keep a story going for special people who can’t tell their story anymore.
If you have a loved one who’s passed And not sure what to do with their treasures and aren’t able home, Please allow their treasures to be appreciated and cherished by us who will.

Gotta move fast and can’t take it all? Avoid not getting your deposit back by giving us a call and we will remove it all.

Landlords/ storage units- Sorry you got trashed but we got your back...

A mom and her 3, woodworking room for the little lads,(donated by a family whos story you will hear), turtle races, a little girls pony she wants to share, trashy parking lot parties, and a place you must come see... I look forward to others ideas and support helping others to share.

I love you mom&dad for all you do and being you. I know it’s hard at times Playing that part but you do what you gotta do becuse I needed you to. No one can tear us apart and no one can ever play your part.

I love you my babies and mommy will love watching memories be made. This is all for you and for you to share. Remember Why I created this and please always remember to help others as well. I love telling stories about you so, this will allow you to tell stories about me. Keep it going whatever you do. I promise I’ll always support you and look over you while you do. We made it happen and knew we would. No matter where I may be, I promise to be the best mommy to you three.

I couldn’t of done it with out my strong team. I promise our team will always be.
Lorie, you’ve always had my 6 and I’ll always have yours. Can’t wait till you see and share with me the next that meant to be. It may not last as long as the last but I’m sure glad that One is passed. Memories are made with the ones who stay together, fight together, and conquer all challenges. You always answer and you never hang up. This chapter won’t Include ——-. I love you and I can’t thank you enough.

Please like and share as you may just be a lucky winner of something not so TrAsHy.

Owner Operator:
Ashley Luzier 785-304-5484
TrAsHy TrEaSuReS New Location
511 N.W. Morse
Topeka,Kansas 66608

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Project completed at my personal home! Just makes me want for my store to open because my ideas will soon become others to enjoy. Don’t forget to like and follow my page Trashy Treasures, refurb that turd. I am booked for projects till the end of January now, if it’s small I can probably get it worked in. Thank you all for your support!

Kitchen advise: table seating should be comfortable and welcoming. It’s the gathering spot in all homes! A story can take a long time to tell and no one likes a numb rear. Families, one story a day should be told at your dinning table. Remember, this is time for your children to have your undivided attention and where you should have theirs. Place a jar in the middle of the table, find informational facts about the world, type them out, cut them up, fold
Them, and toss in the jar. This is a good way to learn something new as a family.

Photos from Trashy Treasures's post 09/23/2021

🌻💕More projects getting done 💕🌻

Photos from Trashy Treasures's post 09/23/2021

ThUrSdAy’s daily tip*** BaThRoOm advise 🚽
When someone comes to your home the bathroom should be welcoming and clean. An individual is most likely to gain comfortableness in your home if bathroom is streak and stinky free.

Barbasol leaves a lingering smell for days when this cleaning method is used and smells delightful for days. Think about it ladies, who doesn’t love the smell of a freshly shaved mens face? Not only that, the barbasol soaks up the urine from deep down in your tile or wood. Spray the whole toilet inside, outside, and around the base. Leave on all day and wipe up later. This works great for when potty training little boys. Tip**Cleaning your wood floors with it makes for a good smelling house and leaves your floors streak free and shinny.

A toilet is actually considered a focal point in a home. Why, it’s the most inspected piece by your visiting guest. I mean, I alway look at it real good before I use it.

Decorate it, toilet seats are cheap! It’s okay to make them seem extremely inviting and fun. If you’re not crafty or can’t come up with ideas, just let me know. I have completed 30 orders and all of them being different. There’s been some pretty neat request and I’ll let you use your imagination 🤣

$80.00 will turn your bathroom into a funny, fun, and complimented conversation. Trust me!
Taking orders for around the end of October for delivery.

Make your toilet paper fun and to the point where a guest feels guilty for using it. They won’t forget it! If it’s not forgotten then it was worth remembering. Take pride in your home and the thoughts your guest have entering and leaving it. Oh, don’t forget to provide your guest with access to needed items at times. Whips are really appreciated (dude wipes
Sold @ target are ones I recommend). Ladies forget to pack their purses when it’s “that time” and young ladies are embarrassed to ask— so, don’t make them look through your cabinets frantically. A cute basket next to the toilet is a good idea. Find a picture frame you don’t use anymore, chalkboard spray paint the glass, repaint the frame, and write a little something to your guest to let them know it’s for their use.

If you have teenage kids or college students living in your home, it’s always a good idea to put a bowl/jar with safety material in it. Being safe is important! It’s to embarrassing for them to buy and their not going to ask for it so, provide it! Don’t say anything about it and they won’t ask about it. Keep it stocked up so they aren’t afraid to take from it. If they ask, simply say “I read a post that suggested providing them for guest that way everyone is safe and healthy”. Their reply, “that’s cool” Their friends will talk about how NarLy you are and your child will appreciate it. I learn about this from a close friend of mine who provides it at her house of 5 boys. An old large pickle jar last about 4 months but doesn’t allow it get below half. ** TiP** The health department will also provide them for free..

Have a wonderful day.....


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Bee hive hunting is about to start. You will need to pre-order and they go fast. I can not guarantee they are worth keeping until we go check on them since last year. This is the largest one I’ve spotted These make for an absolutely astonishing communication piece. The one in my home always gets lots of attention ans it was watched for many seasons. They really are neat!


I will post tips on what I have found to be worth sharing and suggestions that you might just find helpful.
***Tips from TrAsHy TrEaSuReS*** Orscheln‘s has these fall muffin candles on sale and they smell amazing.. Fall is in the air and the decorating has  begun..
Have a wonderful day!

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CrEaTiOns By: Ashley Luzier, O/O


CrEaTiOns By: Ashley Luzier, O/O


CrEaTiOns By: Ashley Luzier, O/O

Photos from Trashy Treasures's post 09/21/2021

CrEaTiOns By: Ashley Luzier, O/O

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