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The most comprehensive mosquito and tick control service available. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. That’s true with Mosquito Shield’s approach to our products.

With 20 years’ experience developing our blend of all-natural oils, we use these oils and select EPA-registered control products for 3-pronged mosquito control:

1. Mask: Mosquitoes are attracted to breathing. Our proprietary mosquito product masks the CO2 you exhale so they can’t find you.

2. Repel: Our blend of natural oils irritates mosquitoes’ senses, driving them away. Regular visits and ap

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The reason for this is because they are attracted to carbon dioxide.

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Keep the fun in and mosquitoes out! Our spray is designed to protect your property from mosquitoes.

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We hope everyone has a fun and safe day. Happy St. Patrick's Day! ☘️

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If you’re unsatisfied after your first seasonal spray, we'll re-spray at no additional charge or refund 100% of your money. Together, we can focus on putting an end to any mosquito presence on your property.

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It’s totally up to you! If you're home, great. If not, we'll still be able to spray and try to introduce ourselves next time we visit.

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Your mosquito fun fact of the day!

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Thank you for leaving us a review, Cindy 🙌! Glad we could help.

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New home, new mosquitoes? Not so fast! Our spray will eliminate any mosquitoes on your property and create a protective barrier so you can enjoy your new backyard.

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We want YOU on our team!
Learn more here 👉

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Last chance for this awesome offer! Come see us this weekend and receive $100 OFF!

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3 Ways to Avoid Mosquito Bites


March 1
First day of mosquito season!

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Mosquito season is fast approaching.

In and out in a flash ⚡! You may not even notice we were there, but you will notice the mosquitoes are gone!

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In and out in a flash ⚡! You may not even notice we were there, but you will notice the mosquitoes are gone!

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This is because it’s easier for mosquitos to use visual cues to find their next meal when the moon is full. 🌕

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Mosquitos on your property? Not on our watch! Get ahead of the game and sign up today to be protected all season!

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Our Extended Season starts in March so as soon as the weather is consistently above 50F we'll start spraying!

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This could be you this summer, mosquito-free! Contact us to learn more and sign up!

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The place to be this weekend! Get your hands on this awesome deal and get signed up for the season!

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Will you be at the Go Texan Parade this weekend?! We will! Keep your eyes out for our sweet van and say hello!
More info 👉

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There are a lot of different species of mosquitos out there!

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Affordable. Effective. Reliable. We can create a barrier that will allow your home to stand up against mosquitoes. Learn more about how we can help ➡️

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Looking to do your part to keep your neighborhood free of mosquitoes? We treat the whole property making a barrier around the entire home that masks, repels, and kills mosquitos.

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Are you going to be at the Houston Home + Garden Show this weekend?! Sign up for our services this weekend and new customers will receive $100 off! February 4-6 at NRG Park! Come see us or call 821-777-5623!

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We are starting to call all existing customers this week to confirm when they want their season to start. Be ready for a call!

If you're wanting to sign up for our services contact us today!

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We're celebrating National Texas day by showing our love for Texas! We’re so thankful to work and live in such a wonderful state with so many incredible people.

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Getting married outside this Spring? Keep the bugs away from your guests! Schedule your spray at least one week prior and we'll take care of the rest!



Wondering how our service works?
Check out this video 👇


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Mosquito Shield® is a professionally applied mosquito spray that kills and repels mosquitoes and ticks. Sign up now to get an early start on protecting your family from mosquitoes! 👉

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One thing is for sure, our weather is unpredictable. That's why we actively monitor mosquito populations and weather patterns and return to your property approximately every two weeks!

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You probably assume all mosquitoes bite, but it's only the females that like to use us as a tasty snack!

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Click the link for more information 👇

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3 Health Concerns Associated With Mosquitoes

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Did you know we can spray your schools too? Protect your students and faculty at sporting events, in the morning, at recess, and more!

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"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that." -MLK

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Mosquito Shield
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Wondering how our product works to repel mosquitoes? 🤔 Check out this video and give us a call to schedule your spray! 📱...
Happy St. Patrick's Day!



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